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terça-feira, outubro 06, 2009

[UK] [Theater]
'He's a natural': Torchwood star John Barrowman delights audiences as he takes to the West End in drag
Torchwood star John Barrowman releases his inner diva as he takes to the West End stage as a drag queen.
The actor is barely recogniseable as he dons several revealing dresses to play Zara in comedy La Cage Aux Folles.

(Photo: Transformation: Torchwood star takes to the West End stage as drag queen Zara in La Cage aux Folles.)

[South Africa]
Semenya case is still pending: IAAF
The ruling athletics body IAAF is still examining the results of Caster Semenya's gender test and has called for co-operation from the 800m world champion's home country of South Africa.
ANC to Support South African Athlete Semenya After Gender Row

[Lebanon] [Blog/Commentary]
Finally A Campaign To Depathologize Transsexuals
Ever since the world was created, transsexuals have always existed and history cites many examples, such as the Great Queen Tenhinane. Tenhinane has left her marks in the touareg civilization of Algeria, and yet, the last analyses done on some of her skeleton sample has certified she was a biological man. More recently, under the less merciful reign of the Roman Church in the Middle Ages, Joan of Arc, a transsexual FTM warrior, led many battles like the man she was and ended up condemned and burned alive for being different.

[Saudi Arabia]
Gender correction surgeries up
The number of “gender correction” operations conducted at hospitals in the Kingdom has risen markedly in recent years, according to specialists in the field.
Al-Watan newspaper reported Sunday that a 2008 Saudi study showed that in one year 60 such operations were carried out compared to only 300 in the previous 25 years.

[India] [Film/People]
The Third Sex
The camera is ready. The stage is set. Kaushik Ganguly, the director of Aarekti Premer Golpo, has sent a crew member to fetch his film’s “heroine”, Rituparno Ghosh, from the vanity van. “Just wait and watch. Rituda will walk in like Rekha!” Kaushik smiles. (Photo)
The film is not about me

[New Zealand] [Theater]
Wellington drag queen will confess at BATS
The creator of a new show for BATS Theatre next month says audiences can look forward to a night full of "colour, style, laughs, maybe some tears and lots of glamour and fun."

[Australia] [News/Entertainment]
Celebration of diversity
The Feast program launched last night pays particular attention to local talent, but balances it with some star attractions from interstate and overseas.

[Canada] [Blog/Commentary]
The Sports Dilemma
The sports world is currently struggling with a question: what to do about transsexual athletes? Is it fair for a MtF (Male-to-Female) individual to be competing with the genetic ladies? Or a FtM (Female-to-Male) with the genetic males? I'm not going to name any names, because I don't want to single anyone out.

How the Gay Community Is Complicit in Trans Violence
The first article in this series took a general look at the growing problem of violence against transgendered persons, both in the U.S. and abroad. In the second part, Joe Erbentraut looks at how the media and even many gay organizations ignore or downplay these crimes and what is being done to remedy that.

[USA] [People/Film/Religion]
Upcoming Film Follows a Transsexual's Ordination Journey
The journey of a transsexual woman seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been documented on film, which is set to release next year.

[USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Arguments Against ENDA: The Bathroom (Part IV)
A major objection to gender identity protections in ENDA is that it will cover transgender people, and where will they go to the bathroom?