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terça-feira, outubro 13, 2009

Cross dressing like Alex Reid is a lot more common than people think
Some boys simply grow up with the feeling this is something they want to do, which comes often from a fascination with women. It is often a form of fetishism - in the same way some men have a fetish for shoes.
What is mostly misunderstood is that the majority of men who cross dress are not homosexuals.
He's done it since he was a boy.. his parents know

“Libres e iguales en dignidad y derechosMarchan gays italianos contra la homofobia
Con una gran manifestación que recorrió las principales calle de la capital italiana, activistas por los derechos LGBT exigieron un alto a las agresiones por orientación sexual. Entre sus peticiones: una ley que tipifique la discriminación como delito.
(Foto: AFP. En las calles, con pancartas.)
Protestan en Roma contra homofobia

Prosecutor Claims 6 Different Charges against Melek K.'s Murder
The murder case of transsexual Melek K. who was killed in her home in Ankara was continued. The prosecutor claimed to try defendant T.P. under six different charges such as murder, plunder, theft and further allegations.

Popular drag queen dies in Winnipeg bathhouse fire - Police are calling the blaze "suspicious"
An early morning fire at a Winnipeg bathhouse has killed two people, including a popular local drag queen.
Steven Yablonski, also known as Kerri O'Kee, died when a fire broke out at Aquarius Bath just before 7am on Oct 11. The other victim of the blaze has not yet been identified.

Transgender Suicide Prevention
Two brochures are now available addressing the issue of transgender suicide. These may be downloaded via the links below, or from the MTPC office.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
What Barack Obama really said about transgender rights
It seems like each time I write something about Barack Obama some variant of the following sentence is included in the first paragraph: The man knows how to deliver a speech.
Le piden cuentas Se reúne Obama con gays
Obama respalda demandas de la comunidad homosexual

[USA] [Blog/Law/Commentary]
Arguments Against ENDA: Inquiries Into Employee Sexual Orientation
Some are concerned that ENDA will require employers to begin inquiring into their employee's sexual orientation and gender identity, in order to avoid lawsuits alleging discrimination if there are few LGBT employees in the workplace. This concern is misplaced for several reasons. However, it has led some legislators to express concern about ENDA, including Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana. Senator Lugar seemed supportive of ENDA in the past, but recently released a letter expressing his reservations. One of his concerns was that ENDA will lead employers to probe their workers.

Thousands Descend On D.C. To Support Gay Rights
In the words of Barney Frank it was an enormous “emotional release” Sunday as thousands of gay rights activist took to the streets of Washington D.C. to press lawmakers to act on gay rights legislation.
The marchers were squarely aiming for President Barack Obama, who renewed his promise to end the military's ban on open gay service in a speech to 3,000 gay activists at Saturday's Human Rights Campaign (HRC) fundraiser in Washington. (Photo)

Thousands march in Washington for gay rights
Marchan miles por la igualdad de los derechos homosexuales
Legislador cree que marcha gay en EEUU es una pérdida de tiempo
Miles de personas marchan en Washington por la igualdad de los derechos gay

Marching for transgender rights
More than 70 activists congregated in Lampron Park here on October 11 for the New England Trans United march.
The first Trans United march was held last year, after protection for transgender people was dropped from the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). This year's march was organized by New England Trans Unity with the goal of uniting diverse transgender and gender-variant communities and allies.

Utah equality rally is tied to national march
Nineteen-year-old Jeff Morgan traces his activism in the gay community to last November, when voters in California passed Proposition 8 banning gay marriage.
"I didn't even know that gay people couldn't get married until that night," the West Jordan man said. He recently came out to his mother, and on Sunday, National Coming Out Day, he brought six of his friends to a rally supporting the National Equality March in Washington, D.C.

(Photo: Rick Egan / The Salt Lake Tribune - Jeff Morgan, of West Jordan, waves a flag as he marches down 400 West in Salt Lake, along with about 100 others, as they marched to Club Sound, in conjunction with a Washington, D.C. rally to support equal rights for gays.)

[NV, USA] [Blog/Health/Events]
Transgender Health Fair Comes to Las Vegas on the 31st
Something very important is coming to Vegas on Halloween. And no, it isn't scary. Rather, it's something that will save plenty of lives and improve the health and well-being of many in our community. The Center will be hosting Southern Nevada's first ever transgender health fair, and you're cordially invited.

Se hacen visibles ante la sociedad Exigen lesbianas respeto a sus derechos
La protesta se realizó en el marco del 13 de octubre, Día de la Rebeldía Lésbica en América Latina y el Caribe, que se conmemora desde 2007. El contingente se manifestó en las inmediaciones del Ángel de la Independencia.
(Foto: Denunciaron el machismo que impera en la sociedad mexicana.)

Uruguay aprobó el Derecho a la Identidad de Género
La Cámara de Senadores de Uruguay dio sanción definitiva a un proyecto que habilita el cambio de nombre y sexo, a partir de los 18 años, y ahora deberá ser promulgada por el Poder Ejecutivo para convertirse en ley.

In Every Kiss a Revolution
With fireworks, music and dancing ‘nuns’, on Friday 25 September Montevideo was host to the March for Diversity, Uruguay’s equivalent of Gay Pride.
Part of a year long-programme of activities organized by the Uruguayan Government called Actúa Montevideo: Más igualdad, más diversidad (Act Montevideo: more equality, more diversity), it took place in September, a month that this small but open-minded country has dedicated to sexual diversity for the second year running.