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quinta-feira, outubro 29, 2009

Italy politician quits after sex scandal
A prominent opposition politician embroiled in a scandal over his alleged encounter with a transsexual prostitute has resigned his high-profile job as head of the region that includes Rome.
Policía italiana también chantajeó otros políticos y famosos con videos con personas trans

Cross Dresser Tells Court He Always Wanted to be a Woman
A man who dressed himself as a woman and made a rape report at Nyamandlovu Police station on Monday appeared in court and was remanded in custody to 9 November.

[South Africa]
IOC to hold meeting on gender cases
The International Olympic Committee will convene a special conference of medical experts to draw up guidelines for dealing with "ambiguous" gender cases in the wake of South African runner Caster Semenya's sex-test controversy.

IOC to draw up 'ambiguous gender’ guidelines after Caster Semenya controversy

Ignored by society, Afghan dancing boys suffer centuries-old tradition
A young boy dressed in women's clothing, his face caked in make-up, dances the night away for a crowd of men.
The bells on his feet chime away, mimicking the entertainment and sexual appeal of female dancers. But there is no mistaking his pubescent body and face as he concentrates, focusing on every step in order to please his master and his master's guests.

New sex change regulations set to take effect
The council moved recently to strictly control sexchange operations and require that transgender people consult a psychiatrist, live as a woman for a year and receive hormone therapy before being such an operation is allowed.
(Photo:A group of transexuals call for the right to get “Miss” as a title in their national identification cards. A card here refers to the woman in its inset photo as a Mr.)

Gender diversity isn't disorder
Government officials and gender and human rights advocates have urged the Defence Ministry to revise a ministerial regulation which regards transgendered people as people having a "gender identity disorder" that exempts them from military service.
Speaking at a seminar organised by the Office of the National Human Rights Commission, they said the regulation disregarded the human dignity of transgendered people and needed to be changed.

Sailor influx prompts Phuket ladyboy crackdown
In advance of the arrival of two more US Navy ships full of marines ready for R&R in Phuket this week, Kathu Police are cracking down on criminal gangs of ladyboys.
Kathu Police Commander Grissak Songmoonnark said last time a large contingent of US Navy sailors were in Phuket around 80 ladyboys were arrested for petty crime.

Press Release from TAS: Transwoman removed from female washroom
Transwoman removed from female washroom by security and subjected to transphobic slurs for using “wrong bathroom”

AFA: Hate-Crimes Bill Is Un-American
The American Family Association, a self-proclaimed pro-family advocacy organization, on Monday criticized the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act as “simply un-American” and encouraged its members to contact Congress members who supported the legislation.
Bill addresses sexuality-based hate crimes

Cross-dressers challenge bar ID policy
Cross-dressers showed up en masse at a suburban gay bar over the weekend to test the bar’s policy requiring photo identification matching the patron’s appearance.
Some of those turned away joined preparations to file a complaint with the Illinois Human Rights Commission.

(Photo: John Lund/MEDILL - Hyacinth Piel, 33, was turned away at the door of Hunters Nightclub in Elk Grove Village because his attire did not match his appearance on his ID.)
[Blog/Commentary] Guest Post: Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Transphobia Has Got To Go!!!

Transgender student finds support at SJSU
Ari Eldridge finds comfort in being a transgender student, but believes that too few students are knowledgeable about what transgender is.

[NY, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Law will include transgenders
I awoke one morning full of euphoria that Congress had finally in some form recognized lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, only to find myself invisible again.

Black Trans-Activist Lectures at Bryn Mawr
Monica Roberts, writer of the blog TransGriot, gave a lecture at Bryn Mawr Tuesday about transgender issues from an African-American perspective.
Roberts, 47, was the third African-American transperson to receive International Foundation for Gender Education Trinity Award in 2006, the "second highest honor” award in the transgender community.