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segunda-feira, novembro 16, 2009

Los transexuales valoran que la nueva ley reconoce su "dignidad"
Los colectivos de apoyo a las personas transexuales han valorado la aprobación hoy en el Parlamento foral de la primera ley integral sobre transexualidad, una iniciativa que reconoce su "dignidad".

Navarra. la federación gay aplaude la primera ley integral sobre transexualidad de espana
El Parlamento foral aprueba la primera ley en España de no discriminación y de reconocimiento de transexuales
Navarra aprueba la primera ley autonómica sobre derechos de los transexuales
El Parlamento navarro da luz verde a la Ley de Transexualidad
Carla Antonelli felicita la Ley Integral Transexualidad
Navarra, primera comunidad que regula por ley los derechos de los transexuales

Andalucía: El Parlamento reclama por unanimidad a la Junta una normativa que evite discriminación a personas transexuales
El Pleno del Parlamento demandó hoy a la Junta que a impulse, en el marco de las competencias de la comunidad, el desarrollo normativo necesario para la "no discriminación por motivos de identidad de género y de reconocimiento de los derechos de las personas transexuales, sin necesidad de atender a la rectificación en el Registro Civil cuando sea preciso", según una proposición no de Ley del PSOE, que fue aprobada por unanimidad.
ATA agradece el apoyo unánime del Parlamento Andaluz a la Proposición no de Ley contra discriminación transexual

La Unidad de Transexualidad asiste a diez adolescentes de 14 a 17 años
Los especialistas han atendido a 120 personas en la última década en Valencia - La legislación contempla el tratamiento psicológico, hormonal y las operaciones de pecho.
Una niña de 4 años, diagnosticada como niño

Transvestite 'Ladyboys of Bangkok' storm the stage in Ireland
The Ladyboys of Bangkok have taken center stage in Belfast as part of their 2009 Mile High Tour. The transvestites are performing in the Spiegeltent in Custom House Square and will perform two shows a night as part of their two week residency, which runs until November 21. (Photo)

Woman found in flat was strangled
Police launch murder hunt after 29-year-old transgender sex worker’s body is discovered
A murder inquiry was under way last night (Wednesday) after tests revealed that a 29-year-old woman found dead in a Kentish Town flat had been strangled.
Police arrest man in murder probe

From a sex-change to a business empire, Stephanie Booth's life is never dull
Stephanie and David moved to Corwen from Manchester 20 years ago.
A sex-change, bankruptcy and rejection, but Stephanie Booth has the last laugh

Rossendale sex swap trucker loses appeal
A sex swap trucker who attacked his ex-wife’s pensioner father in a confrontation at the former marital home has lost a fight to clear his name.
Nikki Jane Weston, 45, formerly known as Nigel Weston and charged under this name, pushed 65-year-old Peter Scholes into a corner of the room by the throat, was said to have punched him in the mouth and knocked his glasses off.

(Photo: Nikki Jane Weston arrives at court.)

Une militaire transgenre a reçu sa fiche de paye. Problème : elle a été adressée à Thierry, son ancienne identité masculine. (Photo MAXPPP)
Armée: Changer de sexe est interdit

Delphine, redevenue Thierry pout l'armée
"Il existe des solutions pour les transsexuelles !"

[Kenya] [Commentary]
Hardships Faced by Transsexual People
The term 'transgender people' refers to those who identify with a gender identity and role different from the one assigned by birth. Among transgender people is a group referred to as 'transsexual people' which consists of individuals suffering from severe dysphoria and social and occupational functioning as a result of their assigned sex at birth. This dysphoria, which some refer to as 'transsexualism', is the most severe form of gender-identity disorder.

[South Africa]
Caster Semenya: 'People want to stare at me, to touch me. I don't think I like being famous so much'
A visit to Caster Semenya's training camp in Pretoria shows how her life has changed since winning the women's 800m in Berlin.
It's not so easy - Caster

Semenya set to discover test fate
Caster Semenya considers legal action against The Guardian newspaper

There Is Light Under The Lamp
When the petition for looking into the plight of Khawja Saras1 (transsexual/transvestite) was filed at the supreme court of Pakistan, and reported in some of the more sensational Urdu print media, it was seen as yet another petition that may not have any substantial outcome, but it caught everyone by surprise when the, apex court actually issued a directive to the four provincial social welfare departments to research into all the matters that somehow relegated this one population into a non entity.

India's eunuchs win long rights battle
India's eunuchs and transsexuals hailed their victory on Friday in a long-standing campaign to be listed as "others," distinct from males and females, on electoral rolls and voter identity cards.
Indian eunuchs given separate IDs

Las personas transexuales e intersexuales de la India podrán identificarse como un “tercer sexo” en los formularios de voto
India Adds Third Gender Option to Voting Rolls: ’Other’
India's third gender gets own identity in voter rolls
India Recognizes Eunuchs as 'Others'
India's Eunuchs and Transsexuals Win Recognition as 'Others'
Indian eunuchs win right to be ‘others’

[Hong Kong]
Hong Kong plays transgender catch-up
In the biggest challenge yet to traditional Chinese values about sex in this city of 7 million people, a male-to-female transsexual is suing the government for the right to marry her male partner. Moreover, because the plaintiff makes such a compelling case, traditionalists find themselves on the legal defensive.

Police Arrest 16 Ladyboys On Jomtien Beach Pattaya
Police have arrested 16 ladyboys on Jomtien Beach after receiving numerous reports from the public that they were offering sex and drugs to foreigners in the area. (Photo)

Did "gay panic" spark blaze at Winnipeg bathhouse?
A friend of one of the two men who died in a Winnipeg bathhouse fire says he doesn't believe the alleged arsonist's excuse — that the accused man started the fire because he was "tricked" into having sex with another man.

Lambda Legal Calls for Action During Transgender Awareness Week
"Remembering is not enough. We will keep working for equality."

Victory in Salt Lake City and Forth Worth!
This Tuesday was a great day for equality, as city councils in two major cities voted to prohibit job and housing discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

HBO to explore female-to-male transition in new series
Premium cable channel HBO will explore the intricacies of a female-to-male transition in their upcoming half-hour drama series called "T."

“Candy” Is The First Transsexual Fashion Magazine
The fashion industry may have a long-standing tendency to exclude certain groups and cultures, but more and more we’re seeing this change as people begin challenging the status quo. Now the transsexual community is getting a voice with a new style publication. Billed as “the first transversal fashion magazine,” Candy has just debuted its premiere issue in a limited-edition circulation of only 1,000 copies. The indie publication doesn’t reveal too much through its main online information source, a Facebook fan page, but its official statement explains that the mag is “completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations ... CANDY is a magazine for everybody. A space for individual freedom, and a publication that pushes people to take on the persona of what they always wanted to be.”

Troopers shoot and kill armed woman
Excerpt: York legally changed her name in 1993, according to Alaska court records. Previously, she used the name Johnnie Uhl. An online directory for transgender resources lists her as the contact person for a now-defunct support group for transgender people in Anchorage.
On the trailside, a sign of a lonesome life
Alaska State Troopers say fatal shooting was 'unavoidable'

3 men charged in Mont. Co. hate crime
Three men have been charged with attempted murder and committing a hate-related assault in Wheaton, Md., last month after police said they allegedly struck two women and a man with rocks and bottles while calling them “faggots” and “lesbians.”
A statement released Monday by Montgomery County police says the incident took place about 2:30 a.m. on Oct. 25 near the 2600 block of Weisman Road in Wheaton. Police identified the victims as a 30-year-old Wheaton woman, a 24-year-old Silver Spring woman, and a 24-year-old Silver Spring man. The statement says the man had been dressed as a woman at the time of the incident. It was not immediately clear if the male victim is transgender.

Transgendered student is victim of harassment
On the evening of Oct. 23, transgendered student Amaya Taina, 20, was harassed on Portland State campus.
Near the corner of Southwest Broadway and College Street, Taina and a friend were goofing around, taking pictures while she pretended to hitchhike passing cars. (Photo Courtesy of Amaya Taina )

Senate panel hears ENDA testimony
GOP senators, trans witnesses absent from hearing
ENDA markup set for Nov. 18
[Blog/Commentary] ENDA: not a done deal yet

ENDA 'would burden' religious groups
What is a Committee Markup? It’s Next For ENDA.
Employment Non-Discrimination Act to have no local effects
From NCTE: Act on ENDA

Religious right to go after Tampa for adding protections to transgendered people?
Last week, the Tampa City Council voted to include gender identity and expression in the city’s human rights law, which would effectively prohibit workplace discrimination against people who change genders.
The discussion was relatively non-controversial, with some humorous quips made during the debate by Council members Mary Mulhern and Charlie Miranda, who
said at one point, “Is it today that I’m sitting next to Albert and tomorrow I’m sitting next to Alice?”

Lovers' quarrel allegedly led to killing
A 65-year-old man stabbed a 35-year-old man to death in a lovers' spat that turned deadly, according to a deputy city prosecutor. (...)
Namauu was a transgender male who was also known as Jaylynn. Emergency responders and hospital staff initially thought Namauu was female because he was dressed as a woman.

TransWeek starts today
The University of Iowa's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource Center and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allied Union will present the first UI TransWeek today to Friday.


A light for those who are lost
Transgender Day of Remembrance honors those who are gone

Transgender Day of Remembrance events set
Nov. 20 marks the 11th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance honoring victims of anti-trans violence.
The first vigil was conducted in San Francisco on the anniversary of the death of Rita Hester, a transgender woman murdered on Nov. 28, 1998. Her murder was never solved.

QSA to show ‘Transamerica’ for Transgender Day 2009
The Queer Straight Alliance will observe Transgender Day of Remembrance on Thursday with a guest speaker and a film.

Transgender Awareness Week
Today marks the beginning of Tucson’s fourth annual Transgender Awareness Week.

Transgender Day of Remembrance to be observed in Stockton
When a transgender friend was having trouble with his mother after his coming-out, Rosalinda Ferreira went to the woman and pleaded with her to be understanding.

[Puerto Rico]
Gay Teen Decapitated, Dismembered and Burned in Puerto Rico
On November 14 the body of a gay 19 year old was found a few miles away from the town in which he was residing in called Caguas. He was a very well known person in the gay community of Puerto Rico, and very loved. He was found on the site of an isolated road in the city of Cayey, he was partially burned, decapitated, and dismembered, both arms, both legs, and the torso.

Boy who wants to be a girl, causing headaches for Baptist School
A 19 year old Belmopan boy who wants to be girl may be expelled from the Baptist School of Adult and Continuing Studies by the Principal, Norman Willacey.

Transexual de Ecuador se queja de que nadie le da trabajo
Estrella Estévez, reconocida legalmente este año de género sexual femenino, el primer caso en Ecuador, se queja de que nadie le da empleo para vivir dignamente, publica hoy el diario El Comercio.

Colectivo de Guatemala denuncia que tres transexuales fueron asesinadas en 15 días
En los últimos 15 días al menos 3 transexuales fueron asesinadas en Guatemala, denunció la organización Otrans Reina de la Noche.

Bolivian transvestites win battle over ID pictures
Bolivia's transvestites will be allowed to have their national ID pictures taken as women.
Public defender Patricia Flores says that after three-years of negotiations, her office, Bolivian police and transvestite and transgender groups have agreed to grant Bolivians the right to be photographed looking however they want.

La ley que autoriza el cambio de sexo ya rige en Uruguay
El Ejecutivo promulgó una medida que permite a travestis y transexuales cambiar su nombre y sexo en la documentación sin tener que pasar por el quirófano.

Transexuales de Argentina reclaman una ley que autorice el cambio de sexo en el DNI
Travestis y transexuales piden un marco legal como el que aprobó Uruguay.
La palabra igualdad se paseó de boca en boca en la localidad de Embalse. Hasta allí llegaron unas 50 representantes de todo el país pertenecientes a la Asociación de Travestis, Transexuales y Transgéneros Argentinos (ATTTA), para participar del 3° Encuentro Nacional Trans. A unos 80 kilómetros de Córdoba capital, la premisa general de este seminario fue una sola: "Respetar la diferencia". Y en la primera jornada del encuentro -que terminará mañana- esa frase se sintetizó en un reclamo concreto: tener un DNI que, justamente, refleje y respete esas diferencias.