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quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2009

Andrea Muñiz anuncia que volviera a realizar huelga de hambre 2 de diciembre
"Yo, Andrea Muñiz, en mi calidad de presidenta de la Asociación “TRANSEXUALIDAD EUSKADI”, quiero hacer públicos (tras la huelga de hambre parcial que llevé a cabo entre el 22 y el 29 de Septiembre, y que abandoné ante el firme compromiso por parte del Viceconsejero de Sanidad de que me llamaría, él mismo en persona, para facilitarme fecha de cita con el cirujano, creyendo que su palabra era sincera), los siguientes HECHOS: (...)" (Foto)

Una alumna transexual recurre la absolución de tres compañeros acusados de acoso
La defensa de una joven transexual ha recurrido la absolución de tres compañeros de su instituto de Coria del Río (Sevilla) que fueron juzgados por acoso escolar después de que la denunciante, entonces de 16 años, manifestase públicamente su identidad de genero.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Lobbying for the Equality Bill – We need People Power!
The Equality Bill shortly will be making it’s 3rd reading in the House Of Commons before proceeding to the House of Lords. There are several issues that affect Gender Variant people that many of us have campaigned on, but only 2 that have had amendments tabled, these by the Liberal Democrats.
They cover:
The widening of the definition for protection in the bill to allow all Gender Variant people to be covered, and not just those currently covered under Gender Re-assignment. The amendment asked this to be changed from Gender Re-assignment to cover Gender Identity. This would give us more of a scope in protection. Some MPs see this as essential, but most do not understand that there is a difference and that Transgender is different from Transsexual…

'Equality' lessons to protect transsexuals
Pupils as young as five will be given lessons in "gender equality" and older children will be taught as part of the national curriculum that it is wrong to hit girls.
Transsexual lessons for 5-year-olds
Primary schools to give lessons in gender equality

Dealer death in transsexual scandal 'suspicious'
Fresh questions are being raised in Italy about the death by an apparent overdose of a drug dealer and alleged associate of transsexuals linked to the scandal surrounding the former governor of the Lazio region, Piero Marrazzo.
[Blog/Commentary] The wrong pronoun?

[China] [Blog/Commentary]
New sex change rules for China
Here's some good news for people like Princess Phoenix and all the others in China who've ever felt like they were born the wrong gender, the Ministry of Health has released new guidelines for sex change operations.

Tougher to get sex change
Punlop Tongchai is awake for the entire two hours it takes to be turned into a woman on the operating table of a Bangkok sex change clinic, realising a childhood dream.
The 27-year-old Thai cabaret dancer chats to nurses throughout the ordeal under the surgeon's knife, numbed only by local anaesthetic.

Thailand tightens sex change laws

Remembering those killed for gender reassignment
It may have been small, but Kelowna’s first Transgender Day of Remembrance was significant, says a local transgendered woman who attended the event Sunday at the Okanagan Rainbow Coalition Centre.

Anti-gay motivated hate crimes increase
New statistics by the FBI show anti-gay motivated hate crimes have increased, the AP reported.
The report released Monday shows an overall 2% increase in reported hate crimes in 2008. The largest increase were those motivated by sexual orientation (11%), followed by religion (9%).

[USA] [Commentary]
Why I'm leaving the Democrats
Donna Tara Lee, a transgender activist living in Florida, retired postal worker and an organizer for October's National Equality March in Washington, D.C., describes her response to the first year of the Obama administration.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary/Film]
Gay Native Americans Reclaim Two-Spirit Culture
The Navajo used the word “nádleehí” to describe people who embodied both masculine and feminine traits. They were among the hundreds of Native communities that celebrated and revered tribe members who lived outside binary male/female restrictions. As today’s Native communities fight to revitalize the culture that was beaten out of them, gay and transgender Natives are reclaiming this aspect of their ancestry by identifying as two-spirit –- a unifying term that serves as a catch-all for the many variations of sexuality and gender identity.

[IA, USA] [Blog/News]
Iowa's first Transgender Day of Remembrance a success
Last week, members of Iowa's LGBT community gathered to show support and remember loved ones lost to violence against their transgender loved ones. Gov. Chet Culver signed the proclamation (PDF) making Nov. 20 Iowa's Transgender Day of Remembrance. (Photo)

Judge to rule on murderer seeking hair removal
A hearing has been scheduled to determine whether a convicted killer seeking a taxpayer-funded sex change operation can continue hair removal treatments.
[Commentary] EDITORIAL: This is just nuts

Transgender Protections Strongly Favored In Mass.
A new poll has found a large majority of Massachusetts voters support a transgender protections bill currently being debated by the Legislature, gay weekly Bay Windows reported.

D.C. gov’t official linked to trans bias complaint
The Montgomery County, Md., Ethics Commission — which is headed by a D.C. government attorney working in an unofficial, volunteer capacity — violated the county’s human rights law by waging a “blatant political attack” against a transgender woman based solely on her gender identity, according to a discrimination complaint filed last week.
The complaint was filed with the Montgomery County Human Rights Commission by transgender activist Dana Beyer, who works as a senior aide to Montgomery County Council member Duchy Trachtenberg (D-At-Large). Beyer plans to run for the Maryland House of Delegates next year. (Photo by Michael Key - Trans activist Dana Beyer)

Trachtenberg lashes out over search of staff member's computer

Charleston City council passes nondiscrimination ordinances
Charleston City Council passed ordinances expanding the city’s existing policy prohibiting discrimination in housing to include age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

[Puerto Rico/USA]
We refuse to live in fear
Activists report on vigils organized across the U.S. for Jorge Steven López Mercado, a 19-year-old gay man murdered earlier this month in Puerto Rico.

Cámara Diputados Argentina elige a una transexual como mujer año, Marcela Romero
La vicepresidenta de la Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales, Marcela Romero, fue distinguida en el Congreso Nacional con el Premio a la Mujer destacada del Año 2009.(Foto)