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segunda-feira, dezembro 14, 2009

Conductas transfóbicas y homofóbicas arruinan millones de vidas de personas en el mundo
Más de 70 estados del mundo penalizan las relaciones homosexuales con sus leyes. Entre ellos, Afganistán, Arabia Saudí, Irán, Mauritania, Pakistán, Sudán, Yemen y Nigeria aplican la condena a muerte a estos casos. “En muchos más países, las lesbianas, los gays, bisexuales y personas transexuales pueden sufrir abusos graves contra su integridad física y emocional por motivo de su orientación o identidad sexual, a pesar de que legalmente sus derechos y libertades estén reconocidos”, asegura Amnistía Internacional.

Desarticulada una red que obligaba a transexuales a ejercer la prostitución en España
La Policía Nacional ha desarticulado una red que obligaba a mujeres transexuales a ejercer la prostitución en una operación en la que han sido detenidas 12 personas que trasladaron a España a más de 50 víctimas, la mayoría desde Brasil, a las que explotaban sexualmente.

FELGTB reclama pena máxima para crueles y sadicas asesinas de chico transexual Madrid
La Federación Estatal pide la pena máxima para las presuntas autoras del asesinato y tortura del transexual, aprovechando su vulnerabilidad

Gender-reassigned face health hurdles: study
This year 60 people have applied to change their sex in Sweden. Most gender-reassigned people achieve a better life through their surgery, but a new study shows that the risk of attempted suicide and psychological problems remains high, Dagens Nyheter reports.
“For most transsexual people, their life improves, but it’s not easy immediately after the operation,” Cecilia Dhejne, a scientist and doctor at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, told the newspaper.

Cross-dressing war erupts in Iran media
Supporters of Iran’s opposition have posted hundreds of photos online of men in women’s clothing to mock what they say was a government attempt to discredit a student leader by photographing him in a head scarf and woman’s robe.

Transgenders chased out of cruising point
Transgender commercial sex workers have been asked to keep off one of their popular cruising points near Loyola College in Nungambakkam following whispers of public discontent over the darkened stretch of road, forking off Sterling Road, turning into a sleaze rendezvous.
Ideal ‘pick up’ point for sex workers

Katoeys told put on pants
A meeting of Rajabhat Institutes has rejected a request by cross-dressing katoey students to wear female outfits at their commencement ceremony.
Siroj Polpanthin, rector of the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University and chairman of the meeting, said they found it "inappropriate" for male students to wear female uniforms despite their sexual orientation.
Thai universities nix cross-dressing at graduations

Psychiatry's civil war
Since this article was first posted, the American Psychiatric Association has announced that the publication of DSM-V will be delayed until May 2013. "Extending the timeline will allow more time for public review, field trials and revisions," says APA president Alan Schatzberg.
DSM-V publication date postponed until 2013
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Transphobia In the Gay Community
Recently, an icon of gay activist history, Ronald Gold, posted a transphobic diatribe on The Bilerico Project. I had looked forward to learning something from Mr. Gold about our history, and I certainly did, though it is not what I hoped for. The post hurt many of our readers across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. It received literally hundreds of comments describing the pain they felt. Like many readers, I was very disturbed by the post. I woke up in the middle of the night struggling for a response.
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Sonny Bono, el transexual masculino, hijo de Cher, se ha sometido a una reasignación sexo
Sonny Bono se somete a una operación quirúrgica para reasignarse en hombre; Cher apoyó completamente la decisión de su ahora hijo.

Mujeres transexuales obligas a votar en zona de hombres en las elecciones de Chile
La mujer trans Alexandra Bravo, concurrió este domingo a votar en las elecciones con su pelo rojizo, uñas postizas y una colorida blusa aleopardada, causando conmoción en un local de votación repleto de hombres. (Foto)