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quarta-feira, dezembro 16, 2009

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers in its seventh year
When he was caught in the fall of 2001, Gary L Ridgeway — aka the Green River Killer — had been murdering female sex workers and teenaged runaways for over twenty years. Two years after his arrest, he pled guilty to nearly fifty counts of first-degree murder. Amidst the hubbub of his many trials in 2003, Dr Annie Sprinkle and the Sex Workers Outreach Project of New York City conceived the Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Desarticulada una red que obligaba a transexuales a ejercer la prostitución
La Policía Nacional ha desarticulado una red que obligaba a transexuales a ejercer la prostitución en una operación en la que han sido detenidas 12 personas que trasladaron a España a más de 50 víctimas, la mayoría desde Brasil, a las que explotaban sexualmente.
Detienen a 12 personas por obligar a 50 transexuales a prostituirse

'Alondra: historia de una transexual' narra la lucha de un hombre por cambiar de sexo
La práctica totalidad de las imágenes del reportaje han sido filmadas por la propia protagonista. (Foto Alondra)

El juicio contra dos mujeres que presuntamente vejaron y asesinaron a un chico transexual se celebrará en las próximas semanas
La Audiencia Provincial de Madrid ha suspendido el juicio que tenía previsto celebrar contra las dos acusadas de la muerte de Roberto G.H., a quien dieron además un trato humillante aprovechándose de su situación de extrema vulnerabilidad. Roberto, un hombre transexual, se encontraba en pleno proceso de reasignación. La vista oral, suspendida debido a un error en el escrito del fiscal que éste debe subsanar, se celebrará en las próximas semanas.

Ruth pide trabajo para rehabilitarse
El agente judicial la llamó por su nombre oficial, Pedro Alfonso Socorro, pero Ruth posiblemente sea la transexual más popular de toda Canarias. Su historia está jalonada por el infierno de las drogas y un pasado de esteticista en varias peluquerías que ayer la llevó al banquillo de los acusados. La fiscal Eva Ríos le atribuye 20 lesiones imprudentes por inyectar silicona líquida con fines plásticos "con absoluto desconocimiento de las técnicas médicas", hechos por los que solicita 16 años de cárcel.

(Foto Juan Gregorio - Los cuatro acusados, ayer, con Ruth, de rubio, antes de que el juez suspendiera la vista oral.)

Christian registrar loses discrimination appeal
Excerpt: But, dismissing her case, Lord Neuberger said: "It appears to me that, however much sympathy one may have with someone such as Ms Ladele, who is faced with choosing between giving up a post she plainly appreciates or officiating at events which she considers to be contrary to her religious beliefs, the legislature has decided that the requirements of a modern liberal democracy, such as the United Kingdom, include outlawing discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on grounds of sexual orientation, subject only to very limited exceptions."
Christian registrar loses same-sex partnership case

Action against Fatine undecided yet
The government has not decided whether to take any action against transsexual Mohd Fadzil Min Bahari, also known as Fatine, at this stage.
Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom, who is in charge of religious matters, said the government would first investigate whether Fatine had indeed entered into a civil union in the United Kingdom.
Fatine remains resilient
[Commentary] Review archaic laws

Gene that keeps females, female uncovered by ‘sex reversal’ in adult female mice
By ‘turning off’ a gene Foxl2, scientist have seen ovary cells become more like testes’ in an adult mammal, according to new landmark research by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).

US Right-Wing Charities Silent On Uganda Bill
While revelations concerning the role that American conservatives played in spawning Uganda’s “anti-homosexuality bill” have focused largely on Rick Warren, the pastor at California’s Saddleback Church, and groups that offer a purported cures for homosexuality, many US right-wing organizations are promoting their ideology in Uganda and across Africa.
Ugandan Anti-Gay Bill Prompts Protests and Warnings
Africa’s Culture War: The Fight Over Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill
Anti-gay bill may cost Uganda research institution
A Ugandan politician's view of gay people
The story of a young Ugandan gay couple
Interview with Scott Long, director of Human Rights Watch's LGBT Rights Division

[South Africa]
Transvestite raped in court cell
A transvestite was gang-raped in a Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court holding cell minutes before his court appearance yesterday.
Court staff said the 29- year-old man, due to appear on a theft charge, was severely traumatised and was taken to Dora Nginza Hospital.

Seeking identity
Interview with Priya Babu, transgender activist. (Photo R. Shivaji Rao - Priya Babu)

Erotic massages offered by sexy women to foreigners late in the night can have a few unpleasant surprises in store
Swiss tourist Pius Luechigev was charmed by the offer of a massage in the privacy of a home for a reasonable price by a really beautiful woman.
He was taken to a house on Bui Dinh Tuy Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Thanh District for the massage. After returning to his hotel, he found that he had been relieved of VND2.5 million (US$137) and 2,600 Thai Baht ($78.5) by the masseur.
City police later arrested a transsexual, known only as Sun, and found that she was a procurer and part of a gang that had stolen the property of many foreigners.

[Australia] [Blog/Commentary]
Ron Gold on the Transgendered - A Dialogue
Recently, the GLBT group blog Bilerico published an article from their newest contributor. Someone who at age 90 is something of a legend for his work in helping co-found the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in the USA and his agitation to remove "homosexuality" from the list of mental illnesses, on the grounds that there was no evidence that it was one.


Si me matan por ser homosexual, quiero que me velen en el Parque Bolívar
realidades emblemáticas de Medellín, Colombia, se entrecruzan domingo tras domingo al transitar hacia el medio día por las calles céntricas de dicha ciudad: Danny y el parque Bolívar. Si eres gay, si te gusta el arte o si aprecias las manifestaciones culturales realmente autóctonas no puedes pasar por Medellín sin de ir a la retreta de la banda municipal y luego, al performance de Dany, la travesti más creativa y transgresora de la escena “paisa” (…)