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segunda-feira, outubro 08, 2012

Em São Paulo Silvetty Montila é 3° mais votada do Psol, mas não se elege
Infelizmente, não será desta vez que a Câmara dos Vereadores de São Paulo vai ter como integrante uma das mais conhecidas drag queens do Brasil. Silvetty Montila recebeu 4.763 para vereadora na eleição realizada no domingo 7.

Ossada humana é encontrada às margens da BR-365, em Ituiutaba
A Polícia Militar localizou uma ossada humana em um canavial às margens da BR-365, no trecho entre Ituiutaba e o trevão, região mais conhecida como Venda Amarela. A suspeita é de que os restos mortais sejam do travesti Ricardo Júnior de Jesus, desaparecido há sete meses na cidade.

Travesti morre após ser arrastado por carro na zona sul de SP
Um travesti de 24 anos morreu após ser arrastado por um carro por duas quadras na manhã deste domingo, na zona sul de São Paulo.
Segundo a polícia, o travesti tinha entrado no carro de um suposto cliente por volta das 7h. Eles estavam em um hotel, na avenida dos Bandeirantes, quando houve uma discussão e o Wanderson da Silva saiu do carro.

UN human rights office puts pressure on Ukraine regarding LGBT censorship law
The human rights office of the United Nations has urged Ukraine to rethink a draft LGBT censorship law which was announced earlier this week.
Ukraine: homophobic bill comes forward

Victory for Pride Parades in Russia
Russia’s Supreme Court has ruled that gay pride parades and LGBT rights demonstrations do not violate controversial “gay propaganda” laws.

Govt okays citizenship rights to transsexual
In a landmark decision, the Cabinet has agreed to provide citizenship to a post-operative transsexual who changed sex from male to female.

Man collects money for sex change by begging at Tirupathi
Thangarathi, who got married to Chinthan six years ago, was shocked when her husband produced in a court here on Friday after he went missing since March 20, 2011, said he had changed his sex through surgery and was no more fit to live with her.

Seeking the Right to Be Female in Malaysia
The feminine figure dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, makeup carefully applied, drew little attention from other customers at the fast-food restaurant in Seremban, a city about an hour's drive south of Kuala Lumpur.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Intersex people and marriage, an analysis by Gina Wilson
In the light of debate around same sex marriage, marriage equality and the legal recognition of intersex people, Gina Wilson writes on the marriage rights of intersex people.
The first thing to address is our right to marriage of any sort.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Bathroom Fearmongering Conservative MP Launches Anti-Trans Petition
Conservative MP Rob Anders (Calgary West) has reached out to his constituents and local church pastor with a petition against C-279, the federal bill that would add human rights protections based on “Gender Identity,” and which passed second reading in June. His petition, unsurprisingly, appeals to the transphobic “bathroom argument.”
[Commentary] Rob Anders, the transsexual bogeyman, and the weird phenomenon of MPs petitioning their constituents
Calgary MP Anders’ latest inflammatory comments spark questions on political future
Children's bathroom bill reaches Parliament Hill

[Commentary] Dear Diary: Rob Anders knows the truth is out there

Man charged with attempted murder, arson causing bodily harm
An Edmonton man wanted on Canada-wide warrants after an apartment fire that left a young woman with serious burns has been arrested in British Columbia, police said in a news release.

Metro Vancouver queer communities mourn death of January Marie Lapuz
Metro Vancouver queer communities are mourning the loss of one of their most vibrant and devoted members.
On September 29, just after 10 p.m., the New Westminster Police Department received a call regarding a stabbing victim in the 500 block of 3rd Avenue, who was pronounced dead at 5:44 a.m. at a hospital on September 30.
Canada: Trans group mourns killing of one of its members

Nearly 600 Toronto schools introduce trans equality
Canadian schools will now ensure transgender equality for students and staff in new Toronto District School Board guidelines

B.C. medical insurance to cover phalloplasty for transgender men
Rights advocates are welcoming news a surgical penis-construction procedure for transgender men will be paid for by public medical insurance in B.C.