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segunda-feira, outubro 01, 2012

UN votes for 'traditional values' above gay rights
Russia has passed a resolution at the United Nations which highlights traditional values: Experts say the Human Rights Council vote will be used against gay, trans and women's rights

Russia blocks European Council’s youth resolution over disagreements on LGBT policy
Russia has refused to ratify the European Council’s resolution on Youth Politics after other countries’ representatives unexpectedly amended the document with a paragraph on sexual minorities’ rights and suggested that it received a key status.

ALEAS-IU no permitirá que el PP atente contra los derechos de las personas transexuales
El Área de Libertad de Expresión Afectivo-Sexual (ALEAS) de Izquierda Unida ha querido responder con contundencia a las recientes informaciones que indican que el Ministerio de Sanidad podría estar barajando poner el foco de sus recortes en prestaciones sanitarias como la reproducción asistida y la cirugía de reasignación de sexo, posibilidad que ya ha sido igualmente rechazada por organizaciones LGTBI como la Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía (ATA).

UN congratulates Nepal for recognizing third gender
Belated letter from the UN congratulates the government of Nepal for allowing citizens to describe their gender as ‘other’ on official documents

Transgender ends life
A transgender ended her life by consuming poison on Wednesday.

Two Spirit/LGBT Rights Toolkit for Tribal Governments Introduced
A first-of-its-kind guide complete with sample legal language is now available for tribal governments to adopt or amend their laws to recognize the rights of all their citizens, including Two Spirit and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.

Webinar Tomorrow: National Center for Transgender Equality Talks Trans Campus Resources
The National Center for Transgender Equality is holding a webinar tomorrow on the organization’s new Transgender On-campus Nondiscrimination Information (TONI) Project – a website that allows trans and gender non-conforming college students to share information about trans-affirmative on-campus practices, and provides a forum for exchanging ideas to improve campus life.

Laura Is a Punk Rocker
The lead singer of Against Me! changes gender and challenges the male punk scene.

Voter Suppression Efforts Continue to Discriminate Against Transgender Americans
In a recent interview with the Washington Blade, MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry articulated the discrimination that transgender Americans continue to face at the voting booth.

Senators Introduce Nondiscrimination Bill for Jury Selection
Legislation introduced last week by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) seeks to bring nondiscrimination language to the court system, prohibiting the exclusion of individuals from serving on a federal jury because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Gay rights law discussed
The city of Flagstaff does not have a good track record for having civil, intelligent discussions when the subject matter is a proposed civil rights ordinance.

When someone is trapped inside the wrong body
There is a place between reality and make-believe where strangers dwell. They are unable to fully integrate into a world of clear definitions but equally unwilling to pretend that they are something they are not. It's in that gray and lonely place that Meredith lives.

LGBT political group fights GOP majority in Georgia legislature
With just weeks until the Nov. 6 election, Georgia Equality has set its sights on one state Senate race and four House races as it works with other organizations to block Republicans from winning a constitutional majority — meaning the party will be able to pass whatever laws it wants under the Gold Dome.

Trans disclosure debate tests safety, freedom of expression
Buck Angel, the “man with a pussy” who garnered fame through porn films and is now an activist, was greeted warmly by dozens of young transmen at the 22nd annual Southern Comfort Conference.

Right person, wrong body: UMD lecture shows bodies in transition
Loren Cameron’s first book, “Body Alchemy: Trans-sexual Portraits,” documented female-to-male transitions — including his own — at a time when there were few similar resources available.

Maplewood, Mo., city council passes LGBT non-discrimination ordinance
Seven St. Louis county municipalities now offer protections for their LGBT citizens following a 4-3 vote on Tuesday from the Maplewood City Council.

Transgender Third-Grader Will Be Allowed to Use Girls' Bathroom
After switching schools, a transgender third-grader and her parents have reached an agreement with the Nashua, N.H., school district that allows her to wear girls' clothing and use the women's restroom.
School, transgender student reach deal

Denuncian crímenes de odio contra integrantes de la diversidad sexual
Hacen un llamado enérgico para que cesen los siete asesinatos registrados en el estado de Nayarit