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segunda-feira, setembro 24, 2012

Serbian authorities ban Belgrade Pride again
The Serbian capital’s annual gay pride parade has been banned ‘for security concerns’ for the second time in two years after anti-gay groups threatened another riot

Sara pays dearly for becoming Yousuf
Yousuf appeals for help after losing family and job following sex change

Conservative group slams uni for trans photo exhibit
A student group is criticizing University of Minnesota-Duluth for exhibiting photos of Loren Cameron's transformation from female to male

Nashua School District applauded for accommodating transgender third-grader
After facing complaints that a transgender student was being discriminated against, the Nashua School District has agreed to let the student enroll at a new elementary school and be addressed as a female by school staff.

Transgender surgery led to whole new world for Cynthia Tebbetts
Cynthia Tebbetts has settled into a comfortable routine. On weekdays, she wakes up and feeds the cats, Lola and Skippy, before heading off to Cummings Printing, where she works as an estimator, crunching numbers all day.