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terça-feira, setembro 18, 2012

More help for transsexuals
Transsexuals are being encouraged to take advantage of a support group after a student died before she could receive help for her gender identity problems.

[Denmark] [Commentary]
Denmark cannot escape responsibility for Fernanda
The Pan-American Human Rights organisation,
The United Nations Association,
The Danish Institute for International Studies,
OASIS human rights organisation in Guatemala
and now Amnesty International; all say that Guatemala is one of the most dangerous places in the world for a transgender person.

Turkey rejects protection for gay rights
Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party vetoed a proposal that aims to bring in constitutional protection for LGBT rights

Family taken to court
A transsexual from the south of Poland has successfully taken his parents to court for not “approving of his lifestyle”.

[New Zealand]
Scholarship offered for trans/intersex project
Victoria University Law School is seeking applicants for a scholarship to help work on human rights issues for trans and intersex people.

[Canada] [Commentary]
When Gay People Are Transphobic
Following up on my post (It’s OK To Be Gay, but Not Trans?) about gay people who are transphobic . . . I have no idea of the numbers, and I doubt very much that a few anti-trans commenters to an article are truly representative of all gay people.
[Commentary] It’s OK To Be Gay, but Not Trans?

Celebrate transgenderism or support suicide
A conservative activist is concerned about the summer camps for transgender children that promote and normalize homosexuality, cross-dressing and transgenderism.

Anderson Live Airs Sensationalized Segment on Transgender Individual
Today in an exclusive interview on Anderson Live, transgender individual Mandi claims Finasteride, a drug commonly used in anti-baldness treatments, caused her to become transgender.
Trans Group Condemns Anderson Cooper’s Sensationalist Segment
Video: Anderson Cooper In Trouble With Transgender Community
Anderson Cooper Knocked For Segment On Drug-Induced Transgender Claim
NCTE expresses concern over upcoming “Anderson Live” segment

[Commentary] Hypocrisy Of Transgender Activists

Annual transgender conference offers resources, community
From the ostracism experienced coming of age in the 1950s and ‘60s – getting beaten up and kicked down the stairs at school for being queer – to more than 30 years on the road driving a truck, Alford was used to feeling alone.
Leather Bash a go amid transgender title flap

Heller PhD candidate founds camp for transgender children
Nicholas Teich, a social worker and doctoral candidate at Brandeis’ Heller School, has founded nonprofit Camp Aranu’tiq, the U.S.’s first and only camp for transgender and gender-variant children aged eight through 15. Teich, who is a transgender male, founded Camp Aranu’tiq in 2010 after making it known that he had decided to begin the gender transition process. Teich was subsequently told he could not return to a camp in Maine that he had previously attended as a girl for 13 years.

[Commentary] EDITORIAL: Tolerating the intolerable
A judge makes the right decision in a sex-change suit
[Commentary] Taxpayer Funded Sex Change Operations For Prisoners, and Other Fluke-ing Crazy Ideas
[Commentary] OUR OPINION: Judge may be giving transgendered false hope
[Letters to the Editor] Taxpayers shouldn’t foot bill
[Letters to the Editor] Kosilek's sex change won't change genes
[Commentary] Killer Not Entitled to Gender ‘Adjustment’

Suspect's Attorney Speaks Out On Charges
New details about a Jackson woman accused of injecting a substance into an Atlanta woman's rear end-resulting in her death. Tracey Lynn Garner is the suspect charged in Karima Gordon's death.

Judge refuses to let men planning sex-change operations to switch to feminine names
An Oklahoma County judge is refusing to let men planning sex-change operations switch to feminine names. James Dean Ingram of Oklahoma City went before Judge Bill Graves seeking a legal change to the name Angela Renee Ingram.

City to settle suit by women housed with trans inmate
City officials are in the process of settling a lawsuit filed by four women who say their privacy rights were violated while sharing a cell with a pre-operative transgender woman in a city prison.

Trans murder victim identified
The transgender woman found murdered earlier this month in Frankford has been identified as a former staff member at a local LGBT agency.
Philadelphia police investigating murder of transgender community volunteer

Transgender Woman Stabs SEPTA Trolley Driver: Cops
A SEPTA trolley operator was stabbed in the face following an altercation with a transgender woman on the 102 trolley early Friday, according to police.
Cops: Transvestite stabbed SEPTA trolley driver
Police: SEPTA Trolley Driver Stabbed By Transgender Woman

As Rio Gains Fashion Cred, Transgender Models Might Get Lost in the Shuffle
As part of its Fashion Week Internationale series, Vice has made a documentary that explores the various tensions that currently surround race, gender and body type in Rio de Janeiro's burgeoning fashion industry. As the city sits poised like an extremely fashionable ocelot to become the fifth of the preeminent fashion metropolises, pressure to conform to a more global ideal of beauty could threaten transgender women such as model Leah T who've carved out a pretty large space for themselves in the industry.