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quinta-feira, setembro 13, 2012

EU law to protect victims of crime due to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression
Today the European Parliament agreed on a new Directive on the rights guaranteed to victims of crime in the EU. Notably, it provides specific assistance and protection to people who suffered crime because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Transexual do Miss Bumbum 2012 diz que recebeu proposta para posar nua
Amanda Sampaio representa a Bahia nesta edição do concurso de beleza. Dançarina afirma que pagou R$ 30 mil para mudar de sexo aos 22 anos.

Vício leva travestis ao mundo do crime
Reportagem levanta ruas de São Paulo que têm maior concentração desses profissionais

Una boda entre una «madame» y un transexual destapa una red de prostitución
La Policía ha detenido a seis miembros de una misma familia colombiana que regentaba tres pisos en Sevilla para contacto
Detenidas siete personas acusadas de explotación sexual de hombres y mujeres

Delia is golden girl of Olympics
A transsexual Olympic employee chosen to meet VIPs from all over the world has praised the incredible team spirit that made her feel so accepted.

[Denmark] [Commentary]
Expulsion of Transactivist in Conflict with Danish Policy
Everything indicates that if the transgender human rights and LGBT activist Fernanda Milán is expelled from Denmark to Guatemala on Monday, she will be in danger. The Refugee Board’s decision arouses indignation and amazement.

Transsexuals have right to breast enlargement: German court
Male-to-female transsexuals have a legal right to breast enlargement operations when hormone therapy fails to give them a feminine shape, a German federal court ruled.

St Petersburg holds gay culture festival despite ban
Russian campaigners want fourth Queer Fest to be ‘twice as big’ in face of law banning ‘homosexual propaganda’

Jaipur faces problem of fake eunuchs
The state capital is facing a new crime. A gang of fake eunuchs has been active in the city which flees after snatching away valuables from unsuspecting people. Three persons who posed themselves as eunuchs created terror in Vishvaiya Nagar locality, Shipra Path after they thrashed a family of a businessman and fled from the scene.

Finalist in Vietnam song contest comes out as a trans woman
Huong Giang, finalist of the singing contest Vietnam Idol comes out publicly, live on TV, as a transgender woman
Door half open to transgender people

Malaysia lawyer says LGBT rights should be excluded from human rights declaration
VP of Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia says his country cannot accept recognition of LGBT rights in the ASEAN human rights declaration

Trans Models of Care
I recently attended the very first Transgender, Sistergirl and Gender Diverse conference in Cairns. It was a fantastic opportunity for health professionals and members of the trans community to come together and share ideas about care.

La réalisatrice trans Lana Wachowski explique pourquoi elle est sortie du silence
Ce week-end au festival de films de Toronto, la cinéaste était, pour la première fois depuis sa transition, sous le feu des projecteurs. Lors d’une conférence de presse destinée à présenter son film «Cloud Atlas», elle a évoqué sa transsexualité.

Co-ed washrooms don't sit well with all UVic students
Students at the University of Victoria are being taught a lesson in gender equality, but the idea isn't sitting well with everyone.
University of Victoria hopes coed washrooms will reduce discrimination
UVic students flushed over co-ed washrooms
New gender-neutral washrooms at University of Victoria aimed at transgendered students

ACA’s sex discrimination policy to be reinforced for transgender people
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions regarding sex discrimination in health insurance policies are inclusive of transgender people, stated the department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in a recent letter. These ACA provisions however will not require insurance companies to cover gender-transition surgeries.

LGBT-inclusive national suicide strategy unveiled
A new strategy unveiled Monday aimed at reducing the suicide rate in the United States includes a section on the rate of suicide for LGBT people — saying they may be particularly at risk because of “minority stress” and “institutional discrimination” resulting from anti-gay laws on the books.
LGBT Issues Highlighted in 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman plays transsexual ex-con in new film
Frankie Go Boom also features Perlman's TV stepson Charlie Hunnam

Voters to decide
An ordinance that protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people from discrimination in Salina will go on the ballot in November.
Salina voters to decide on anti-discrimination ordinance
Why is one ballot question three pages long?

Mass. reviews judge’s ruling on sex change surgery for transgender inmate, undecided on appeal
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says his administration is reviewing a judge’s ruling ordering state prison officials to pay for sex reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate.
[Commentary] Massachusetts Senate Candidates Fail To Understand Importance Of Funding Transgender Health Services
[Commentary] Stoffa: Why does a murderer receive state-funded surgery when law-abiding citizens do not?
[Commentary] Crisp: Sex-change operation for Robert Kosilek would be humane
[Commentary] Trans Prisoners Human Rights Need To Be Respected

Empowering identity
With days filled with sports, drama, arts and crafts and rock-climbing, a day at Camp Aranu’tiq doesn’t feel all that different from most other summer camps. But founded in 2010 by Nick Teich, a third year Ph.D. candidate in the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Camp Aranu’tiq is the first camp in the world for transgender youth, according to Teich.

Prince Frederick Hall will be gender-neutral
While the university has renovated some buildings in recent years to expand gender-neutral housing options, more students will be able to choose a dorm specially designed to meet their needs by 2014, Department of Resident Life officials said.

Public university to fund sexually explicit slideshow of transgender’s sexual metamorphosis
A public university plans to host an event in which a self-described man displays sexually explicit images of his transition from a female to male physique.

Woman charged in fatal butt-injection case
A woman faces charges in what police called a buttocks-injection that turned deadly.
Police said transgender suspect Tracey Lynn Garner, whose birth name is Morris Garner, injected a woman with "fake silicone."
A judge denied bond for Garner on Tuesday after a 6-month investigation.
Woman dies after illegal silicone injection in Jackson

Do You Have Information About Kyra Kruz?
Gloria Casarez, the director of the Office of LGBT Affairs in Philly, has been reaching out to people via Facebook and other social media to help solve a recent murder in the Frankford section of the city.
Philadelphia police seek information on transgender woman's killing
Advocates Mourn Loss Of Transgender Woman Murdered in Philadelphia

Group wants Memphis to include sexual discrimination ban
A statewide group supporting gays and lesbians wants a proposed city ordinance to prohibit discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity.

La demanda de rectificación de partida de nacimiento que genera el reconocimiento de la Identidad de Género, se presentó el día 8 de marzo, y posterior a los diversos trámites que se consideran pertinentes, -como la presentación de pruebas que acrediten el uso del nombre social, declaración de dos testigos ante una actuaria, certificados de cursos y/o talleres en donde se reconozca el nombre social, cuentas de correo electrónico, facebook, cartas, entre otras medios de prueba- que permitan comprobar que el nombre se ha usado por un periodo no menor a cinco años, según la Ley N° 17.344 de Cambio de Nombre.

Desde 1º Octubre: Servicios de salud chilenos deberán atender a los y las Trans por su nombre social