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domingo, setembro 09, 2012

Quatro travestis são assassinados em Goiás
Três foram assassinados em Aparecida de Goiânia e uma em Hidrolândia
Goiás: A dois dias da Parada Gay, 4 travestis são mortos na Grande Goiânia
Travestis são assassinados a dois dias de Parada Gay
A dois dias da Parada Gay, 4 travestis são mortos na Grande Goiânia

Travesti é executado com tiro na nuca
A arma usada no crime é de uso exclusivo das polícias; ainda não se sabe quem teria disparado o tiro. O crime está sendo investigado

Bahia: Servidores travestis e transexuais adquirem direito de usar nome social
Medida é válida apenas para os servidores públicos do Estado da Bahia. Secretaria tem 60 dias para criar espaço de nome em cadastro de órgãos.

Marcelo Médici relembra: "Tive uma babá travesti"
O De Frente Com Gabi deste domingo (9) recebe Marcelo Médici. À Marília Gabriela, o ator e humorista fala da carreira e relembra momentos da infância. "Tive uma babá travesti, a Jô, quando eu tinha 8 anos", contou. Em 20 anos de carreira, Médici já participou de dezenas de espetáculos e integrou o grupo Terça Insana.

Transex Carol Marra faz ensaio e diz: 'Não sou marginal ou um ET'
Ela estampa a capa da ‘Trip’ de setembro.

Proposed legislation to give legal recognition to transgender people
Groups representing transgender people have given a qualified welcome to plans by the Government to give them legal recognition.
Social Protection Minister Joan Burton said that the legislation will be published shortly and be given to a Dáil committee for discussion.
However, the Minister said that legal advice from the Attorney General means a proposal that will cause 'forced divorces' of transgender people will remain because of the constitutional protection of marriage.
New Laws On the Way for Transgender People

Minister Joan Burton to address human rights conference in Dublin
The Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton, will open the 4th European Transgender Council at Dublin City University today.

Denmark protest to save Guatemalan trans activist
Campaigners will march in Copenhagen to stop the deportation of Fernanda Milan who fears she will be attacked, tortured and killed if sent back to Guatemala

Transgenders to get pension
Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa on Thursday inaugurated a government scheme to provide clothes to kindergarten students in government-run anganwadis across the State. She also inaugurated a scheme to provide pensions to transgenders over the age of 40.

First transgender meet
Chhattisgarh’s capital city Raipur is set to witness a historic event as the two-day All India Transgender Sports Meet, said to be first of its kind in the world, kick-starts here on Saturday.

Transgenders, health staff share their woes
Transgenders on Friday sensitized staff of Capital Hospital on the different problems they face while being admitted to hospital. "Many times even a doctor may get confused to admit a transgender patient. The person concerned should be given a choice of male or female wards depending on his or her choice since it may not be possible to have a separate ward for transgenders," said Satya Sundar Mishra, who heads Sakha, a community-based organization working for the sexual minorities, which organized the Friday training for healthcare providers.

VLAFF's "Mia" an Argentine triumph for transgender rights
Director and scriptwriter Javier van de Couter presented his opera prima at the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival (VLAFF) last Saturday.
Mia had been screened twice a week earlier at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, and also was the recipient of the People’s Choice Award and the Best Unpublished Script Award at the Habana International New Film Festival.

Report: Critical government surveys omit gay, transgender people
A new report by the Center for American Progress outlines how government data plays a critical role in the country’s policy making process, but that the lack of reliable data about the gay and transgender population increases the likelihood that stereotypes and myths will shape policies that impact the LGBT community.
Idea of the Day: We Need to Include Gay and Transgender People in Demographic Data
Critical Government Surveys Omit Gay and Transgender People

How Paul Ryan Helped Kill Employment Protections For Transgender Americans
In 2007, Paul Ryan cast the lone pro-gay vote of his career, voting for a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that would have made it illegal to fire an employee just for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual. But he refused to support the bill if it included similar protections for transgender Americans.
Paul Ryan Helped Kill Trans-Inclusive ENDA

Why Medicaid Matters For Gay And Transgender Communities
There isn’t a lot of talk about Medicaid in gay and transgender politics. Most are familiar with LGBT issues that have gotten enough attention to make the Democratic platform and the reactionary hit list: marriage equality, employment nondiscrimination, anti-bullying policies, immigration rights for bi-national couples, and an end to HIV and AIDS. But when it comes to Medicaid, the LGBT movement is too often at a loss for words about a program that provides lifesaving health care to more than 50 million of the poorest Americans — including gay and transgender people.

How Gender Plays a Role in Disease Expression
Most psychiatric illnesses, indeed most illnesses, are affected by the patient’s gender. Being male, female, or transgender exerts effects not only on anatomy and reproductive behaviors but also on immune mechanisms, pain perception, diet, occupation, social behaviors, and risk exposures.

Matrix Director Was Terrified to Come Out as Trans to Family
In a candid interview with The New Yorker, co-director of the Matrix trilogy, Lana Wachowski, opens up about her biggest fears around coming out as transgender to her family.

Chicago Police Department Adopts Policy For Handling Transgender Detainees
The Chicago Police Department adopted a new policy for handling transgender detainees that activists are calling "a huge step forward." The policy mandates police no longer search transgender people in an attempt to determine their gender. It also informs officers to respect preferred names and pronouns and to "not exhibit any bias, prejudice, or discriminate against a TIGN individual or group of TIGN individuals."

Mass. Prison Reviews Court's Transgender Ruling
Massachusetts Prison officials say they are still going over a federal court decision ordering them to provide sex change surgery to a prison inmate. Critics are urging officials to appeal what they call an "outrageous abuse of taxpayer funds." The decision reflects a national trend of treating gender identity disorder as a legitimate medical condition deserving treatment like any other.
Massachusetts: State lawmakers call for appeal on surgery for trans prisoner
Legislators seeking appeal to prison sex-change ruling
Pols: Appeal sex-change ruling

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12 ON YOUR SIDE: Boston ruling could affect transgender case in VA

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[Commentary] Is Denying Treatment to Transsexual Inmates 'Cruel and Unusual'?

Will this Maryland Man Face Hate Crime Charges?
A gender-variant victim was stabbed after sex.

Trans Athlete Joins High School Football Team
A transgender man is playing varsity running back for his high school football team in Grosse Pointe, Mich.

Court re-charges transgender author Leslie Feinberg for action supporting CeCe McDonald
Editor’s note: A campaign has been initiated to demand that Hennepin County prosecutor Michael Freeman drop the charges against Leslie Feinberg. Contact Freeman by phone (612-348-5540), fax (612-348-2042), and/or email

Transgender Vet Finds Help, Without Fear, At VA Hospital
There is a program available at the VA hospital in Minneapolis that’s serving an often hidden population — transgender veterans.

Transgender Delegation Makes DNC 'Especially Historic'
The 2012 Democratic Convention proved to be reflective of the country’s “melting pot” moniker in multiple ways. The number of LGBT delegates is historic and record-breaking: 486 in total from every state in the country and a dramatic upswing from the 288 on board for the DNC in ‘08.
[Commentary] The 2012 Election: The Transgender Decision Comes Down to Inclusivity vs. Exclusivity
[Commentary] Say It, Democrats, 'Transgender'
[Commentary] DNC 2012-Trans DNC Delegates Getting International Attention
14 Transgender DNC Delegates Is Progress, But Work Remains For Full Inclusion