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quinta-feira, setembro 06, 2012

Travesti é encontrado morto com tiros na cabeça
Por volta das 22h, deste domingo (2), uma equipe da Polícia Militar se deslocou até a Av. Comendador Norberto Marcondes, na região central de Campo Mourão, onde conforme denuncia anônima, duas pessoas em uma motocicleta Honda/CB300 de cor vermelha efetuaram vários disparos de arma de fogo contra um cidadão.

Estrela da nova novela das 21h da Globo, Thammy Gretchen diz: “Devia ter nascido homem”
Thammy Gretchen, de 30 anos, filha da "rainha do bumbum", Gretchen, se recusa a ser como a mãe. O motivo é simples. Para ela, o seu corpo não combina com a sua mente, conforme contou para a nova edição da revista "Trip".

'Hit & Miss' won't return for second series, confirms Sky Atlantic
Chloë Sevigny's Hit & Miss will not return for a second series, it has been confirmed.
The Sky Atlantic thriller - created by Paul Abbott - starred Oscar-nominated actress Sevigny as a transsexual contract killer.
In a message on the channel's official Twitter feed, Sky Atlantic stated: "Hit & Miss was always intended as a mini-series, and as such, there are no plans for it to return."

New campaign urges Australians to respect LGBTI people
A major new multimedia campaign launched today by national depression and anxiety initiative Beyondblue will urge the wider community to stop, think and respect LGBTI Australians in a bid to help reduce discrimination and bullying.

In 2011, Sandra Fluke argued for sex-change-operation insurance mandate
In an academic article published last year, contraception advocate Sandra Fluke made the case that private health insurers should be required to pay for sex change operations.

STUDY: Anti-Transgender Violence Exacerbates Suicidal Thinking And Substance Abuse
A new study of transgender people in Virginia has found that experiencing physical or sexual violence significantly contributes to individuals’ suicidal thinking and substance abuse. The study, conducted by the Center for LGBTQ Evidence-based Applied Research, found that over 70 percent of respondents had a history of suicidal ideation, with about 28 percent having reported a past suicidal attempt. (The National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which had a sample of over 6,000, found that as many as 41 percent of trans people had attempted suicide, whereas only 1.6 percent of the general population has ever done so.) The likelihood and frequency of those attempts significantly related to whether or not they had experienced physical or sexual violence:

Perceived discrimination and depression among low-income latina male-to-female transgender women
Objectives: This study examines exposure to perceived discrimination and its association with depression among low-income, Latina male-to-female transgender women as well as evaluates the impact of sexual partner violence and mistreatment on depression.

Lana Wachowski Opens Up About Sex Change
Moviemaker Lana Wachowski has spoken for the first time about her sex change, revealing in a candid new interview that she was initially "terrified" of losing her family.
Lana Wachowski Had a ‘Gender Situation,’ Says The New Yorker
Beyond the Matrix

[USA] [Commentary]
Responding to Incorrect Transgender Pronoun and/or Gender Identity Usage in the Media
With incorrect, offensive, or downright transphobic phrases like "man in a dress," "male-to-female transsexual," "he calls himself Brandi," or, likely the most offensive of them all, "he-she," mainstream media simply cannot get it right. Sometimes it's deliberate, especially in tabloids and other media that use exploitation to generate revenue. In other instances ignorance prevails in the media by those who ought to know better.

Suspected murderer of transgendered woman gains new lawyer
In Washington DC, a 55-year-old man accused of stabbing a trans woman in the face back in February has been assigned a new defence lawyer.
[Commentary] Justice Delayed

Chicago Police Department adopts transgender general order
The Chicago Police Department (CPD) has adopted a general order for the treatment of transgender individuals while in CPD custody, reports the Windy City Times.
Chicago Police Department adopts transgender protections policy

Federal judge rules state must provide sex reassignment surgery for Michelle Kosilek
A federal court judge has ordered state officials to provide a sex-reassignment surgery for a transsexual prison inmate, convicted of murdering his wife, after finding that the treatment is the only adequate care for his serious mental illness, gender identity disorder.
Sex-change surgery for Mass. convicted killer gets court’s blessing, critics’ condemnation
Killer wins sex-change surgery on state’s dime
Federal judge approves gender reassignment surgery for convicted murderer
Judge agrees -- sex-change surgery medically necessary
Judge: Massachusetts must pay for murderer's sex-change surgery
Judge orders that trans convict be given gender reassignment surgery in prison
Judge: Mass. must provide sex-reassignment surgery for murder convict who now lives as woman
Juez estadounidense autoriza a un transexual para operarse en prisión

[Commentary] Rewarding a killer
[Commentary] MTPC’s statement on Federal judge’s ruling that state must provide gender reassignment surgery for transgender inmate
[Commentary] In Landmark Ruling, Federal Judge Says Sex-Change Surgery for Murder Inmate Is Medically Necessary
[Commentary] Federal Judge Orders Gender Reassignment Surgery for Massachusetts Inmate

Maryland Man Facing Charges in Possible Transgender Attack
Hyattsville resident allegedly stabbed Silver Spring ''man dressed as a woman'' after sexual encounter
Christian Ariel Romero of Hyattsville Accused Of Stabbing Man Posing As A Woman After Engaging In Sex Act
Assailant charged with stabbing man dressed as woman

Not In My Backyard: Impact of sex trade on Charles St. residents
While transgender prostitutes risk harm to themselves, residents of the areas where they ply their trade say they also harm them. For a decade, homeowners in lower Charles Village have complained about hookers loudly flagging down johns, trespassing, and generally disrupting life on the streets and alleys just north of North Avenue.
Sex Trade: Exploring the lives of transgender women on the street

Algunos delegados transexuales suman su voz en la convención demócrata
Con su voz grave, Melissa Sklarz hace un recuento: "Seis en 2004, ocho en 2008, y hoy somos 13. Es un récord", se congratula esta transexual, delegada en la Convención Demócrata estadounidense de Charlotte (Carolina del Norte, sudeste).