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quinta-feira, agosto 23, 2012

Desrespeitada por Record, Léo Áquilla é finalista de "A Fazenda 5"
A sorte tem as cores do arco-íris. A transexual Léo Áquilla é a primeira finalista do reality show “A Fazenda 5″. A peoa conquistou o posto depois de vencer prova disputada na quarta-feira 22. Os concorrentes de Léo ainda não foram definidos. A finalíssima ocorre na quarta-feira 29.

Uganda aid to continue despite controversial anti-gay bill
Denmark will continue to send support to Uganda despite their anti-gay sentiments, but sexual minority groups to get bigger share

[Czech Republic]
120 pro-"straight families only" leaders outraged after U.S. ambassador participates in Czech gay pride
Pro-family leaders around the world have condemned an endorsement by the U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic of a Czech homosexual festival held over the weekend.

Criticism of Uganda's Government Leads to Harassment of NGOs
In the face of rising public criticism over a range of controversial political manoeuvres, the Ugandan government has become increasingly hostile to the work of non-governmental organisations, particularly those advocating for the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch.
Mayor intimidación y sociedad civil en riesgo

Video | Toyota Auris hatchback commercial features transgender model Stav Strashko
Toyota has launched a Japanese ad campaign for its new Auris hatchback featuring Stav Strashko, a transgender, 19-year-old Ukrainian-born model.
Toyota Japan’s Sexy New Topless Ad Shocks Viewers
Toyota Releases Controversial Commercials with Androgynous Model [Video]
Toyota's transgender car ad
A Topless Fashion Model Makes This Commercial More than Memorable

Canadian parents support trans dad who breastfeeds
Father denied leadership position at Canadian breastfeeding support group

Obviously, as journalists, we on The Advocate’s editorial staff are word people. Also, the movement we chronicle is well aware of the power of words. As an Advocate copy editor (read: enforcer of language rules) for the past 15 years, I’ve seen the language we use to describe ourselves and our movement evolve, and a look at our archives reveals even more changes.

Campus Pride Releases ‘Top 25 List of LGBT-Friendly Colleges & Universities’
Campus Pride today announced its 2012 “Top 25 List of LGBT-Friendly Colleges & Universities.”

[USA] [Commentary]
The American Psychiatric Association Issues Historic Position Statements on Trans Issues
On May 18, 2009, about 150 trans community members and allies gathered outside the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco to protest diagnostic policies that psychopathologize gender diversity. Bull horn in hand, I and others called upon the APA leadership to issue three public position statements in support of the dignity and health of trans and gender variant people:

[USA] [Commentary]
Nikki Araguz Trans Marriage Update!
Here’s the long-awaited Nikki Araguz case update!

Petition To Repeal Salina Ordinance Change Delivered
A group of people opposed to a controversial ordinance change in Salina that protects gay, lesbian, and transgender citizens from discrimination delivered a petition Tuesday.
Petition "first step" against Salina anti-discrimination ordinance
Signed delivered
Petition to overturn LGBT amendment turned in
Salina's LGBT petition to have hundreds of signatures thrown out from the start

Springfield, Mo., city council considers LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
An ordinance that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s non-discrimination ordinance generated three hours of vigorous public testimony in a public hearing August 13.

Party people at the Transfaith in Color Conference 2012
On Saturday, a woman in a black and lime tunic watched the hotel staff lay down flooring in an empty ballroom. It seems the floor is not big enough to hold even a small wedding reception, let alone the full-on dance party Charlene Archilla is describing in a soft voice. But for Archilla, 49, the space is more than enough room for Sweet-T: The Mini Ball, where she will don a red and white kimono and lip-synch to Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You," as the audience showers her in dollar bills and kisses.

En Bogotá prestarán servicios de salud diferenciados a minorías étnicas y de género
Luego de ejercer diez días como alcalde encargado de la ciudad, el secretario de Salud de Bogotá, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, volvió a su tradicional despacho para poner en marcha uno de los más ambiciosos planes de la administración del alcalde Gustavo Petro.

Fallo judicial a favor de transexual marca hito en Perú
Una larga batalla legal llegó a su final para Fiorella Cava, otrora cantante de rock, que al cabo de quince años logró que un tribunal la reconociera como mujer, un caso que rompe esquemas y desafía a la sociedad peruana, tradicionalmente conservadora y machista.
‘Él será ella a partir de hoy’, Fallo judicial a favor de transexual marca hito en Perú

Neuquén: una chica sorda y una transexual se postulan como reinas
La elección, a la que se postulan 80 participantes, se hace en el marco de los festejos por el aniversario de la ciudad. Para el INADI es una actitud contundente a favor de la igualdad.
Neuquén: por primera vez una mujer transexual será candidata a reina