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sexta-feira, agosto 17, 2012

El día 15 de junio se cerró el periodo de comentarios a los criterios de evaluación psiquiátrica propuestos por la APA (American Psichiatric Asociation) para la quinta versión de su Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Según se refleja en la web de dicha asociación, no habrá cambios en lo concerniente a la clasificación de la transexualidad y el travestismo como enfermedades mentales.

A Better 'Universe' for Sex-Change Beauties
The grand finals of Miss Universe Singapore to be held on September 9 may well be the last one in which only natural-born females compete. From next year, the Miss Universe pageant will allow transgender women to participate. Local organizers say they will comply with the new rule. I think this is an inclusive move and a good one to make.

Travesti finalista do concurso de Valesca Popozuda posa nua cercada de boys magia; veja!
No total, são cinco finalistas para o concurso de Valesca Popozuda, que vai escolher uma travesti para ser a nova dançarina do grupo Gaiola das Popozudas.

Meteor dials up trouble
Meteor’s new television advertisement has lost it a few friends in Ireland’s transgender community, with Transgender Equality Network Ireland claiming the ad “negatively depicts transgender people by promoting stereotypes and encouraging a cheap laugh”.

Transgender woman Fernanda raped in a Danish centre for asylum seekers
In Denmark you are a man if it says so on your papers.
Large brown eyes framed with eyeliner and mascara, “Paola” she says with a cautious, gentle voice and holds out a hand with lightly polished nails. Her shirt is slightly open at her breasts. “Fernanda” says the other whose blouse shows one shoulder. Her make-up is flawless and her long shiny hair falls down to her back.

Re-thinking stereotypes: Capturing the third gender through a lens
A photography workshop dedicated to photographing transgenders concluded at the Punjab Lok Rahs on Wednesday.

Thammasat transgenders permitted to wear female graduation gown gets nod from Higher Education Commission
Thammasat University could allow new male graduates with "women's heart" to dress as female students for the graduation ceremony providing this is in line with the university's regulations, Assoc Dr Piniti Ratananukul, deputy secretary general of Office of the Higher Education Commission said on Thursday.

High-Profile Australian Lawyer Transitions While in Public Eye
A well-known transgender Australian barrister, or attorney, recently made her first court appearance after finishing her transition.

Thomas Beatie, AKA Pregnant Man, Files For Divorce
Thomas Beatie has filed for a divorce from his wife of 9 years, Nancy Beatie.
Beatie grabbed headlines in 2008 when he gave birth to his first child, Susan Juliette. Two more children, Austin Alexander and Jensen James, followed.

Gay-friendly San Francisco church denies drag queen ban
An LGBT-friendly Catholic church in San Francisco which banned drag queens from its premises has reversed the decision after the church’s business manager said the new pastor had: “not been educated about the importance of drag queens in the gay community.”
MHR clarifies no-drag policy

Human Rights Report Author's Neutrality Questioned
A little-noticed report supporting a bid by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to diminish the power of the city Human Rights Commission was written by a political ally whose own relationship with the commission has at times been contentious.

Jacksonville City Council defeats LGBT anti-discrimination bill
Jacksonville City Council failed Wednesday night to pass the original LGBT anti-discrimination bill with the original language with a 17-2 vote.
Jax City Council rejects additions to human rights ordinance
Council votes "no" on anti-discrimination bill
Jacksonville lawmakers reject adding LGBT protections to human rights ordinance
Jacksonville council denies human rights ordinance expansion

Transgender Woman Found Stabbed To Death On West Side
For the second time in four months, a transgender woman has been killed on the West Side.
Gender-variant youth found murdered on West Side
Transgendered Woman Found Stabbed To Death On West Side