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terça-feira, agosto 07, 2012

First Gender-Neutral Toy Department Opens at Harrods
When you walk into a toy store one of the first things you will notice is a sea of blue and pink separating the girl versus boy toys.

Médico que operou Ariadna e Lea T. já realizou mais de 3 mil cirurgias de mudança de sexo
O Fantástico do último domingo (05) exibiu uma matéria sobre o Hospital Kamol, da Tailândia, o mais procurado quando o assunto é cirurgia de readequação sexual.

[New Zealand]
Regret over prostitution booklet
Auckland Council has expressed regret for any offence caused over a booklet it helped produce on street prostitution in South Auckland that prompted a string of complaints to the Human Rights Commission.

[New Zealand]
Tariana Turia pays tribute to Mama Tere
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has paid tribute to Mama Tere Strickland as someone “not afraid to be outspoken, to challenge but also always to act with compassion and love”.

Talackova rides a wave of gratitude in pride parade
Months after she took on the beauty pageant establishment, transgendered beauty queen Jenna Talackova helped lead Vancouver's annual gay pride parade Sunday.
Sun-soaked Vancouver gets colourful with Pride (with video)
Thousands crowd West End for Pride Parade

The fight for transgender equality in B.C. lags behind gains made by others
If your only interaction with the transgender community was through media coverage, you might well think the biggest problem its members faced in recent months was not being allowed – at least at first – to compete in a beauty pageant.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Montreal LGBT couple beaten in Paris
I’ve heard via Michelle Blanc that on the afternoon of Wednesday August 1st, a Montreal trans advocate (who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting) was assaulted with her partner in Paris, in view of the couple’s children. Marie-Ève is with l’association Fierté Montréal Pride and has been active within Montreal’s transgender community. Claire, who has French citizenship, is a member of the board of la chambre de commerce gai du Québec and is actively involved in LGBT activism. [Trigger warning: discussion of violence follows.]

NCTE Awarded 2012 Clarity Award from the American Psychological Assoc. LGBT Division
The Society for the Psychological Study of LGBT People (Division 44, American Psychological Association) awarded the National Center for Transgender Equality with the 2012 Clarity Award.

Shocking Report: Doctors Use Off-Label Drug to Prevent Lesbian, Bisexual, Tomboy Babies
A new report out of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine details the dangerous experiementation that's been going on in fetal engineering, in which doctors are using a synthetic steroid to prevent female babies from being born with "behavioral masculinzation," or rather a propensity toward lesbianism, bisexuality, intersexuality, and tomboyism.

DC Standing Up for Trans Community With New Campaign
The DC Office of Human Rights, in a first for any government funded initiative, will in the coming weeks launch a trans anti-discrimination campaign.

Omaha’s First Trans Day of Action
Today, July 5, 2012, the Board of Directors, voted to organize Omaha’s and Lincoln’s first Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice for November of 2012.

Sacan a travesti de su casa para matarlo
Un travesti identificado como Marlon Javier Jiménez Alemán, de 21 años, alias “Barbarita” fue encontrado sin vida la mañana de ayer en la carretera que comunica la colonia San Martín con el sector López Arellano de Choloma.

Detienen a hombre que mató a travesti en zona 1
Un hombre fue detenido en la 10 calle y 6 avenida de la zona 1, por su responsabilidad en un ataque con arma blanca contra un travesti, informó la Policía.
Travesti cae por crimen

Otro caso de homofobia en Sincelejo: asesinan a travesti
De un disparo en la cabeza fue asesinado la madrugada de hoy Delimiro Ávila Mendoza, conocido como Shania Vanesa, de 27 años.

El primer cambio que genera muchos más
Cerca del 80 por ciento tiene resuelta la nueva partida de nacimiento. A partir de ahí, debe realizarse una batería de trámites que la Mesa de Diálogo LGBT apunta a simplicar.