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sábado, agosto 04, 2012

Sex testing and the Olympics: myths, rumours and confirmation bias
What we believe about 'gender fraud' at the Olympics may be more to do with prejudice than fact

Vem assistir ao quase casamento da travesti de Tapas & Beijos
Travestis dominam seriado de Tapas & Beijos com casamento de personagem trans

Salvador recebe lançamento de biografia de homem trans
Primeiro transexual masculino do Brasil lança livro em Salvador. Veja as fotos

Veja as cinco transexuais finalistas do concurso promovido por Valesca Popozuda
A funkeira vai escolher entre elas uma dançarina para integrar a Gaiola das Popozudas.

CASO “ALINE” - Grupo DiveRRsidade cobra rápida solução para assassinato
O travesti “Aline Caboquinha”, 19, foi morto com um tiro de pistola calibre 7.65, no fim de semana passado. O crime ocorreu na madrugada de domingo, por volta das 3h, na avenida dos Bandeirantes, bairro Buritis. Uma guarnição do sargento Paulo Soares, que passava pelo local, encontrou o corpo.

Nós que fazemos a STVBrasil - Sociedade Terra Viva manifestamos nosso pesar ante o assassinato da amiga e voluntária travesti Pâmela Scheyfon, barbaramente assassinada, nas primeiras horas desta segunda-feira, 30, ao sair de uma casa noturna na cidade de São José de Mipibu - RN.

Buck naked
A new documentary explores the pain of living with the wrong gender felt by female-to-male transsexual Buck Angel. But as the trans community role model tells DONALD CLARKE , he has also been fortunate enough to live as the person he wanted to be

ECHR agreed to examine north gay ban case
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has agreed to examine a legal challenge against Turkey for the north’s continued failure to repeal a law banning homosexuality.

Guidelines for medical workers in their work with LGBT persons - MNE version
Within the program of promotion and protection of human rights and with the aim to improve the quality of services for LGBT persons, with a special emphasis on the very process of service provision, Juventas created a set of guidelines for professionals in the area of health and rights i.e. medical workers, psychologists, legal practitioners (judges, prosecutors) and police officers.

The Dark Side of Lebanon’s Antiquated Sex Laws
Rectal exams to prove homosexuality have been condemned by doctors, lawyers, and judges, yet are still administered by the Lebanese authorities. The procedure has come back to light after the recent Plaza Cinema incident in which 36 men were arrested under suspicion of homosexuality and subjected to the ordeal at a police station.

First Gay Pride Parade Sign Of Changing Times In Vietnam
Coming out to her parents was one of the hardest things she's ever done, says Hoang Ngan, 26. Her father is the eldest son in his family and has no sons himself to continue the family line in the strongly patriarchal society.

Transwoman allegedly beaten-up by police in Australia
New South Wales police launch internal investigation after police barge into the home of a transwoman after she was talking to a confidential helpline
New South Wales police have launched an internal investigation after allegations that four officers assaulted a transgender woman in her apartment in April.
Police accused of assaulting transgender woman

[New Zealand]
Councillor adds to complaints about booklet
An Auckland councillor has joined a number of members and allies of the trans community in complaining to the Human Rights Commission about a “discriminatory” booklet on prostitution in South Auckland.

[New Zealand]
Mama Tere Strickland mourned by friends
Tributes are rolling in for "Mama" Tere Strickland, who died this afternoon in Auckland after a suspected heart attack.

Trans community calls for discrimination protection in B.C.
Leaders of Vancouver’s LGBTQ community are pushing Victoria to explicitly protect transgender people in the province’s human rights code.
NDP promises protection for transgendered people

Jenna Talackova dishes on posing nude for PETA and role model duties
From “wild child” to equality rights poster girl, Jenna Talackova is taking on her new responsibility with pride.
The transgender beauty queen made international headlines after she was booted out of the Miss Universe Canada pageant earlier this year for not being “naturally born female.”

Celebrity's gender change expected to fuel confusion
With a popular film director making headlines for changing genders, a California pro-family leader expects Hollywood will try to convince others that they will be happier if they do likewise.

Defining Domestic Violence Among Gay and Bisexual Men and the Link to HIV
Gay and bisexual men who experienced domestic violence were twice as likely to not use condoms during their last sexual encounter, according to research based out of Atlanta and presented Friday, July 27, at the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in Washington, DC. What’s more, the research claims to provide for the first time a definition of domestic violence that is specific to gay and bisexual men, and this definition does include HIV-related violence.

Transgender Warrior: The story of Birmingham’s Jody Suzanne Ford
Lou Reed made it seem easy. His 1972 “Walk on the Wild Side” pulled gender conversion out of the closet, on to the open road:
Holly came from Miami, Fla.,
Hitchhiked her way across the U.S.A.,
Plucked her eyebrows on the way,
Shaved her legs and then he was a she.
Because Holly was a glam-rock myth, Reed didn’t cover the reality of sex change. Holly went from Miami to New York. In places like Birmingham, going from a he to a she meant more than shaving legs.

Composite sketch released in transgendered man's death
Baltimore homicide investigators released a composite sketch on Thursday of a man wanted in connection with a transgendered person's death.
Lance Johnson, 40, better known as Tracy, was found dead on July 5 in the 2300 block of North Eutaw Place in the city's Hill neighborhood.

Voter-ID trial puts trans, elderly constituents on stand
The showdown over Pennsylvania’s new voter-identification law made it to court last week.
A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court trial began July 25 in the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania suit against the state over the new measure, which will require voters to present state-issued ID at the polls starting this November. The trial is expected to last through the end of this week.

The Story of Team Desiree
We were proud to include musical prodigy Desiree Hines in our “New Who’s Who” last fall. Not only is Hines breaking boundaries as a transgender African-American classical organist in America, but she’s a truly talented force who’s been spending the last year in a rigorous music program at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Grupo LGBT reparte boletín con testimonios sobre la UMAP
El Observatorio Cubano de los Derechos LGBT (OBCUD LGBT) ya está distribuyendo en la capital cubana el boletín “Verdad y Memoria”, como parte de la campaña para reivindicar los derechos de los homosexuales que inició la Plataforma Cubana LGBT (LGBT) el pasado 20 de julio y que se extenderá hasta diciembre de 2012.

Alianza GLBTI lamenta comentario de Rafael Correa cuando criticaba insulto homofóbico
La Alianza GLBTI lamentó los comentarios del presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa vertidos durante el último enlace del sábado, cuando criticaba un insulto homofóbico en una noticia publicada en la versión online de El Comercio.
Carta de los grupos GLBT al presidente Rafael Correa

No arranca en forma la Política Pública LGBTI de Medellín
Debido a las críticas que se han conocido por la demora en la implementación de la política pública LGBTI, y que tiene a los activistas con los pelos de punta y a la comunidad desinformada sobre su contenido, el Concejo de Medellín decidió echarle una mirada a este tema de interés para las diversidades sexuales y de género, y citó a una Comisión accidental el martes pasado.

Fundación Iguales adhiere a campaña internacional por la despatologización de las identidades trans
Fundación =Iguales, a través de su Comisión Trans, se acaba de sumar a la campaña internacional Stop Trans Pathologization que tiene como objetivo fundamental que se retire el denominado “trastorno de identidad de género” de los manuales internacionales de psiquiatría, especialmente DSM-V de la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatría (2013) y CIE-11 de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (2015).

Salud inauguró el 2° consultorio para la diversidad sexual
Funcionarios del Ministerio de Salud pusieron oficialmente en funcionamiento este consultorio en el Centro de Adiestramiento René Favaloro. Este se suma al que ya se encuentra atendiendo en el Hospital Dr. Guillermo Rawson.