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sábado, julho 28, 2012

Activists protest Olympic ‘gender police’ over sex tests
International LGBTI activists say the new policy for testing if female athletes are ‘real women’ is ‘unscientific, discriminatory and ineffective’
[Commentary] Tale of two runners exposes flawed Olympic thinking
[Commentary] Rip up new Olympic sex test rules
[Commentary] DailyLife: “Are you female enough for the Olympics?”
[Commentary] New Scientist: “Rip up new Olympic sex test rules”
[Commentary] Petition the IOC on sex testing of women athletes

Homossexual tem casa invadida e é executado no bairro de Mandacaru
Um homossexual conhecido como ‘Bia’ foi assassinado a tiros dentro de casa na Avenida Iaiá Paiva, no bairro de Mandacaru, em João Pessoa. O homicídio ocorreu na madrugada desta segunda-feira (23).

Roberta Close ou Ariadna podem ser juradas do Miss Bumbum 2012
Roberta Close ou a ex-BBB Ariadna podem vir a ser juradas do Miss Bumbum 2012, que acontecerá em novembro, em São Paulo.

Organizaciones sociales andaluzas exigen al Gobierno central reponer la financiación a la dependencia a niveles de 2010
El Defensor del Pueblo Andaluz en funciones, José Chamizo, se ha reunido con las organizaciones sociales que conforman la Plataforma 'Compromiso Social por el Progreso', la cual le ha hecho entrega de un manifiesto en defensa del Sistema de Promoción de la Autonomía Personal y Atención a la Dependencia (SAAD), en el que señalan que "es necesario garantizar la sostenibilidad y la suficiencia financiera del Sistema como un servicio social de interés general", para lo que exigen que "se reponga la financiación, al menos al nivel de 2010".

Forthcoming events of interest to transgender people, their families and the professionals who care for them

Model of transgender in Liverpool
A project is being launched in Liverpool today to research, explore and document the experiences of transgendered people in Britain over the past 70 years. It focusses on the incredible life of model, actress and transsexual April Ashley from the city.

TGEU Council Scholarships for Irish Residents
TENI is pleased to announce we will be offering a limited number of full and partial scholarships to trans people or allies from across Ireland to participate in the 4th European Transgender Council.

U.S. ban unites global sex workers at Indian festival
U.S. bans sex workers from attending AIDS conference
Sex workers stage summit to highlight discrimination
Thousands demand rights and decriminalisation of sex work
Research on Gay Men and Transgender People You WON'T See at AIDS 2012

Medicare Coverage and Gender Reassignment Surgery
The concern that gender reassignment surgery is not fully covered by Medicare has been in the spotlight over the last month, following a Queensland trans* woman’s threat to perform her own surgery in desperation and protest at the current cost.

DOJ Standards Protect Transgender Inmates from Rape and Abuse
In May, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) released landmark National Standards to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape. The announcement was met with little fanfare. But for the transgender community, who will directly benefit from these critical provisions, the announcement was hailed as a victory.
Ending Prison Rape: A New Resource for Transgender People

NCTE attorney, named among best LGBT lawyers, talks transgender issues
For the past three years, The National LGBT Bar Association has selected the best LGBT lawyers under the age of 40. This year’s list includes Harper Jean Tobin, the National Center for Transgender Equality’s Policy Counsel.

New Regulation Allows Easier Change on License Gender Marker
A new regulation is set to take effect in August that would allow transgender Alaskans to change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses and identification cards.
Regulations will allow change in sex on driver's license
Transgender Alaskans can change sex on licenses easier under new DMV rule
Alaska Lt. Governor Files Regulation For Changing Driver’s Licenses

Transgender Dispute on Downtown L.A. Street Ends in Stabbing
While the details of the duo involved in last night's stabbing might sound redundant, the incident that occurred Wednesday night in Downtown Los Angeles is not.
Fight among transgenders leads to stabbing in downtown L.A.
Transgender Man Attacked Overnight In Downtown

New Latina Transgender Organization Already Subject To Death Threats
A new Latina transgender organization is embracing its mission to serve as a haven for community members seeking to escape violence, in spite of a death threat received last week. We warn you that some of the language is violent.

Fake Fla. doctor charged in patient’s death, accused of botching buttocks enhancement
A South Florida woman posing as a doctor has been charged with manslaughter after authorities say she pumped unknown substances into a patient’s buttocks during enhancement surgery.
Fake Fix-a-Flat nurse arrested, charged with manslaughter for Broward client’s death
Butt injection suspect arrested on manslaughter charge
Transwoman charged with death via buttock injections

‘Black Madam’ charged with murder
The transgender woman accused of giving illegal silicone injections was this week charged with murder in connection with the death of a British tourist last year.

Voter ID pressure intensifies
With the fall general election inching closer, activists are ramping up efforts to oppose Pennsylvania’s new voter-identification law.
Passed in the spring, the law requires all voters to possess an approved form of photo identification, a Republican-led initiative that critics argue was created to cut the number of eligible Democratic voters.

After gay teen’s suicide, El Paso ISD board adds LGBT protections
A unanimous decision to add gender identity and perceived sexuality to the El Paso Independent School District’s nondiscrimination policy brought tears and hope Tuesday.