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sábado, julho 21, 2012

Desmond Tutu: Anti-gay laws ‘as wrong as apartheid’
Archbishop Desmond Tutu has called for the global decriminalisation of homosexuality to aid the fight against HIV, comparing anti-gay laws to racial segregation in his home country of South Africa.

Colombian transexual denied asylum in Spain
The Spanish National Court claims the asylum petition is only meant to avoid deportation

Admission and treatment of transgender persons Montenegrin health department will do be faster, more confidential and more quality
Deputy Minister of Health’s Primarius Dr Mensud Grbovic hosted today at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, in the presence of LGBT Forum Progress, the first two transgender people who will access the adjustment of their sex to their gender.

Upwards 70 people fined for promoting homosexuality in St. Petersburg
Some 73 people have been fined for promoting homosexuality among the underaged, Interior Ministry for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region head Sergei Umnov said on Friday.

Liberian Senate votes to ban gay marriage in constitution
The Liberian Senate on Friday voted unanimously to approve a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage between gay couples.
While homosexuality is considered taboo in Liberia, and 'voluntary sodomy' considered a criminal offence, the question of gay marriage had not been expressly addressed in law.
The amendment was made to section 2.3 of the constitution, which bans marriage between people who are already wedded to others and between close family members.

Nigerian Gay Rights Activists Call for Dignity, Acceptance
Nigeria is a dangerous place to be gay. Activists say homosexuals are hunted, threatened and ostracized. Last year, a bill passed through both the Nigerian house and the senate that would punish homosexuality, or even supporting gay rights, with up to 14 years in prison. The bill has yet to be signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan. Despite the dangers in Nigeria, a handful of activists operate publicly in the hope that eventually more people will come out and demand equal rights.

[South Africa]
Semenya To Carry South African Flag During Olympic Opening Ceremony
When the 2012 Summer Olympic Games kick off on July 27, one of the parts of the ceremony I look forward to is the Parade of Nations and which athletes have been given the honor of carrying their nation's flag into the Olympic Stadium.
Caster Semenya chosen as South Africa’s Olympic flag bearer
Semenya to Carry South Africa’s Flag at Olympics

Hers is a fight for rights of third gender
"Death of parents hurt all children equally, irrespective of their gender. But there could be no match to the pain of a child who learns about father's death after 10 years when you know that you can't get the last glimpse nor could you touch him.

Multimedia News: Graying transgenders find shelter amid prejudice
It is only a small pink house in the middle of a quiet, secluded neighborhood in Depok, West Java. However, the house, currently under partial renovation, may well be the future haven for graying transgenders rejected by society.

Canada’s New StarCraft II Champion Proves It Isn’t Who You Are, But What You Can Do
Last weekend played host to the Canadian leg of the StarCraft II World Championship Series, and Blizzard’s outrageously popular real-time strategy game has a new champion: Team Acer’s Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn.

Why The Butterfly To Represent Trans People?
As you've seen on these electronic pages, you've seen the trans flag, the trans symbol and the trans symbol with a butterfly flying from or near it So what's the meaning of the butterfly and its connection to the trans community?

Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Trans Discrimination: New Analysis from the National Trans Discrimination Survey
Today, NCTE, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) released new analysis on Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander (API) trans people, a supplement to the groundbreaking National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

Police Practices Fuel HIV Epidemic
Police in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and San Francisco are confiscating condoms from sex workers and transgender women, undermining health department campaigns to reduce HIV, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

Transgender candidate in Orange County
On a day many people would just stay inside, Gina Duncan dodges storms and puddles to accomplish her mission -- winning election to the Orange County Commission.

Huffs and puffs! Judge tells transsexual smoker heiress to clean up act
A reclusive transsexual heiress once convicted of beating her millionaire mom is in trouble for stinking up the famed El Dorado on Central Park West with her secondhand cigarette smoke.
El Dorado co-op wants to evict 'smoking' trust-fund transsexual stinking up swank CPW complex

'Drag Queen' boricua salva festival gay en El Bronx
Aunque Appolonia Cruz cambió El Bronx por Miami a los 20 años, la 'drag queen' boricua nunca se desligó de su vecindario. Una década después, establecida de nuevo en la ciudad y convertida en celebridad, ese vínculo está más vivo que nunca a la hora de salvar el festival gay Bronx Pride.

Concientizará población transgénero sobre el VIH
Con objeto de eliminar los estigmas hacia la población transgénero y transexual con respecto a las infecciones del VIH/SIDA, la asociación civil PRODIANA AC, integrada por mujeres y hombres transexuales y transgéneros, iniciará el fin de semana una campaña permanente de información y concienciación en el Sistema de Transporte Colectivo (STC) Metro.

More homophobic attacks in Chile despite new hate crime law
A 16 year old girl has been stabbed by her girlfriend’s relatives and a gay man has had his teeth knocked out in homophobic attacks only days after Chile signed new hate crimes legislation into law

Organizaciones de Transexuales acompañan a joven lesbiana agredida en constatación de lesiones
Hasta el Servicio Médico Legal de Concepción llegaron organizaciones de transexuales por la dignidad de la diversidad para apoyar a Valeska Salazar, la joven que fue brutalmente agredida en la comuna de Santa Juana.