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quarta-feira, julho 18, 2012

La Audiencia Nacional rechaza la petición de asilo de una persona transexual colombiana amenazada en su localidad de origen
Según recoge Diario de Cádiz, la Audiencia Nacional ha denegado el derecho de asilo una persona transexual de origen colombiano que solicitó la protección del estado español. El Diario de Cádiz se refiere a la persona como “un transexual” sin especificar su identidad de género, aunque intuímos que se trata de una mujer dada la reiterada tendencia de los medios a referirse en masculino a las mujeres transexuales.
Denegado el asilo a un colombiano que alegó que es transexual

We let our daughter become a boy at the age of four
A mum and dad told last night of their astonishing decision to let their little GIRL start to live as a BOY from the age of just four.

New Hungarian Criminal Code sanctions homophobic and transphobic hate
The President of Hungary signed the new Hungarian Criminal Code on July 13, 2012, which specifically includes references to sexual orientation and gender identity in its provisions on hate speech and hate crime and does away with degrading terminology on same-sex sexual relations. The law will enter into force on July 1, 2013.

Guyanese Muslims to resist decriminalizing Homosexual laws
The Muslim Community will continue to resist any decriminalization of homosexual laws and practices locally.
This is according to President of the Central Islamic Organization (CIOG) Fazal Feroze, which represents a large section of the Guyanese Muslim population.

Starcraft 2: Transgender gamer quietly wins, in more ways than one
The number of top Starcraft 2 professional gamers Sasha "Scarlett" Hostyn has defeated continues to grow, adding fan favorites like HuK, Drewbie and Ostojiy to the list. Last April, at the IGN Pro League season four, Scarlett also managed to beat several top Korean players, asserting her dominance even further.
But in an industry typically characterized as sexist or hyper-masculine, Scarlett has had to overcome more than just top Koreans to assert herself as a legitimate professional gamer.

Transsexual beauty queen Jenna Talackova named Vancouver Pride Parade grand marshal
Vancouver-born transgender beauty queen and Miss Universe contestant Jenna Talackova will be one of the grand marshals of the 2012 Vancouver Pride Parade.
Talackova gained notoriety earlier this year when she was initially barred from competing in the Miss Universe Canada pageant because she was born a man.
Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova named Vancouver Pride Parade grand marshal
Transgendered Jenna Talackova, would-be Miss Universe, to helm Vancouver’s Pride Parade
Trans Miss Universe finalist to lead Vancouver pride parade

Some Capital Health bathroom stalls get transgender symbol
The familiar stick figures remain, so as not to confuse anyone used to looking for them to point the way to a washroom.
But now Capital Health has added a third figure to the signs on some of its single-stall bathrooms in Halifax to represent transgender people, in a move designed to signal a welcoming environment to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

No drugs for transgender prisoner
A transgender prisoner at Ipswich has lost an anti-discrimination case he lodged after being refused access to female hormone drugs.
Killer refused HRT after losing appeal
Granny killer Derek Sinden loses discrimination case after he was refused access to female hormones

Hearing Delayed In Oceanside Murder Case
A preliminary hearing set for Monday was rescheduled to Sept. 18 for a man accused of fatally beating a transgender woman in her Oceanside home in January.

‘Stop SB 48’ coalition admits failure in bid to overturn California FAIR Education Act
Anti-gay groups on Monday night said they have failed to gather enough signatures to force a November referendum to nix the FAIR Education Act (SB 48), California’s law that requires public schools to integrate age-appropriate and factual information about historical roles of LGBT people, people with disabilities and people of color into existing social science instruction.
Effort to undo California gay history law fails
Attempts to undo California gay history law fail again

Meggan Sommerville, 'Trans Girl at the Cross,' Talks Growing Up Transgender, Transitioning, and Changing Minds
I haven't had the opportunity to get to know many people from the transgender community. The concept and reality of it is definitely something I want to learn more about. I feel lucky that I've met Meggan. I feel even luckier that she has discussed with me her personal experiences, and deeply personal ones at that. She has given me a most revealing and valuable insight into her life and her experiences. I'm grateful for my learning experience, and for that I thank Meggan. Her cooperation and honesty have made this blog possible.

‘Hate group’ leader preaches against anti-discrimination law in Missouri
Scott Lively, a noted anti-LGBT extremist and the head of the Massachusetts-based Abiding Truth Ministries — a group listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group — told an audience of 70 people on Friday night that a culture war is currently being waged between those fighting for sexual anarchy and those fighting for family values.
Lively urges fight against Springfield's anti-discrimination proposal"Preacher" Travels Across the Nation for Hate
Opponents of ordinance protecting gays' civil rights speak out

Report: Transgender woman threatened with crowbar after refusing sex
Officers arrested a Chapin man after he threatened another man, who lives the lifestyle of a woman, with a crowbar, sheriff’s deputies say.
According to a Lexington County Sheriff’s Department incident report, on July 8, officers responded to Sandbar Road in Chapin for a civil dispute involving a weapon.

Disidentes organizan campaña nacional por los derechos LGBT
Una campaña nacional con el objetivo de contribuir a la reivindicación de los derechos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgéneros (LGBT) se llevará a cabo desde el 20 de julio y hasta el 10 de diciembre de 2012.

Diversidad sexual a merced de asesinos en Tepic
*No hay una Ley en el Estado que proteja a este sector específicamente, por lo que es necesario crear herramientas que permitan su protección, aseguró el Diputado Serrano

[El Salvador]
New Report Details Abuse and Discrimination Against LGBT Community in El Salvador
A police officer in El Salvador raped a young woman. When the victim, a transgender woman named Karla, went to report the crime, the police told her that such an incident was “impossible,” and no investigation was conducted.

Tras ocho meses de mora judicial, María Pía Ceballos obtiene finalmente su nuevo DNI
María Pía Ceballos, la joven transexual salteña que solicitó y obtuvo el reconocimiento administrativo a su derecho de identidad de género mucho antes de que fuera aprobada la ley nacional 26.743, consiguió finalmente hoy su nuevo Documento Nacional de Identidad en el que figura ya como mujer.
Primer DNI sin la intervención de la Justicia

La Patagonia argentina crece en propuestas para el segmento LGBT
En América Latina, Buenos Aires se constituye actualmente como el primer destino que el segmento LGBT elige al momento de unas merecidas vacaciones. Las últimas cifras registradas estiman que la capital argentina desplazó a Río de Janeiro por sofisticación de propuestas, accesibilidad económica, seguridad y oferta cultural. En ese marco de crecimiento, la Patagonia se posicionó en el interior del país suramericano como el atractivo complementario para el turismo de aventura, contemplativo y ecológico.