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segunda-feira, julho 16, 2012

Una propuesta de nueva clasificación para el próximo Manual de Enfermedades CIE-11 que publicará la Organización Mundial de la Salud, es la que hace la Campaña Mundial Alto a la patologización de la Identidades Trans STP 2012, destinada a la eliminación de la transexualidad y el travestimo como patologías de la sección de trastornos mentales de este manual.
Reflexões sobre despatologização trans e direitos de saúde

Russian gay rights campaigners appeal to European court over Pride bans
Gay rights activists in Russia have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights after being banned from holding Pride marches in St Petersburg.
St. Petersburg Gay Activists Appeal to Strasbourg Court

Meena Saraswathi Seshu: Flawed Laws and Policies Will Not Right Our Wrongs
Just two months back, I marched with hundreds of sex workers in India to demand justice for Anu Mokal. Anu, a sex worker, was picked up by the police at a bus stop one evening, charged with ‘soliciting’ customers at the bus stand, abused and beaten up. As a consequence, Anu, who was then four months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage.

Doubts raised over boxer's gender
A female boxer from Thailand recorded "highly suspicious" levels of testosterone before a world title fight in Melbourne on Friday night, again plunging the sport into controversy.
[Commentary] Herald: “Doubts raised over boxer’s gender”

Changing of the guard
For two years, Michael Hamelin has supervised inmates at Kingston Penitentiary. Starting next week, Michelle Hamelin will take over the job. Same person, different gender. As LINDY MECHEFSKE reports, in a place full of hardened criminals, it’s an exceptionally brave transformation.

New study confirms 40 percent of homeless youth are gay
Family rejection the leading cause of LGBT youth homelessness

Scott Lively Says Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Aids Gay Agenda
Scott Lively on Friday argued against a proposed gay protections ordinance to be debated next month in Springfield, Missouri.

[OH, USA] [Commentary]
I became a female, but the State of Ohio won't let me say so: Eunice Tiptree
So this is what I paid for. I opened the envelope from the Ohio Department of Vital Statistics unveiling my new identity, a fresh birth certificate bearing my new name, Eunice Tiptree, followed by my same old (I won't say how old) birth date, followed by the letter "M." Eunice Tiptree, male.

Tulsa World writer honored for 'Becoming Katie' series
A Tulsa World series on a local transgender teenager has been honored in two national journalism competitions.

Bermudan Government says it will protect gays from discrimination
Bermuda's Families Minister has moved a motion in favor of outlawing discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, but the Opposition has called on the Government to 'get on with it' and table a bill

Este jueves se promulgó la Ley Antidiscriminación. Aunque se ha presentado como una reacción de todo Chile al horrible homicidio de Daniel Zamudio, los cierto es que el proyecto existía hace años y que muchas organizaciones sociales presionaban para que se diera este paso. Los que se sumaron tarde (y en realidad solo reaccionaron frente al crimen de Zamudio) fueron las autoridades que, en opinión de los abogados Jorge Contesse y Domingo Lovera, han promulgado una ley que presenta muchas dudas. Entre ellas: que pese a su título (“establece medidas contra la discriminación”), no fija ninguna medida concreta, sino que apela a vagas directrices para combatir la discriminación.