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segunda-feira, julho 09, 2012

Life for killers who kept transvestite’s body in a suitcase
Two drug addicts who murdered a transvestite then stashed his body in a suitcase have been jailed for life. Tracy Hurrell and David Hardman must each serve at least 23 years behind bars before they are considered for release. The Big Issue sellers beat and stabbed their ‘friend’ Lionel Morl then let his body decompose for weeks in their flat.

Katrina tells of incomplete sex swap op agony
Trapped in a man’s body, Katrina Harte fought for six years to be transformed into a woman.
But now the 49-year-old is battling health bosses, claiming they have only done half the sex swap op and left her living in limbo.

Man Acquitted of Attempted Rape Because His Victim Was Transgendered
This week a Swedish judge acquitted a man who attempted to rape a transgender victim. The perpetrator, who attacked a transgender woman outside of her apartment complex, stated that he believed his victim was a woman. After he pulled off her clothes and grabbed her crotch, the attacker discovered male genitalia. The victim and her ex-partner were able to pull the man off of her before police came to arrest him.
[Commentary] Open Season on Pre-op Transwomen in Sweden

Police arrest 8 gay rights activists in St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg police arrested eight gay rights activists today as they protested strict laws banning “homosexual propaganda” in the Russian city.
Eight gay rights campaigners arrested in St Petersburg

Striking a blow for transgenders
Over the past week, 26-year-old Kaveri has been busy running office errands, submitting office documents to the High Court and tying up other loose ends at the office of B. Jayashree, theatre actor and Rajya Sabha member from Karnataka.
A transsexual woman, Ms. Kaveri is the first transgender to be appointed as a government employee in Karnataka. Earlier this year, the Karnataka High Court had created history by appointing a 27-year-old transgender, C. Anu, as a Group D employee at the High Court.

Transgender romance movie a hit in Bangladesh
“Common Gender”, Bangladesh’s first film dealing with transgender people, opened in just six cinemas two weeks ago but full houses have encouraged cinema owners to extend its run and screen it nationwide.
“We opted to release the movie only in six cinemas in the first week as it lacked big stars and some labelled it as an art-house movie,” said Enamul Karim, the film’s distributor.

Malaysian school children to be indoctrinated against being LGBT
Malaysia plans to warn all school children of the 'threats and dangers' of being LGBT in an effort to combat the growth of the LGBT community in the country

WATCH: Denver Sheriff's Department Launches Progressive Transgender Inmate Policy
The Denver Sheriff's Department has launched a new policy to aid transgender inmates, which will also save the city money.

U.S. Episcopalians move closer to allowing transgender ministers
The U.S. Episcopal Church's House of Bishops on Saturday approved a proposal that, if it survives a final vote, would give transgender men and women the right to become ministers in the church.

Harvard Picks First BGLTQ Director
Harvard has appointed Vanidy “Van” Bailey as the College’s first permanent director of bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer student life. Bailey, the assistant director for education at the University of California, San Diego, will assume the new position on July 16.