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domingo, julho 08, 2012

E o centro do Porto ficou cheio de cor
"Estamos uma vez mais na rua por todos nós, mas acima de tudo por todas e todos aqueles que ainda hoje, no século XXI, não podem estar aqui connosco."
Centenas de pessoas na Marcha do Orgulho Gay, no Porto

OEA condena assassinato de duas travestis no Brasil
A Comissão Interamericana de Direitos Humanos condenou dois assassinatos de travestis no Brasil e cobrou a investigação dos crimes para não abrir espaço à cultura de impunidade. O primeiro caso ocorreu em Curitiba e o segundo se deu em Bauru, no interior de São Paulo, ambos no final de junho.

Jailed: Drug addicts hid body of Manchester transsexual they killed in suitcase to steal benefits
Two Manchester drug addicts who tried to hide a transsexual man they killed in a suitcase in order to steal his benefits were sentenced to life in prison in today.
Pair who murdered woman and hid body in suitcase jailed

Swedish Man Cleared of Rape Charges Because Victim Was Transgender
A Swedish man was cleared of rape charges after a court ruled that the crime could not occur because the victim was male, the Swedish website the Local reported.
[Commentary] Swedish Judge Rules Man Not Guilty of Attempted Rape of Trans Woman Because She Has No Vagina

Ukraine Postpones Vote On 'Gay Gag Rule'
The Ukrainian Parliament on Friday canceled a scheduled vote on a bill which would ban citizens from speaking favorably about gay men and lesbians.

Amnesty urges St Petersburg to lift gay pride ban
Amnesty International says 'moment of truth' has come for Russian city to show world they respect human rights

Is love really blind? Female doctor weds nurse after sex change
Mamta and Dr Sushil Raj's love knows no boundaries, even those of gender.
The two girls tried to make their same-sex relationship socially acceptable with one of them undergoing a gender change operation. But altering sex did not change the hostile situation. They have now approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking protection.

Lady at last
Qian Jinfan has always known she was a girl. But, born biologically male, it took her until 84 to speak out about her dream.
Qian, a calligrapher, art critic and retired government official based in Foshan, Guangdong Province, who also calls herself by the female name, Yi Ling, has become China's oldest openly transgender individual.
"Many Chinese people are biased against 80-somethings. They think we're just waiting to die," she told the Global Times. "Now I am telling them my new life as a woman has just begun."
[Commentary] China and Transgender People

Trans Advocate Spotlight: Freedom Center for Social Justice
NCTE would like to highlight the Freedom Center for Social Justice as a part of our Trans Advocate Spotlight series.
While NCTE and other national groups have a lot of visibility, the lion’s share of the work of advancing equality and justice happens at the local and state levels – some of it involves public policy (the focus of our work), but there is so much more that needs to be done.

Title IX at 40: Protecting Students from Gender-Based Harassment
Meet Bobby Brugger, a mother who discovered that her 13-year-old daughter was being bullied and harassed while teachers passively watched. She armed herself with knowledge about Title IX, the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination—including sex- and gender-based harassment—in education. But when Bobby met with her daughter’s principal, “it became clear that he didn’t really know much about Title IX and didn’t understand what his legal obligations were.” She said that “just bringing up Title IX got the principal’s attention.”

Transgender Woman Sues D.C. Police; Claims Harassment While Jailed With Men
A Washington, D.C., transgender woman is suing the Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Marshals Service, saying she was improperly housed with male inmates after being arrested in 2009.

En los tacos de un transformista
Su nombre es Jason Carrión, pero tras unas cuatro horas, en las que con maquillaje, tacos y extensiones de cabellos, se convierte en April Carrión.
Imposible vivir del transformismo en Puerto Rico
“Ni demonios, ni desajustados mentales”

Cambio a mujer que nunca termina
El proceso de cambiarse de hombre a mujer nunca culmina declara la transexual Ivana Fred Millán

La CIDH condena asesinato de transexual en México
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) condenó hoy el asesinato de un transexual, cuyo cuerpo fue encontrado a las afueras de la localidad mexicana de Bellavista y es el segundo registrado en el estado de Nayarit en junio.
CIDH condena asesinato de mujer trans en México
IACHR Condemns Murder of Trans Woman in Mexico

Incidentes durante plantón de la comunidad GLBTI contra la discriminación
Un grupo de diez guardias metropolitanos desalojó, a las 17:45 de este viernes, a miembros de varias organizaciones que integran la comunidad Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales, Transgénero e Intersexo (GLBTI) de Guayaquil, que realizaban un plantón contra la discriminación.
Ecuadorian police use force to break up anti-homophobia rally in Quito
Desalojan plantón fuera de iglesia
Protesta contra la homofobia fue paralizada porque no tenía permiso