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segunda-feira, julho 02, 2012

«Marcha das Galdérias» foi do Camões ao Martim Moniz
A segunda «Marcha das Galdérias» em Portugal realizou-se neste domingo com algumas dezenas de pessoas a percorrerem as ruas de Lisboa entre o Largo de Camões e o Martim Moniz numa ação contra as violações e pelo direito a cada um vestir o que entender.
Slutwalk: marchar pelo direito à sensualidade
Slutwalk: A Marcha das Vadias de volta à capital
"Marcha das Galdérias" junta dezenas em Lisboa
Dezenas de pessoas desfilaram contra o machismo e a intolerância
Portugal prepares to walk the ‘SlutWalk’
As galdérias (também) marcham
«Galdérias» voltam a sair à rua em Lisboa e Porto
Galdérias marcham em Lisboa e no Porto

Gay Pride day parade promotes full equality for LGBT in Paris
The Gay Pride day parade in Paris, the biggest political event in France with over half a million participants, promotes equal rights for (LGBT), lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual individuals.

Bidhan Barua accuses navy man of raping him
Bidhan Barua's troubles seem unending. The 21-year-old from Guwahati had to brave a lot of storm, including regular beatings and humiliation from his parents, to finally get the nod from the Bombay High Court to undergo a sex change as he feels that he is a woman trapped in a man's body.
Bidhan had wanted to undergo the operation because he harboured dreams of marrying a flight lieutenant of the Indian Air Force, whom he had met in Guwahati, and had fallen in love.
But barely months after it seemed Bidhan, finally, had his life sorted out comes the news of him approaching the Mumbai Police to file a rape case against his 'fiance', a defence personnel.

Changing gender not easy for local resident
Choosing the right dress, one that accentuates beauty and instills confidence, can be a challenge for some women.
Christina Nicole Batie has sought out that perfect dress, preferably silver, but instead of slipping into a size 13 in a department store’s dressing room, Batie eyeballs the outfit, holds it up, feels the fabric and makes a calculated guess.

Transsexuals have few legal remedies
Laws from the federal level down to the city of Lafayette do little to protect employment, housing and health rights of transsexuals.
That’s a main reason trans people have not gained as much momentum in achieving popular support, because many are scared to go public with who they are, said Vivian Benge, a member of Indiana Equality Board in Indianapolis.
Groups offer transsexual support, information

Gender identity protections become law in Massachusetts July 1
On November 23, 2011, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law H3810, An Act Relative to Gender Identity. This law adds “gender identity” as a protected characteristic to Massachusetts’ employment, housing, credit and public education anti-discrimination laws and to Massachusetts’ hate crimes law. All of these laws also protect several other characteristics, including sexual orientation, disability, sex, age, race, ancestry and religion, but this publication focuses on the transgender protections that H3810 provides. The law goes into effect on July 1, 2012.