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sábado, junho 23, 2012

Realiza-se hoje, 23 de Junho, a 13ª Marcha do Orgulho LGBT, organizada por um conjunto de associações e colectivos, com o objectivo de celebrar e promover a igualdade de direitos e contribuir para a eliminação de preconceitos e discriminação negativa das pessoas LGBT (lésbicas, gays, bissexuais e transgénero).

Este ano é organizada pela AMPLOS, APF, ATTAC Portugal, Clube Safo, GAIA, GAT, Grupo Transexual Portugal, ILGA Portugal, Janela Indiscreta, Médicos pela Escolha, não te prives, Opus Gay, Panteras Rosa, PolyPortugal, Precários Inflexíveis, rede ex aequo, Rumos Novos, Solidariedade Imigrante, SOS Racismo, UMAR, e UGT. Estas organizações, de diversos âmbitos, pretendem reforçar o compromisso da sociedade civil em prol da eliminação de todas as formas de discriminação com base na orientação sexual e na identidade de género e da sensibilização para uma mudança social e cultural na sociedade.

Algumas das mudanças necessárias encontram-se espelhadas no manifesto deste ano que pode ser lido em:

A Marcha terá início no Príncipe Real, às 17h00, seguindo pelo Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara e Chiado, e terminando na Praça da Figueira.

Novo método de depilação promete menos dor. Conheça
Novo método de depilação promete resultados mais duradouros e menos doloridos

Alessia Barbosa é a estrela da Paulista com Augusta
Vem conhecer Alessia Barbosa, trans que anima a esquina da Paulista com Augusta

Valesca Popozuda posa nua em clima de protesto e diz não ao preconceito
Funkeira pega carona na Rio+20 e prega a libertação feminina: 'O corpo é meu e faço o que quiser com ele.'
Conheça as transexuais candidatas a dançarinas de Valesca Popozuda
Saiba quem são as transexuais que disputam uma vaga ao lado de Popozuda

Schools praised for labelling 4-year-olds ‘transgender’
School inspectors have praised primary schools for labelling children as young as four ‘transgender’ because they want to dress up as the opposite sex.

Malta extends hate crime laws to include gays
Campaigners welcome passing of new bill which sends 'strong message' to society about LGBT rights

LGBT rainbow flag will not flaunt on the wind
The rainbow flag will not be set in front or on the business building in which the official headquarters of the institution of the Protector of Human Rights and Freedoms of Montenegro (Ombudsman) is situated.

Gays hail Nepal move to liberalize ID cards
Hindu-majority Nepal said on Friday that it will start issuing identification cards with three categories for genders - a move hailed by gay activists, who said previous regulations had been discriminatory.

Transgender immigrant detainees face isolation in detention
The issue of prison rape is often belittled by standup comedians, but it’s really no laughing matter – especially if you’re a transgender woman locked up in an all-male facility.

Transgender Rights in the Workplace Are Still Unclear
It's illegal to fire employees because of their sex. But switching genders can still cost people their jobs.

Laura Jane Grace's Transgender Life: How Has It Affected Her Family?
'My wife has been my rock,' Against Me! frontwoman says, but adds her new life 'has completely ended' her relationship with her father.

Trans hammer thrower Keelin Godsey narrowly misses U.S. Olympic team
Transgender hammer thrower Keeling Godsey narrowly missed a spot on the U.S. Olympic team, finishing fifth in the Olympic Trials at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., today.
Track and Field: Bates grad just misses Olympic team
Godsey falls short at U.S. Olympic trials

District, D.C. police to form task force to tackle LGBT and hate-crime issues
D.C. police officials announced Thursday they will form a task force to evaluate the department’s investigation and reporting of hate crimes, and assess its outreach and partnerships with communities citywide.

District Releases Annual HIV Report
Mayor and other city officials tout progress, announce initiatives to move HIV-positive people beyond inconsistent care

Changing the rules
LBGT advocates want police policy on dealing with transgender people changed

HUD, IDHR partner to end housing discrimination against transgender people
The U.S. Department of Housing and the Illinois Department of Human Rights have teamed up to strengthen policies to protect LGBT people — especially transgender people — from housing discrimination, according to a joint-letter from IDHR Director Rocco Claps and HUD Assistant Secretary John Trasviña.

CeCe McDonald & the right to self-defense
Activists in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer liberation movement and allies all around the United States are spreading the word about the injustice facing CeCe McDonald in Minnesota. In cities large and small — including Syracuse, N.Y.; Santa Rosa, Calif.; Baltimore; Portland, Ore.; Detroit; Olympia, Wash.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Boston, among many others — demands for McDonald’s freedom have been raised at Pride marches and events. From signs and banners, T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Free CeCe,” to floats, graffiti and other creative expressions, McDonald’s case is generating publicity and solidarity, not just in the U.S. but in other countries as well.
CeCe McDonald inspires Dyke March and Trans March merger to create TransDykeQueer March 2012

Local music: Hip-hop in trans-lation
Minneapolis rapper Heidi Barton Stink hopes one day she won't have to explain transgenderism. But for now, she's doing it loudly.

Movie Review: “Trans”
Trans, the compelling new documentary to be released this year by SexSmart Films is currently available on pre-release DVD from

Tens of Thousands Silently Protest Excesses of Stop and Frisk
The NYPD’s practice of stopping and frisking virtually every African-American and Latino youth in the city, many several times annually — there were nearly 700,000 such stops last year alone — was finally protested on a mass scale on Father’s Day, June 17 in a mile-long silent march down Fifth Avenue from Harlem to Mayor Bloomberg’s mansion on 79th Street.

Court orders Sizzler to pay assault victim
A Forest Hills Sizzler has been ordered to pay $25,000 to a transgender woman after a court ruled that staff and diners had attacked her because of her sexual orientation during an incident in September 2010.

News Briefing (Records allegedly destroyed in transgender antibias case)
Attorneys for a transgender woman who’s suing her former employer for wrongful termination filed a motion last week alleging that the firm destroyed “highly relevant” records in the case.

Post-Mastectomy Woman Banned From Swimming Topless By Discriminatory Parks Dept.
The Seattle Parks and Recreation is refusing to let a breast cancer survivor swim topless in the city’s public pool–even though she has no breasts, she considers herself androgynous, and the city allows public nudity. It’s really a form of discrimination at its finest, proving once again, that our society is just overly obsessed with breasts–and doesn’t have a clue how to deal with women who don’t have them.