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terça-feira, junho 19, 2012

Homens atiram num grupo de travestis em Belém; uma vítima morreu
Na madrugada do último domingo (17) um grupo de travestis foi atacado a tiros em Belém. Elas estavam num ponto de prostituição da cidade quando dois homens numa moto passaram atirando.
Corpo de travesti continua no IML aguardando reconhecimento

Travesti é esfaqueada e internada em estado grave em Ourinhos, SP
“Leire”, 23 anos, moradora no Bairro do Jardim Santos Dumont, foi esfaqueada na madrugada deste domingo (17) em Ourinhos (SP). A travesti pegou carona com o motorista de um veículo verde até o bairro Águas do Eloy. Aparentemente sem motivos, o condutor a teria atacada com pelo menos seis facadas.
Travesti é esfaqueada ao pegar carona em Ourinhos, SP

[UK] [Commentary]
Bodily autonomy: confessions of a transsexual sex worker
When Channel 4 screened Ria: Diary of a Teen Transsexual last Tuesday I was prepared for ignorant comments. I didn’t predict though that criticism towards 17 year old Ria would focus so heavily on her sex work. I was invited to meet her as part of the documentary, to show her that there’s light at the end of the transsexual tunnel. When I learned she was turning tricks I rolled my eyes and said “Ooh you little scamp!”. I identified with her (infer away) and hoped she was safe, naturally, but it wasn’t really any of my, well… business.

Milind plays transgender in Aamhi Ka Teesare
The actor of rural masses, Milind Gavali, has worked and impressed the Marathi movie audience with his eye catching roles. He is all set to play the role of a transgender in 'Aamhi Ka Teesare'.

Indian film on transgenders bags six awards at LA Film Fest
The cast and crew of the Bollywood movie, 'Queens! Destiny of Dance', which focuses on the lives of transgenders, celebrated the success of their film, after it bagged the top slot in the international film category at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Sexual minorities NPO, hotline, bar open in Nagoya
A Nagoya resident with gender identity disorder has established a nonprofit group, hotline and dining bar in the city to support so-called sexual minorities and create an environment where they can interact.

S'pore entertainer Abigail hopes to find a man after makeover
After a sex change operation at 22 and living your life as a woman for the last 31 years, imagine being told you are not yet "a complete woman" and that you still behave like a man.

Australian study to understand transgender experiences
A new study at the University of Western Sydney is calling on participants for a survey to uncover ‘the experiences of transgender people in Australia’.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Issues of gender: The Saskatchewan response
All people have a gender identity. It's that personal concept of oneself as male or female or possibly both or neither. Gender identity is commonly believed to be set early in life (within the first three years).

[USA] [Commentary]
'And if I could have chosen': Trans singer confronts bigotry
News that a popular front-man is about to become a front-woman might not stir such intense buzz if we lived in a world that was truly sexually liberated.

Transition and Transcendence for a Father-Child Bond
Ellsworth "Nick" Rundlett IV was his father Derry's first-born son and best friend. Then at age 40, Nick came out as transgender. Nick is now Nicole, and openness and unconditional love have bonded father and child closer than ever.

Invitan a curso a favor de la inclusión y el respeto
El Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación (Conapred) iniciará el curso en línea “Diversidad sexual, inclusión y no discriminación”.

Atentado a Diana Marroquín Bayardo
La candidata Diana Laura Marroquín Bayardo, abanderada de Movimiento Ciudadano a la diputación federal por el distrito 04, sufrió un atentado al dirigirse a un mitin en San Bartolo Tutotepec.
Disparan al automóvil de una candidata transexual a diputada en México
Candidata transexual ingresará a casa de seguridad
Candidata transexual presenta denuncia por ataque

IACHR Condemns LGTBI Murder in Mexico
The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemns the killing of Antonio Calderón Peralta, an LGTBI person, in Guerrero, Mexico.

Se alista semana de orgullo gay
Como todos los años, la comunidad de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales, LGBTI se congregará, en Quito, alrededor de la celebración anual de la diversidad sexual, en la Semana del Orgullo LGBTI 2012, desde este sábado 23, hasta el 30 de junio.

Asesinan a dos travestis en Villa Nueva
Dos travestis fueron asesinados con disparos de armas de fuego ayer en un sector de Villa Nueva. Una de las víctimas fue identificada como William Geovanni Aguilar Pérez, de 20 años, mientras del otro sólo se comentó que se le conocía como Alison.

Proponen un cupo en el Estado para el empleo de personas trans
El diputado provincial Leandro Busatto presentó un proyecto para establecer que por lo menos el uno por ciento de los puestos de trabajo en la administración pública sean para esa minoría.