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segunda-feira, junho 11, 2012

Olympics struggle with ‘policing femininity’
There are female athletes who will be competing at the Olympic Games this summer after undergoing treatment to make them less masculine.
Still others are being secretly investigated for displaying overly manly characteristics, as sport’s highest medical officials attempt to quantify — and regulate — the hormonal difference between male and female athletes.

Investigation launched after mysterious death of transexual in Finsbury Park
A murder investigation has not been ruled out after a decomposing body was found in a flat in Finsbury Park.
Murder probe launched after discovery of decomposing body inside flat

Big Brother 2012: Wife So Proud Of Sex Change BB Star Luke Anderson
The wife of sex swap Big Brother star Luke Anderson last night revealed how they are planning a baby.

ILGA World Conference 2012: details announced and scholarship process now open
On behalf of the Board of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), and hosts RFSL, The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the XXVI ILGA World Conference to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, between the 10 and 16 December 2012.

Croatia’s Successful Gay Pride Points to Easing in Balkans
Riot police watched on as several hundred people, including some government ministers, marched unhindered through the Croatian town of Split on Saturday, many carrying flags and banners reading "Gay is OK" and "We are all equal."

Transitioning Africa celebrates with Argentinia
Transitioning Africa joins Argentina in celebrating the passage of the most progressive Gender identity law in history. The law gives self-identified trans people access to critical services without the need for medical intervention and provides for specific human rights protections. Argentina’s Senate passed the law on May 9th, with 55 votes in favour, one abstention and no votes against.

Kuwait continues campaign against LGBT people in the name of morality
At least ten teenagers have been arrested by the police in Kuwait for ‘satanic rituals’ as part of ‘morality’ campaigns, reports say, with LGBT people being targeted under the same umbrella of ‘vice’ and ‘immorality.’

Pakistan's tax dodgers pay up when the hijra calls
Transgender community in Karachi turns court recognition of 'special powers' from prostitution to tax collection
Pay up or face some friendly transexual persuasion

Trans Community Makes Slow Progress in Vietnam
The restaurant Thuy Linh sits by one of Saigon’s black, soupy canals at the edge of District Three. Though operating in an area already full of restaurants and cafes it doesn’t struggle for business.

[Australia] [Commentary]
OII Australia and OII Aotearoa release submission on the DSM-5 and SOC-7
OII Australia, together with OII Aotearoa/NZ, today released a submission [PDF] to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), regarding the draft Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition.
Star Observer, “Intersex fight for change”

[New Zealand]
Portrait of late diva Carmen up for auction
A Hamilton community radio station is auctioning a portrait of Carmen, donated by Melbourne-based but Hamilton-raised street artist ‘Ha Ha’, real name Regan Tamanui.

Sex-change surgery funding gets mixed reaction in Alberta
While some are celebrating the Alberta government's decision to reinstate funding for gender reassignment surgeries, official opposition leader Danielle Smith says it's not in line with the health care priorities of Albertans.
[Commentary] Reassessing health-care priorities
Pride attendee reacts to Smith's sex-change funding stance

Her darkest romance: Magnotta’s ex-girlfriend describes “very cold” relationship
They met as strangers for a threesome in a Toronto apartment, and Luka Magnotta took a liking to the transgendered girl his same age — so much so that the other guy stormed out, said he was going for a pack of smokes and never returned.

Trump sues Miss Pennsylvania for defamation
Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization are suing the former Miss Pennsylvania USA for saying that the pageant was rigged.
Miss Universe Organizer Says Pageant Is So Not Rigged

Bill to ban discrimination against LGBT jurors will likely die without a vote
The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee doesn’t plan to give a hearing to a bill that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in federal jury service, his spokesperson said this week.

San Fran’s Trans Law Center Wins EEOC-Mandated Workplace Protections
In a landmark ruling for transgender rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled last month that Title VII, the federal sex discrimination law, now protects employees who are discriminated against due to their gender identity.

American Apparel Unveils New T-Shirt Slogan for Pride
American Apparel's next T-shirt slogan is now being sold for Pride Month, following its popular "Legalize Gay" series.
American Apparel’s New Ad Campaign Stars A Transgender Model
Openly transgender model featured in new campaign for equality T-shirts

[Photo: Isis King]

ExxonMobil Turns Back on Gay Community
The battle for LGBT workplace equality rages on as politicians and activists ban together to convince the stragglers of "big business" to join the 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies already offering employment discrimination protection on the basis of sexual orientation. ExxonMobil will not be one of those companies.

Mariela Castro speaks in US on rights of women and gays
Mariela Castro Espín, director of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), invited to several events in San Francisco and New York in late May spoke on the gains made by women through the Cuban Revolution as well as the advances and challenges in combating discrimination and prejudice against homosexuals. Each of the events was a lively exchange, with audiences that included a range of political views.

Upbeat crowd turns out for PrideFest celebration
Organizers note that turnout could have been the largest the event has recorded.

Mixed Messages Outside Town Hall
Deputy mayor takes issue with DCTC activist's tweets, highlighting possible communication divide between city officials and activists

Max Reinhart, University of Georgia Professor, Charged With Prostitution Related To Transexual Escort Ad
A prominent University of Georgia professor has been arrested and charged with allegedly prostituting himself for $60 and for allegedly running a prostitution house, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
Cross-dressing professor speaks out about prostitution arrest
UGA professor charged with prostitution

Stonewall: Sylvia Rivera event focuses on transgender issues
Named after a Stonewall activist who fought for equality, the third annual Sylvia Rivera community event takes place June 30.
Details were still being finalized at press time, but the event will feature a panel discussion with local members of the transgender community, as well as socializing and food.

Where Will CeCe McDonald Serve Her Time? The Devil is in the Details
When I first heard that Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald—the 24-year-old black transwoman prosecuted for surviving a white supremacist and transphobic assault—would be housed as a man at the Minnesota state prison at St. Cloud, I felt panicked and pissed.

Transexuales latinas de Nueva York levantan su voz
La comunidad transgénero latina de Jackson Heights asegura sufrir abusos aún más graves por parte de la Policía de Nueva York mediante el "Stop and Frisk" (detención y cacheo) que el resto de colectivos perjudicados por esta práctica.

PrideFest focuses on bullying, transgender awareness
Growing up being told she was a little boy named Justin, but not looking or feeling like it, made her a target for bullying, Nikki Araguz told the crowd at Saturday's PrideFest San Antonio.

Cambiar de género en la cédula, un lío en Ecuador
Luis Benedicto fue el nombre que eligieron sus padres. Lo tuvo hasta el 2008, cuando lo cambió por Diane Marie. “En mi familia son muy católicos, pero yo siempre me sentí como una mujer atrapada en el cuerpo de un hombre”.

Cidh condenó el caso del transexual "Lulú" y pidió castigos
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (Cidh) se manifestó a través de un comunicado por el caso de "Lulú", el transexual que fue asesinado a tiros en la Avenida Libertador el domingo 03 de junio, y pidió al Estado una investigación y castigo a los responsables.
CIDH condena asesinato de mujer trans en Venezuela
CIDH urge a Venezuela a investigar asesinato de transexual

Transexuales de Chile lanzam campaña por una ley de identidad de género
Con la participación de más de 50 personas trans participantes de la Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad, se lanzó este domingo 10 de junio la campaña Suma-T por una Ley de Identidad de Género para Chile, bajo la consigna “IDENTIDAD, MI DERECHO”. El evento se llevó a cabo en una de las reuniones nacionales de esta agrupación en dependencias del Liceo Oscar Castro de la ciudad Rancagua. La campaña se enmarca dentro de las estrategias de la Organización de Transexuales para apoyar un proyecto de ley que considere puntos clave como son el reconocimiento del derecho a la Identidad de Género de todas personas y la despatologización de las identidades trans o que no se les discrimine con exigencias obligatorias de exámenes físicos o psiquíatricos a cambio del reconocimiento legal de su identidad.

Personas transexuales comienzan a recibir sus nuevos certificados de nacimiento
Silvana Daniela Sosa, Kalym Adrián Soria, Maiamar Abrodos, María Laura Alemán y Valeria del Mar Ramírez son las que "nacieron de nuevo".
Cinco personas trans recibieron por primera vez certificados con identidad autopercibida
El Registro Civil ya otorga los cambios automáticos de sexo

De la A a la X: ¿Un bachillerato para trans?
¿Un bachillerato para trans? Mucho más: el Mocha Celis es un espacio donde ser trans o ser travesti no significa un impedimento para terminar el secundario. Esta es la primera de una serie de crónicas que se meterá semana a semana en aulas, baños, apuntes y corazones