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sábado, junho 09, 2012

British gallery reveals new painting is early trans woman
The National Portrait Gallery has got the painting of the Chevalier d'Eon, a 18th-century 'cross-dresser'
Britain's first celebrity transvestite...Rare painting acquired by National Portrait Gallery
Like the chevalier, we are all cross-dressers now
Portrait mistaken for 18th-century lady is early painting of transvestite

Gay and transgender men enter British Big Brother house
Transgendered chef Luke Anderson and gay history student Scott Mason have joined reality TV show Big Brother for its 2012 season

Filme trans ganha a Queer Palm
Xavier Dolan, realizador-argumentista de 23 anos franco-canadiano, ganhou a terceira Palma Queer no Festival de Cinema de Cannes com o filme “Laurence Anyways”.

On ’100% Thai manliness’ and the reality of LBGT in Thailand
On Wednesday, a rather confusing headline made the rounds when a Thai actor told that the country’s Ministry of Culture (or as we call it here “ThaiMiniCult”) ordered TV executives to ensure that “100 per cent male” actors should not play transgender roles on TV. Naturally, such a bold statement caused at least befuddlement and at most outrage among many people, given their track record in the past especially when it comes to the bare naked truth of sexuality.

'Icon' bar at Intercon turns transgenders away
Five Filipino transgenders were barred from entering Icon Bar of Intercontinental Hotel Makati at 2:30 a.m. Friday. Santy Layno, Aiyah Mayer, Jazmine Ramona, Nadine Barcelona, and Amone Reyes were about to enter the bar when they were refused entrance by the manager, who only identified herself as "Heidi".

ACT sex and gender diverse group gets gov't funds
A Gender Agenda (AGA) has successfully obtained $200,000 worth of funding over three years as announced in the ACT Government’s latest budget.

Intersex fight for change
The Organisation for Intersex Australia (OII Australia) together with OII Aotearoa/NZ today released a submission to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), regarding the draft Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition.

Ontario passes pro-gay anti-bullying bill despite opposition from Catholic Church
The Canadian province of Ontario has passed a wide-ranging anti-bullying bill which mandates that students be allowed to form Gay-Straight Alliances in schools, including those run by the Catholic Church.

Transgender America's Next Top Model Catwalker Isis King Goes to Work on American Apparel Campaign
Isis King is proving she's an America's Next Top Model all-star indeed.

Miss Pennsylvania Quits Over Transgender Decision, Says Contest is Rigged
After the Miss Universe organization announced that the competition is open to transgender women, Miss Pennsylvania returned her crown, saying the contest is "rigged."
Pageant: Miss Pennsylvania gave up crown over transgender contestants
Anti-Trans Miss Pennsylvania USA Resigns

[Commentary] Trump Gives Former Miss PA Sheena Monnin a Second Chance

Army Regulation: Transgenders medically unfit
Ashley Ackley talks to CNN’s Kyra Phillips about why she is fighting Army Regulation 40-501 that sees transgenders as 'administratively unfit'.
A Brave Transition By A Minn. Soldier
Transgender War Veteran Pushes Army to Allow Her to Re-Enlist

Friends mourn Brandy Martell
Friends and co-workers gathered Friday, June 1 at the Oakland Peace Center for a memorial to Brandy Martell, a transgender woman who was murdered in downtown Oakland early in the morning on April 29.

Full Council Approves Beninda, Budd
Local activists become the first transgender members of the D.C. Human Rights Commission
Leslie Feinberg jailed for solidarity with Chrishaun McDonald
‘Free CeCe’ Graffiti Left on County Jail Building CeCe McDonald Was Held In

Transwoman CeCe McDonald sentenced
As Pride 2012 is being celebrated this June, bigotry and oppression against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals and communities — along with virulent racism — are alive and well across the United States.

VIDEO: 'If You're Not Bold, You'll Never Get Anywhere'
Every election is historic, but if Stacie Laughton wins a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives this fall, she'll make history.

LGBTQ New Yorkers facing increased violence
The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) recently released its report Hate Violence Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and HIV-Affected Communities in the United States in 2011. NCAVP collected data concerning hate violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and HIV-affected people (LGBTQH), from 16 anti-violence programs in 16 states across the country including from the New York City Anti-Violence Project (AVP), which coordinates NCAVP.

Gender-neutral bathrooms signal change for colleges
Colleges are often the place movements for social change start. Now, the transformation is coming to bathrooms.

Portland bank targeted over transgender case
A manager of the Wells Fargo bank at 5730 NE M.L. King Blvd., discovered a broken window and an unlit Molotov cocktail inside the building Wednesday morning.
An email sent to KGW took credit for the bomb. It read in part:
"This action has been committed in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, a trans woman of color who rightfully defended herself from assault and has been sentenced to 41 months in a men's prison, despite her gender and valid safety concerns, as transgendered women face high instances of physical and sexual assault in men's prisons."

In filing, University of Pittsburgh denies discriminating against transgender students
The University of Pittsburgh has filed a motion to dismiss a recent complaint that alleges that the university discriminates against transgender students is unsubstantiated.

CIDH condena asesinato de mujer trans en Venezuela
La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) condena el asesinato de Lulú, una mujer trans, en Caracas, Venezuela, y urge al Estado a investigar el crimen y sancionar a los responsables.