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quinta-feira, junho 07, 2012

Internship at ILGA-Europe
ILGA-Europe is seeking an intern for a two-month period to work with the staff team in Brussels. The internship opportunity is opened to individuals who are members or affiliated with ILGA-Europe’s member organisations. This is a paid internship.

Human Rights and Gender Identity Best Practice Catalogue
ILGA-Europe and TGEU are pleased to launch the Human Rights & Gender Identity Best Practice Catalogue

A fonoaudióloga das travestis
Denise Mallet é especializada em modulação da voz para o tom feminino e atende as pacientes que o sistema de saúde costuma excluir

90 segundos: Cirurgia de mudança de sexo
No Brasil, a cada 16 dias uma pessoa muda de sexo; saiba mais curiosidades sobre o procedimento

Gender dysphoria: 'We lost a daughter, but gained a son'
When Harper Robertson opted to change sex and live as a man, his parents were shocked and confused. Now they welcome the transformation. Nick Duerden hears the family's story

TENI wins LGBT Organisation of the Year
At the LGBT South East Awards 2012, TENI was awarded LGBT Organisation of the Year. The awards were held in Waterford on 1 June 2012.

New Irish Group for Trans Men
An online-based group has been set up for trans men living and transitioning in Ireland.

New Irish human rights legislation for LGBT people
Same-sex civil marriage and protection for LGBT students in schools are just two of the positive steps which may result from new legislation published in Ireland today.

Fake boob competition ends in scandal
A bar is being accused by the LGBT community of discriminating against a transsexual woman they argue was the true winner of a contest to win breast enhancement surgery.
Fake boob contest ends in controversy

Cirurgias deixam de ter comparticipação estatal... ou talvez não
Actualização: De acordo com a BBC, o regime iraniano fez, ao contrário do que os media brasileiros noticiaram, estas cirurgias ainda mais acessíveis ao fazer com que as seguradoras de saúde cubram a totalidade dos custos.

First LGBTI clinic opens in Uganda
Gay rights activists have opened up a clinic to treat people with HIV/AIDs

Politicians in Lithuania vote to 'improve' anti-gay bill
Parliament decides law which could fine LGBT events should be amended following EU resolution on human rights

Third gender option in varsity forms
Abheena Aher’s graduation and post-graduation certificates refer to her as a ‘male’. The 35-year-old transgender activist, who completed her post-graduation in Mumbai, didn’t have a choice. “Admission forms of all institutions only had a male and female option for the sex of a candidate. None recognised the ‘third’ gender,” said Aher.

Ontario’s legislative assembly approves anti-bullying bill
The Accepting Schools Act, an anti-bullying measure also known as Bill 13, passed through the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Tuesday by a vote of 65-36.
UPDATE: Ontario passes anti-bullying bill

Media Ignores Rash of Assaults on Transgender Women
The spate of violence has gone virtually unnoticed by the mainstream media, as well as by the mainstream gay community, which has been consumed by the same-sex-marriage debate and the Tyler Clementi/Dharun Ravi case, writes Jay Michaelson.

Miss Pennsylvania resigns, claims USA pageant rigged
The Miss USA pageant representative from Pennsylvania resigned her crown claiming the contest is rigged, but according to organizers the beauty queen was upset over the decision to allow transgender contestants to enter.
Miss Pennsylvania quits, calling Miss USA pageant rigged
Miss Universe Organization Reacts to Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin's Resignation
Miss Pennsylvania USA Resigns: Inclusion of Transgender Contestant "Goes Against Every Moral Fiber of My Being"
Did Miss Pennsylvania quit because pageant rigged, or she opposed transgender entries?

Janet Jackson to produce film on transgender lives, struggles for equality
Grammy award winning artist Janet Jackson has signed on to be executive producer of a documentary covering the lives and struggles of transgender people around the world.

Carmen Carrera comes out--as transgender
'RuPaul's Drag Race' favorite talks the show, appearance on 'What Would You Do?' and life as a full-time woman

Club vice president establishes identity
Many times young adulthood is a time of transition.
Finding one’s identity can be a difficult task for some especially when it is more than just the clothes you are wearing, but rather the body you are living in.
Jaden Hathaway, 21, an English major, came out to her parents as a lesbian at the age of 14.
(Photo: Jaden Hathaway (left) and Riley Davalos (right) are members of the Gay Straight Alliance club and have been together for three years.)

D.C. Council approves nomination of transgender women to Human Rights Commission
The D.C. Council on Tuesday approved the nomination of transgender activists Earline Budd and Alexandra Beninda to the D.C. Commission on Human Rights.

Whitman Walker Health Helping Trans D.C. Residents Get the Right IDs
MetroWeekly notes that the Whitman-Walker health center—a health care clinic with a focus on HIV and LGBT patients—will be hosting a bimonthly legal clinic to assist transgender residents with the legal side of transitioning:

Leslie Feinberg arrested for showing solidarity with CeCe McDonald
Leslie Feinberg was arrested the evening of June 4, amidst hundreds of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald supporters protesting outside of the Hennepin County Public Safety Facility.
Graffiti backing 'CeCe' sprayed on county jail; prominent transgender author arrested
[Commentary] Leslie Feinberg arrested in solidarity with CeCe McDonald
[Commentary] Woman sentenced to 41 months imprisonment in men’s jail

'Fairness' petition drive collected enough signatures
Lancaster County Election Commissioner Dave Shively reported Tuesday that the petition drive calling for either a repeal or a vote on the fairness issue was successful.

Video calls for zero phobia from Chilean families
Movilh has launched a campaign encouraging family members to share responsibility and act against homophobia and transphobia