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segunda-feira, junho 04, 2012

Poland and Latvia host gay pride marches
Hundreds of gay and trans men and women, together with their supporters, marched through the capitals of Poland and Latvia today, demanding greater acceptance and rights in their respective societies, where they still face high levels of homophobia and transphobia.

Léo Áquilla conta que evita a palavra travesti para falar sobre sua profissão com os filhos
Léo Áquilla falou sobre sua relação com seus dois filhos para Felipe Folgosi e Robertha Portella em conversa na cozinha neste sábado (2).

[Reino Unido]
Transexual tailandesa entre as finalistas de concurso de beleza
Uma transexual tailandesa chegou à final do concurso Brighton's Next Hot Model, ficando em segundo lugar entre 200 mulheres cissexuais sem ninguém suspeitar que tinha nascido com genitália masculina.

[UK] [Commentary]
Conway Hall cancel RadFem2012 booking
News in this afternoon, via a statement on their web site and an email to those that complained, is that Conway Hall have cancelled the booking for the controversial RadFem2012 conference.
[Commentary] Links Roundup: Radfems respond to Transpolitickers’ and MRAs’ attempted silencing of Radfem 2012
[Commentary] Transphobic RadFem 2012 Hatemongers Booted From London's Conway Hall

St Pete. gays won court case
A district court has found it unlawful to ban peaceful LGBT demonstrations citing a ‘propaganda law’

IGNOU opens doors to hijra, transgender communities
Education will not be a far fetched dream for transgender and hijra communities any more as IGNOU has opened admissions for distance education in all streams even for the "other" category.

Eunuchs demand equality, special privileges
Members from the transgender and eunuch community Saturday came together, demanding equality and special privileges for themselves to live with dignity in society.

Nothing queer about it
Chandrashekhar was all of 18 when he desired to become Shilpa, of his own volition, or rather his genes demanded it. But the transition from a man to woman became fiercely controversial after the infamous Banashankari incident when Hijras (eunuchs) were tortured at the police station.

[Philippines] [Commentary]
What the f*%#, Philipine Fashion Week? (WTF PFW!!!)
Official statement of the Society of Transsexual Women (STRAP) on the barring of transgender models to walk fashion designer Kermit Tesoro's show

"When you look in my eyes you’ll see there’s nothing inside of me": Chilling words of 'cannibal killer' fugitive to transsexual lover
Ex-lover Nina Arsenault has spoken out as Luka Rocco Magnotta was feared to be heading to London disguised as a woman
I am afraid when you look in my eyes you’ll see nothing inside me
'I'm afraid that when you look into my eyes you'll see there's nothing left inside of me': Chilling warning gay porn star 'cannibal' gave former transsexual lover before 'murdering boyfriend' as police say he's on the run in France... dressed as a woman

White House issues gay pride proclamation
White House starts June by acknowledging the importance of gay history
Obama Proclaims June Gay Pride Month

Friends to celebrate Martell’s life
Martell, a 37-year-old transgender woman, was sitting in her car with friends around 5 a.m., Sunday, April 29 when a gunman opened fire on the car. Martell died several minutes later. The motive isn’t clear.

Name Change Workshop for Trans Folks, LGBT Families and Professionals Working with the LGBT Community
CSE offers a series of free Community Law Workshops (CLW) in the communities we work with. CLWs take two forms: (1) community education sessions led by attorneys about special topics in LGBT law, such as name changes; and (2) legal clinics at which volunteer attorneys provide pro bono services (e.g. completing health care power of attorney forms). CLWs are designed to empower LGBT people in the South to protect our rights to the full extent possible under current laws.

Transgender teen graduates in Tulsa
Katie Hill is a transgender teen from Bixby whose story was chronicled in an award-winning Tulsa World series in May 2011, “Becoming Katie.”

Asesinan a transexual en la avenida Libertador
Cerca de las cuatro de la mañana fue asesinado José Antonio Suárez, de 34 años de edad, y quien era transexual. Suárez, apodado “La Lulú”, recibió un disparo de una persona que iba a bordo de un vehículo Corsa gris y que, luego de dar al menos dos vueltas por el sector, se bajó del carro y asesinó a “La Lulú” frente al edificio Sinclair.