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sábado, maio 26, 2012

Valesca Popozuda quer dançarinas trans no palco
Valesca Popozuda já recebeu cerca de 300 inscrições de dançarinas transexuais

Rio recebe sessão de cinema sobre travestis e transexuais
Trans que quebraram o preconceito e venceram na vida são tema do CinelcubeLGBT

Drag queen reclama de homofobia no Fashion Rio
'Eu só queria ir ao banheiro", disse Núbia Pinheiro, que foi impedida de entrar no toilette feminino do evento.
A drag queen Núbia Pinheiro, 32 anos, reclamou ter passado por um episódio de homofobia nesta quinta-feira, 24, em um dos banheiros do Fashion Rio, no Jóckey Club, na Gávea, bairro da Zona Sul carioca. Impedida pela segurança de utilizar o toilette feminino, ela comentou:

Foro de la "Familia": Un foro ultraconservador llama al regreso de la mujer al hogar
Rearme ideológico, con ingredientes de moral, religión y ultraconservadurismo, frente a los tiempos que corren. “Autenticidad de la mujer: redescubriendo la vida en el hogar”, “soluciones al comportamiento homosexual”, “cómo mantener a la familia unida: soluciones prácticas”, “contra la ideología de género” o “ataques a la familia” —traducido al inglés como “el lobby homosexual”—. Son algunos de los temas, junto con “el doloroso drama del aborto” o “el coste social de la pornografía”, que abordará desde este viernes hasta el domingo en Madrid el Congreso Mundial de Familias (CMC) en su sexta edición. La organización ultraconservadora que lleva el mismo nombre, nacida en 1997 en EEUU, desembarca en España de la mano de Hazteoir, una asociación contraria al aborto y el matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo.
Recetas ultraconservadoras para prevenir "los ataques a la familia"
Foro de la "Familia": El obispo de Alcalá de Henares arremete contra “la ideología de género”
Foro de la "Familia: Reig Plá y los nuevos ataques a la familia: ideología de género, feminismo radical y matrimonios gais con hijos

We welcome today’s ruling of the Budapest Metropolitan Court, which annuls the banning order against the Budapest Pride march issued by the Budapest Police last week. However, as the Court could not examine the fact that the police clearly violated its equal treatment obligations, we are taking further legal action with the help of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

Intolerant Eurovision Host: Gays Face Rampant Homophobia in Azerbaijan
The Eurovision Song Contest has a massive gay following. But homophobia is rife in this year's host country, Azerbaijan, where gays and lesbians have to keep a low profile and fear violent attacks. Even so, locals say that gay Eurovision fans traveling to Baku needn't fear for their safety -- because the regime doesn't want any trouble.

Mixed reactions to adoption of Moldova’s anti-discrimination law
The Moldovan Parliament adopted earlier today a Law on Ensuring Equality. While the adoption of an anti-discrimination legislation is a positive measure, ILGA-Europe is concerned that the ground of sexual orientation is not explicitly mentioned in the list of grounds of discrimination covered by the law, except in relation to discrimination in the workplace.

Mugabe and Pillay clash on gay rights
President Robert Mugabe on Thursday clashed with visiting United Nations rights chief after the veteran leader denounced gays and lesbians while the UN boss said countries must stop “criminalising homosexuals and sex work.”

Identity for sexual minority in citizenship card
At long last, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community will receive recognition as ‘others’ in the sexual identity option in their citizenship certificate.
Third gender finally recognized in Nepal

Karnataka: Transgender eyes assembly polls
Member of Praja Rajakiya Vedike (PRV), a political forum for the upliftment of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, will contest in Assembly elections next year.

Manitoba's Human Rights Code to protect transgender and socially disadvantaged
Justice Minister Andrew Swan introduced a bill on May 23 that will protect Manitobans who are transgender, homeless, unemployed, or undereducated.

ExxonMobil: Evolve already on LGBT workplace protections
The Dallas Morning News on Thursday weighed in on ExxonMobil’s 13-year refusal to add workplace protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

State Department Reports Detail Status of LGBT Human Rights Abroad
This morning, the State Department released its 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, documenting the status of human rights in countries around the globe. Consistent with the Department’s commitment to promoting LGBT human rights under Secretary Hillary Clinton’s leadership, this year’s reports again highlight both the significant challenges faced by LGBT people, and the signs of important progress, around the world.

The Transgender Athlete
Playing fields have long been segregated on the basis of sex. But what happens to the athletes whose physiology doesn't match their gender identity? Against whom do they compete? What obstacles do they face? And how are they being treated by sports' governing bodies?
An Olympic Trial: Dealing With Transgender Athletes

[USA] [Commentary]
Transgender Regretters Seeking $1 Million to $5 Million in Malpractice Compensation
Transgenders who were misdiagnosed and unnecessarily underwent the radical genital surgery should be in line for huge financial compensation.

University offers transgender student access to ladies' room after DOJ letter
The ladies' room at an Arkansas university is now open to female-identifying transgender students -- and one report says the university's students have the Justice Department to thank.
Who has a civil right to use female bathrooms?
Who has a civil right to use female bathrooms?
Transgender Student Contacts Justice Department about UAFS Restroom Policy
Restroom Choice

[Commentary] Thanks DOJ: Women Forced to Allow Men into Restrooms at University
[Commentary] Believe it or not: Justice Dept. orders university to allow a man to use the womens' restrooms on campus

First married pregnant man gets sole custody of children
Thomas Beatie, the world's first married pregnant man, is getting global attention once again.
A Phoenix court granted Beatie sole custody of his three children on Thursday, a big step for Arizona, according to David Michael Cantor of the Cantor Law Group.

SF Dems call on DOJ to investigate McDonald case
San Francisco’s Democratic Party has adopted a resolution urging the U.S. Justice Department to review the case of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, 23, a Minneapolis transgender woman imprisoned for what supporters call an act of self-defense.

Mariela Castro in San Francisco: Cuba moving toward LGBT equality
In remarks greeted with vigorous, repeated applause, Mariela Castro Espin, director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, told a standing-room-only crowd here of the progress Cuba has made toward equal rights for its LGBT community, and the great amount of work that lies ahead to win full equality.

Release, Change of Bond Denied for Furr
Off-duty MPD officer accused of shooting at transgender women denied bail as he awaits October trial

Crime Stoppers offering reward in transgender man's murder
Crime Stoppers of Michigan is offering a $2,500 reward to the person who helps police catch the killer of a 35-year-old man.
Norman Williams was the victim. His family describes Williams as a transgendered woman.
Williams was shot dead in or near a car on April 3 on Parkhurst near Woodward in Detroit, an area known for cross-dressing prostitutes.

Petition organizers say they have enough signatures to put gay rights ordinance to vote
Organizers of a petition drive to allow Lincoln voters to decide on a gay rights ordinance say they’ve already collected more than 5,000 signatures — more than twice the number needed — with more signatures coming in.
Petition leaders should have enough signatures to get issue on the ballot
Petition to force vote on anti-bias ordinance
Fairness Ordinance petition language issue

Group supporting 'gender-free kids' sees growing support
From an early age, we are told blue is for boys, pink is for girls and so on.
But what if the interests your child shows don't fit those stereotypes?
In Tacoma, Wash., Morgan, age 7, likes to play with toy robots. And a makeup kit.
He also paints his nails - and wears a leather vest. At the same time.

Suspendidos teniente y dos sargentos por lío con allanamiento a hogar de transexual
Un teniente y dos sargentos adscritos a la División de Drogas de San Juan fueron desarmados y suspendidos sumariamente de empleo y sueldo, producto de la investigación administrativa que inició el miércoles el Negociado de Asuntos Internos, con relación al allanamiento ilegal efectuado en el apartamento de la transexual Ivana Fred Millán, del condominio Bahía, en Santurce.
Suspenden a teniente y a sargentos de la División de Drogas de San Juan por caso de transexual Ivana Fred
Ivana Fred Millán está tranquila al saber que desarmaron a policías

School agrees to allow cross dressing senior to attend graduation in girls’ attire
A graduating senior from Waller High School will walk across the stage with his classmates after all.
For a few days, Brandon Navarro, who is openly gay, expected to skip commencement because of the way he chooses to dress.
“I honestly consider myself more of a cross dresser,” said Navarro. “There are kids at my school and they are gay, but they keep it under wraps.”

Las organizaciones sociales y sindicales, nacionales, del Centro y Sur de América que participamos en este III Congreso de Mujeres Trabajadoras de Guatemala, “El poder que nos mueve, nos permite que sigamos adelante”, ya somos más del 51% de la fuerza laboral en la economía mundial; somos mujeres comprometidas en contribuir al sostenimiento de nuestras familias, recurriendo a la necesidad de prestar nuestra fuerza laboral y someternos a toda clase de violaciones a nuestros derechos humanos y laborales.

17 mujeres transexuales han sido asesinadas durante lo que va del 2012 en Guatemala
Johana Ramírez, de la Organización Trans Reinas de la Noche (Otrans), denuncia que cada año son asesinadas alrededor de 40 mujerestrans, y sólo en este año han muerto 17.

El acceso a la información es un derecho, y a una información completa, clara y sin letra chica, asi ha quedado demostrado en el Amparo que ha acogido el Consejo para la Transparencia, quien ante los antecedentes entregados por Michel Riquelme Norambuena, Coordinador de Zona Norte de la Organización de Transexuales por la Dignidad de la Diversidad, le dió la razón en que el Ministerio de Salud, no cumplio con la Ley de Transparencia y ademas la información entregada al requirente fue deficitaria, por ende obliga al Subsecretario de Salud a responder lo siguiente:

Chile to cover sex change operations
Chile will soon cover sex change surgeries under its public health plan in order to allow citizens of limited means to “recover their true sexual identity,” Health Minister Jaime Manalich said.
Chile to Foot the Bill for Sex Change Operations

El día jueves 25 de mayo del año 2012 quedará en la memoria de miles de personas Trans* en Argentina como el día en que la Presidenta Cristina Fernández promulgó la Ley 26.743 que permitirá el anhelado reconocimiento legal a la identidad de género y asegurará el acceso igualitario a atenciones médicas e intervenciones quirúrgicas bajo el amparo del Estado a todas y todos quienes lo deseen sin la obligatoriedad de esterilidad o evaluaciones psicológicas patologizantes.
Transgender Advocates Hail Law Easing Rules in Argentina
Argentina ha aprobado la legislación de Identidad de Género más progresista de la existencia. ¿Cómo sucedió?
ACNUDH-América del Sur acoge con beneplácito ley sobre identidad de género en Argentina


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