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quinta-feira, maio 17, 2012

La Asociacion de Transexuales de Andalucia-Sylvia Rivera, en su lucha contra la TRANSFOBIA y el CISEXISMO, con este video quiere lanzar un grito de esperanza y de lucha por el reconocimiento de nuestra identidad de Mujeres y Hombres transexuales en plena IGUALDAD SOCIAL y LEGAL REAL.

Denuncian agresión a un chico transexual en Tenerife y piden medidas para combatir la transfobia
En el mes de abril del presente año en una zona céntrica de Santa Cruz tuvo lugar una agresión por parte de un grupo de siete menores a un chico transexual (persona que se siente y vive integrado en la sociedad como varón), en un claro acto de discriminación o rechazo por cuestiones de identidad (transfobia). Entendemos intolerable que se sigan produciendo este tipo de hechos en pleno siglo XXI, en una sociedad plural amparada por el artículo 14 de la Constitución Española que reconoce que “los españoles son iguales ante la Ley, sin que pueda prevalecer discriminación alguna por razón de nacimiento, raza, sexo, religión, opinión o cualquier otra condición o circunstancia personal o social”. Por ello instamos a los diferentes agentes sociales y a la sociedad en su conjunto a mostrar su total rechazo a actos tan deleznables y a exigir a las entidades pertinentes que tomen las medidas necesarias para su erradicación de nuestra sociedad, promoviendo las medidas educativas, asistenciales y de mejora de la convivencia necesarias para su consecución.

Paddy Power Cheltenham ad banned
A Paddy Power TV advert for the Cheltenham Festival featuring transgender people has been banned for "causing serious offence".
Transgender Paddy Power ad deemed ‘offensive’
Paddy Power ad banned for being offensive to transgender community
ASA rules Paddy Power transgender TV ad was offensive
Paddy Power's 'transgendered ladies' ad banned by ASA
Regulator: Paddy Power ad which asked viewers to ‘spot the trans lady’ was offensive
'Offensive' Paddy Power trans advert loses race

[Commentary] ASA: Paddy Power advert seriously offensive, irresponsible and caused harm

[UK] [People/Commentary]
Transgender journey: facing the reality of surgery
After a consultation with her gender reassignment surgeon, the reality of impending surgery dawns on Juliet Jacques. Is she doing the right thing?

[Israel/Canada] [Commentary]
Fertility preservation and sex reassignment: should reproductive rights cross gender boundaries?
Dr Vardit Ravitsky is assistant professor in the bioethics programmes at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal and Professor David Heyd is Chaim Perelman professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Bidhan Baruah's sex-change surgery: Family still hopes to get their 'son' back
As Bidhan Baruah waits anxiously to go under the knife and take the final step towards becoming a woman, his family back in Guwahati is hoping against hope that their son changes his mind. The family has also decided not to appeal in the Supreme Court against Bidhan's gender reassignment surgery due to financial constraints.
Depleting cash reserves hit Bidhan's sex-change plan

Talackova says she is in beauty contest 'to win'
Vancouver's transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant says she feels like she's already triumphed by earning the chance to compete at this weekend's pageant.
Transgendered Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova plans on making serious run at top prize
Jenna Talackova in this weekend's Miss Universe Canada pageant

[Commentary] The Days of Calling Women Like Jenna Talackova “Transgendered” Are Numbered

Transgendered woman files human rights complaint against Nunavut government
Vanida Plamondon, an in-transition transgendered woman from Nunavut, paces in her emptied Edmonton apartment, retelling the story of how her life led up to her packing her belongings into a storage facility. She’ll be officially homeless in a day.

Vancouver transgender woman’s rights complaint dismissed
The B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a transgender woman’s complaint she faced discrimination while living in women’s housing in the Downtown Eastside.

Transgender Youth Face Unique Risk For Eating Disorders
A new study at Washington State University examined the body satisfaction of transgender youth and young adults and found that 17 percent of participants reported having experienced an eating disorder.

Why NCTE Cares About the Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards
If you have seen NCTE’s Blueprint for Equality, you know that the federal agenda we’re working on is both complex and comprehensive. Every issue on the agenda is important. Some of the issues are truly life saving, while others are simply necessary steps to full equality. All of it is important to some trans people who are facing obstacles to living fully. And one of these issues I’m really proud of working on is the National Standards to Prevent, Detect and Respond to Prison Rape.

We want justice for Brandy
About 70 people came out to Oscar Grant Plaza in Oakland, Calif., on May 13 to protest violence against transgender people in the Bay Area. The protest came two weeks after the shooting death of Brandy Martell, a 37-year-old African American trans woman who was shot in her car in downtown Oakland.
Brandy Martell, Transgender Woman Killed in Oakland, Remembered
Remembering Brandy Martell, the Transgender Woman Killed in Oakland

Rainbow Alliance petition asks for more gender-neutral bathrooms
More gender-neutral bathrooms will be implemented on campus beginning next academic year, according to Ron Nayler, NU’s associate vice president for Facilities Management.

Trauma still fresh for transgender beating victim
The windows are wide open in the messy apartment, the afternoon sky darkening fast.
Chrissy Polis can't stand the Essex neighborhood outside, where everyone knows who she is. But she doesn't know how to get out, or where she'd go if she did.

Cousin of transgender woman fatally shot in Maplewood testifies that suspect was in apartment
Victoria Carmen White’s death was about ego, anger and an illegal gun, an Essex County assistant prosecutor told the jury in Newark Tuesday.

I-Team: Transgender Student's Graduation Concern
A transgender student is speaking out following a decision by school administrators to define the teen biologically. The young person, who self-identifies as a boy, doesn't want to graduate as a girl.

[NY, USA] [Commentary]
NY Considers Transgender Discrimination Bill
New York legislators recently debated a bill that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. The NY transgender bill would amend all of the state's anti-discrimination laws, including those that cover employment and housing.

[NY, USA] [Commentary]
NY Times Does Not Retract Dehumanizing Coverage of Trans Woman Who Died in Fire
In response to criticism from the LGBT community and allies over its coverage of a fire that killed a transgender woman this weekend, the New York Times released a statement that reveals a lack of understanding of how serious this problem is.
[Commentary] Lorena Escalera: A Life That Mattered
[Commentary] No Retraction From The NY Times For Their Dehumanizing Coverage of Trans Woman Who Died in Fire

Helping Gender-Variant Kids Feel Safe At School
For kids at school, doing something as simple as going to restroom can be an intimidating experience. A transgender kid can feel unwelcome in the boys' room — and the girls' room.

Caminata contra la Transfobia 2012
Mañana jueves 17 de mayo, se celebrará la caminata contra la transfobia, organizada por la organización reinas de la noche con el objetivo de reinvindicar los derechos de las mujeres trans.