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sábado, maio 12, 2012

TGEU demands: End Human Rights Violations Against Sex Workers in Greece!
Transgender Europe (TGEU) is highly worried about the recent systematic human rights violations against sex workers in Greece. In a Government authorized crackdown on hundreds of unlicensed brothels around Greece, the Greek police and the state-run Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) arrested hundreds of sex workers, submitted them to compulsory HIV testing and pressed criminal charges without recourse to due process. Further, the Greek Police published the full name, date of birth, nationality, photographs and medical record information of a dozen women with a positive HIV-status on a police website and in newspapers as a means of “punishment”. Many trans women are sex workers and TGEU has been informed that trans sex workers have also been subjected to the screening and exposure. Further similar screenings are announced for the next couple of weeks.

Carla Antonelli de regresso em mais uma visita
Carla Antonelli, activista e deputada pelo PSOE no nosso país vizinho encontra-se de regresso a Portugal depois de uma fugaz passagem pela Assembleia da República algum tempo antes da aprovação da Lei de Alteração de Nome e Sexo em vigor.
Carla Antonelli vem a Portugal combater a homofobia e transfobia

Lea T. fará desfile em ponte de São Paulo
Após cirurgia de mudança de sexo, modelo Lea T. desfilará em ponte de SP

Imprensa estrangeira prestigia ‘Elvis & Madona’
Filme sobre amor entre lésbica e travesti leva quatro prêmios de correspondentes no Brasil.

Léo Áquila nega que vá participar de A Fazenda 5
A transformista Léo Áquila, por meio de sua assessoria, nega que vá participar do reality show A Fazenda 5. Listas não-oficiais que circulam pela internet incluem o nome da transexual na lista dos integrantes da atração da Record, que estréia dia 30.

Aluno transexual luta para usar nome social na UnB
Marcelo Caetano, da Ciência Política, ainda era chamado por um nome feminino por alguns professores. Decisão final sai em um mês.
(Foto: Alan Sampaio/Marcelo Caetano, estudante de Ciência Política da UnB, abriu processo administrativo para deixar de usar o nome feminino nos documentos da universidade)

Jackie Green, Transgender Beauty Queen, To Enter Miss England Semi-Final
A transgender British teen who transitioned at the age of 16 is hoping to make history by winning the Miss England beauty pageant.

[South Africa]
ID crisis after sex change ends in court
The dream of a woman from Durbanville in Cape Town – who was once a man – is to hold her new birth certificate and identity document (ID) in her hand, reflecting her new sex.
Jacqui Louw desperately needs these documents so she can travel to America to cross the last hurdle – voice surgery – in her quest to be a true woman.
(Photo: Jacqui Louw, who was once a man, is embroiled in a legal battle with Home Affairs to obtain an ID book reflecting that she is now a woman)

Georgian Laws Discriminate on Transgender Rights
Applying for jobs becomes difficult when a person’s gender identity isn’t as stated in their official paperwork.

Patient Courage
Roshan Mahato takes the lead for LGBTI students in Nepal

Free name change for transgenders
Information minister Rajenthira Balaji announced that transgenders could change their names free of cost without paying for notifying the change in the gazette.

Under attack, transgender finds refuge in Chennai
Aatma (name changed) was very ambitious. The transgender learnt dance in Kerala Kalamandalam, a premier institution for the performing arts. With the help of her boyfriend, she had a sex change operation and moved in with him. They were together for five months in Kochi but she was forced to flee Kerala last week.

LGBT voices message of love in new website
It was a joyful night as dozens of members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community shared each other’s happiness at a party held in an open-air restaurant in Renon area on Wednesday night.

Jakarta Police Defend Quashing Visiting Canadian Muslim Activist's Speech
The police on Saturday defended its forced canceling of a speaking event in Jakarta featuring liberal Canadian Muslim activist Irshad Manji, saying her alleged mission to promote homosexuality among Indonesian Muslims threatened the public order.

NGO wants Ambiga punished for Bersih bedlam, LGBT support
About 400 representatives of several non-governmental organisations and local residents gathered here today, asking the authorities to take stern action against Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan including stripping of her citizenship.

[New Zealand]
Queer Avengers marching against bullying tonight
The Queer Avengers and their supporters are getting ready to hit the streets of Wellington in their second Queer The Night march, to stand up against bullying.

[New Zealand]
Transsexual may resort to prostitution for surgery
A transsexual may return to prostitution to pay for gender reassignment surgery because the Government waiting list is too long.
The Health Ministry has provided funding for gender reassignment surgery under its High Cost Treatment Pool since 2004.

Genderless passport hope for Canadian trans travelers
Canada is reportedly reviewing its policy on whether passport holders need to reveal their gender

First Nations' suicide prevention guide celebrates diversity
Aboriginals who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered face homophobia and rejection that may increase their risk of suicide, a national health group says.

Senate ENDA Hearing Set for June 12
The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee (HELP) is set to consider the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) next month in a June 12 hearing.
BREAKING: Senate committee agrees to hold hearing on ENDA

Rocker Gabel announces gender transition
Fans of punk rock quartet Against Me! have come to know the prolific front man as Tom Gabel, but when the band goes on tour with the Cult later this month, Gabel will be taking the stage as Laura Jane Grace.

No new leads in transgender female Marcal Tye's murder in Forrest City
The St. Francis County Sheriff's Office says they do not have any new leads in the murder investigation of a transgender person.

Gray makes LGBT picks for Ryan White council
D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray administered the oath of office on Tuesday to 35 members of the Metropolitan Washington Regional Ryan White Planning Council, including five gay men and two transgender women he appointed to the Council this month.

Transgender A.U. student leader finds acceptance
Sarah McBride says she loves politics and loves her home state of Delaware.
AU Student Government President Comes Out as Transgender

Fordham Students Study Transgender Civil Rights
Students from the Policy and Legislative Advocacy Clinic at Fordham University School of Law collaborated with the New York Civil Liberties Union on a report calling for state legislation to protect transgendered individuals from discrimination based on their gender identity and expression.

Chile passes hate crime bill in the wake of gay man’s killing
In the wake of a national outcry over the homophobic killing of a young man, the Chilean Congress has approved an anti-discrimination bill that outlaws discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, gender, and/or sexual orientation.

Argentina passes historic law on gender recognition, access to health care
Argentina took two giant steps forward for trans equality yesterday, approving legislation that both ensures insurance coverage for transition-related medical care and at the same time eliminates medical requirement for official recognition of one’s gender identity.
Trans Community Celebrates Groundbreaking Gender Identity Law
Argentina gender rights law: A new world standard
An Argentine Trans Man Tells Us Why His Country's New Transgender Law Is the Best New Law in the World
Argentina passes landmark transgender rights law
Argentina approves ground-breaking gender identity law