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domingo, maio 06, 2012

Hillary Clinton and ILGA to receive World Pride awards
Pride London will give US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton the ‘World LGBT Award’ in recognition of her contribution to protecting the rights of LGBT people worldwide ahead of World Pride in London this July.

Unwelcome aboard
Transgender persons shun public transport because of physical and verbal abuse

It's not all blue and pink: A glance at Manchester's transgender community
MM's Jessica Wilson discusses Gender Dysphoria, sexuality and acceptance with some of Manchester's transgender community.

Trans community conference to focus on sport
The one-day gathering will offer trans people opportunities to get moving, and raise confidence around accessing facilities, say organisers.

Clergy and rights groups oppose KNCHR report on homosexuality
The clergy and a section of rights groups have objected to recommendations by the Kenya National Human Rights Commission to have same-sex relationships and prostitution legalised. The recommendations are proposed in a report on safeguarding sexual and reproductive health rights. The report, launched on Thursday, is as a result of a public inquiry that had been set up by the commission to examine the extent and nature of violations of the two rights.

Police impersonator targets transgenders
Sabah Al-Salem police arrested a thief responsible for nineteen mugging incidents, carried out by fooling his victims into believing he was a police detective. Investigations also revealed that the suspect carefully chose his victims from expatriate pedestrians, as well as people referred to in police records as ‘imitators of the opposite sex’.

Police question activist’s book-launch organizers
South Jakarta Police are questioning the organizers of Canadian author Irshad Manji’s terminated book launch and discussion at a Salihara venue in South Jakarta, which was broken up shortly before the liberal Muslim was due to speak.

El tímido orgullo nipón
Año 2011. Marcha por los derechos homosexuales en Roma: concurrieron más de 200.000 personas. 'New York City Pride': cerca de 700.000 participantes. Manifestación del orgullo gay de Madrid: alrededor de un millón de personas. 'Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2012': 2.500 asistentes.

NLGJA Launches New LGBT News Roundup
The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) launched a new webpage
today, showcasing the front pages of LGBT papers and newsmagazines around the country.

Transgender Student Not Permitted to Speak in U of A Class
A canceled student lecture causing some controversy at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith. The possible reason? The student is transgender.
Our affiliate KNWA reports Jennifer Braly is a transgender student at the school and has been speaking to students about gender identity disorder for the past two semesters.

Job fair hopes to help local transgender community
The GLBT Community Center of Colorado is hosting a transgender job fair on May 5 to help those in that community with job-interview opportunities, information on transgender rights in the workplace and transitioning in the workplace.

Trans discrimination alleged against Pink Pony strip club
A transgender woman says she was recently not allowed into Atlanta's Pink Pony strip club because her driver license still has a male gender marker.
Kyrah St. James, who says she lives full time as a woman and has been to the Pink Pony several times in the past year, said she was denied entrance into the popular strip club on Saturday, April 28, when the security guard at the entrance said she would have to speak to the manager because her ID showed an "M" and not an "F."

Details of what CeCe pled to
Hey folks- Because some misinformation has been spread through the media, we wanted to share details of what CeCeactually testified to when she pled guilty in court on May 2. Several members of the support committee took detailed notes during CeCe’s plea hearing, and the information below is based on those notes. We believe this is an accurate and complete account of the factual basis laid out for her plea, but we do not have the actual court transcript to draw from at this point:
The trial of CeCe McDonald
[Opinion] CeCe McDonald Deserves Our Support, ‘Innocent’ or Not

Bruning believes fairness ordinance unconstitutional
Lincoln is set to join Omaha soon in historic legislation that would protect members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community from discrimination.
Neb. AG: City ordinances protecting gays illegal
Undeterred by AG's opinion, City Council will consider anti-discrimination ordinance
A matter of opinion
Bruning takes on Omaha's gay rights ordinance

Homeless LGBT Youth Lose $7 Million in NYC
New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's newly released budget is getting sharp criticism from LGBT activists. The budget reportedly cuts $7 million to the city’s Runaway and Homeless Youth Services, which would eliminate 160 youth shelter beds and drastically affect the Ali Forney Center, the city's LGBT youth shelter.

May 8 Albany Lobbying to Focus on Transgender Civil Rights
With the New York State Assembly’s passage of a transgender civil rights law –– for the fifth time –– on April 30, hundreds of LGBT community advocates are headed to Albany on May 8 for the Empire State Pride Agenda’s (ESPA) annual Equality & Justice lobbying day.

NYCLU Pushes Legislation To Curb Discrimination Against Transgender New Yorkers
New Yorkers are legally protected against discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, or disability -- which means people who fall under any of those categories cannot lose access to homes, jobs, and other services because of their racial, sexual, or physical identities.

School refuses comment in dismissal of transgender student-teacher
When an area school district dismissed a Wilmington College transgender senior in January on the second day of a student-teaching placement at Hillsboro High School, the district may have broken federal law.

Transgender rights featured at rally in Salem
Last Saturday, April 28, hundreds of people assembled in Salem, OR to march in support of women's rights. The march culminated in a rally at the state capitol, where numerous speakers (including Secretary of State Kate Brown) addressed the many attacks on women and on reproductive rights being waged in legislatures across the country and in Congress.

Advocates, lawmakers push back against voter ID bill
Weeks after its test-run in the Pennsylvania primary election, the state’s new voter-identification law is being challenged in both the courts and the legislature.

Se apega Lupita Jones a los reglamentos de Miss Universo
Lupita Jones detalló que cuando se inició la polémica por la aceptación de mujeres transgénero al concurso de belleza, ella se comunicó con la organización Miss Universo y les preguntó qué postura debían tomar.
“No he dado declaración alguna, que no pongan palabras en mi boca, lo único que se ha dicho de manera oficial por parte de mi organización, que fue a través de mi vocera Ana Laura Corral, es que el reglamento de Nuestra Belleza seguía igual”.

Una inusual dirigente de baby fútbol
Los niños la llaman Ro o simplemente "la mamá de Agustín". El suyo es un caso raro porque en Uruguay el 70% de las transexuales que trabajan, lo hacen en la prostitución, según publicó El País la semana pasada en base a un informe del Ministerio de Salud Pública. En general, no tienen otra opción de vida.