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segunda-feira, abril 30, 2012

Felipa Tavares fala como é a vida de uma modelo transexual
Felipa Tavares é uma modelo transexual. Nascida Felipe, ela contou que, desde cedo, sabia que havia algo diferente com ela. Sentindo-se menina num corpo masculino, ela disse que sempre teve jeito, hábitos e maneira de vestir femininos. Aos 18 anos, alistou-se no exército, onde teve até um romance com um sargento enfermeiro.

Travestis e transexuais debatem saúde e educação na UFMG
Laerte Coutinho, cartunista, abrirá Encontro de quatro dias no campus Pampulha.

Sex Swap Killer In Lesbo Bust-Up
A double killer who had a sex swap and was moved to a women’s jail is divorcing the lesbian murderess he wed behind bars.
Deranged strangler Douglas Wakefield, who had the sex change at taxpayers’ expense and changed his name to Tai Pilley, married fellow lifer Thelma Purchase.

NHS sex swap for grandad aged 80
A former RAF officer is to have a sex change aged 80 — in a £13,500 NHS op.
Ruth Rose — a grandad of four who used to be called James — will become the oldest person in Britain to have the procedure.

I'm a straight man who dresses as a woman ... and I'm looking for love
Although it's her day off work, Beth is dressed for the office: pencil skirt, white blouse, red mid-height heels and cardigan, one of her favourite looks.
She's having a sandwich in a southside Dublin pub and no one pays attention when she walks towards the toilet, except for a middle-aged couple in the corner who giggle and nudge each other.

Les Amies de Place Blanche: Transvestites of 1960's Paris
Christer Strömholm (1918-2002) is considered one of the great photographers of the 20th century, though he is little known outside of his native Sweden.

Father puts his son into rehab to cure his homosexuality
Ivan Kharchenko, a 16-year-old young man, was released from the clinic under the public pressure. Ivan's father forced him to go to the clinic having learned of his homosexual orientation, Novaya Gazeta wrote.

Equal rights
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Social Welfare, Special Education and Women Development, Sitara Ayaz said transvestites are a part of our society and as citizens of the country deserve equal rights in each sector of our social setup.

Thousands march in Japan gay pride parade
Some 2,500 people marched in a gay pride parade in Tokyo on Sunday, vowing to transform a low-profile campaign for the rights of sexual minorities into a major movement in Japan.

On transgenders & feuding sisters
NO WAY – Aside from the Ara Mina-Cristine Reyes “sister act,” what’s the other sizzling issue, the talk of the town?
Should transgenders be allowed to join the Miss Universe beauty pageant?

Finally, a woman: A transgender’s story
Wrapped up in the trimmings of a man was a phoenix waiting to be reborn—a woman waiting to give love, and be loved.
I met with a dear old friend who was visiting the country, now every inch a real lady, and happily married. Classified by society as a transvestite, “Ramona” gamely talks about her life, her heart song, and what she calls “the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Transsexual surgery not needed to change birth certificates
People who live as the opposite sex should not have to undergo sex-change surgery before they can change their gender on their birth certificates, Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal has decided.

Updates from April 27 hearing
On Friday, April 27th, CeCe McDonald appeared in court for her final pre-trial hearing. Both the defense and the prosecution argued motions on which evidence could be admitted or not, whether or not to allow expert witnesses, and whether or not supporters can wear Free CeCe gear in court.
MPR: Another trial that Minnesotans should be watching

Ordinance would add protection for gay, transgender citizens
Given a choice, Josh Castillo would prefer his life to be considered unremarkable.
“I’m a fairly average guy. I live in a middle-class neighborhood, I have a mortgage, a son ... I run and go fishing,” said Castillo, a hospital social worker. “If I didn’t tell you I was transgendered, you wouldn’t know.”

They're turning into women -- at taxpayer expense
Editors' note: The transgender inmates are referred to throughout with feminine pronouns, reflecting legal and medical standards and their own preference.

Members of College of Charleston's LGBT community share stories, concerns
College can be liberating.
These are the years when many young people leave home to examine new ideas and explore new surroundings. In the process, they might begin to discover who they are.

Transgender Man Beaten In Memphis
A Memphis transgender man was taken to a nearby hospital with bruises and a concussion after being beaten Saturday night.

Hate crimes in Tenn. jump; cause not clear
Hate crimes in Tennessee jumped in 2011 from a five-year low the year before.
According to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation statistics reported in the Commercial Appeal, 261 hate crimes were recorded last year.

Asesinados 20 homosexuales en Honduras entre 2010 y 2011, según ombudsman
Al menos 20 miembros de la comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual y transgénero (LGBT) fueron asesinados en Honduras entre 2010 y 2011, informó hoy el Comisionado de los Derechos Humanos, Ramón Custodio, que responsabilizó de ello "a personas particulares y agentes de seguridad".

Transexual saldrá por primera vez en la TV nacional
Bailar, cantar, animar, subirse a una tarima y entretener al público. Desde su infancia, Maité Trejos, de 23 años, tenía claro que su sueño era ser animadora. Pero no quería aparecer frente a la pantalla como hombre.

Nicaragua elige a Miss Gay con exótico espectáculo de diversidad sexual
La comunidad homosexual de Nicaragua coronó a su Miss Gay, la reina de los travestis, con un exótico espectáculo de bailes y desfiles en trajes de baño y fantasía en el Teatro Nacional Rubén Darío, que abrió por primera vez sus puertas a la cultura de la diversidad sexual.

VIDEO: Otra mujer transgénero trabaja para Alcaldía de Bogotá
Isabella Torres Moreno, que estudió arquitectura, es la subdirectora de Barrios de la Secretaría de Hábitat.