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domingo, abril 22, 2012

El PP se divide a la hora de introducir enmienda favorable a los derechos LGTB en una resolución del Parlamento Europeo
El Parlamento Europeo aprobó el pasado miércoles una resolución referida al “Informe anual sobre los derechos humanos en el mundo y la política de la Unión Europea al respecto, incluidas las repercusiones para la política estratégica de la Unión Europea en materia de derechos humanos”. La resolución incluyó en su versión final una importante enmienda relativa a los derechos LGTB no contemplada en la propuesta inicial, y que reproducimos a continuación tal y como figura en la web del Parlamento Europeo. Se trata del punto 113 de la resolución, incluido dentro del epígrafe “Discriminación”. Por lo que se refiere al voto español, varios diputados del PP y el diputadó de Unió votaron en contra.

Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia has signed a legislative amendment that addresses the intolerance and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Botswana: Miss Universe Stance On Trans Woman Gives Community Reason To Hope
After the Miss Universe pageant recently changed its rules to allow trans women to enter, Botswana’s trans people are hoping they might be in a stronger situation to change things in their country.

Nepal's Sunil Pant Keeps His Country at the Forefront of LGBT Rights
There is not one single gay bar in Nepal. Yet this small country, which ranks near the bottom of the Human Development Index, emerges as a world leader in progressive laws supporting LGBT individuals.

1,000 vent anger at anti-LGBT rally
The Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus in Serdang was turned into a bashing ground for minority sexual preferences when some 1,000 people flooded its sports complex this afternoon to stage a anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rally.

Maritime students rise to the challenge in the fight for gender-neutral bathrooms
"Gender Neutral Bathroom Challenge" changes the way we do our business

Important Victory for Transgender Persons in Ontario
A significant decision from the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) in XY v. Ministry of Government and Consumer Services reinforces the human rights of trans people.
Transsexual surgery not needed to change birth certificates

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly slams ‘Glee’ for transgender teen storyline: ‘kids might go out and experiment’
Fox News’Bill O’Reillywasn’t exactly singing the praises about this week’s episode of “Glee”.
The conservative pundit blasted the musical sitcom, aired on sister network Fox, for its inclusion of a transgendered teenager, played byAlex Newell.
Fox’s O’Reilly, Carlson: ‘Glee’ makes kids experiment with homosexuality, gender identity
Bill O'Reilly says Glee could lead kids to experiment with being gay or transgender

BREAKING: White House Endorses Safe Schools Bill and Student Non-Discrimination Act
The White House today announced that President Obama is endorsing the Safe Schools Improvement Act (SSIA) and Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA), two bills pending in Congress to address bullying and discrimination faced by students across the nation.
BREAKING: Obama endorses SNDA, SSIA anti-bullying bills
President Obama endorses Critical Safe Schools Bills to protect student LGBTs

How Voter ID Laws Impact Transgender People
The passage of strict voter ID laws has been widely discussed for their impact on black and Latino voters, elderly and student voters, women and those with low incomes. As many as five million people have been estimated as likely to lose their voting rights because of the laws.

Phantom Penises and a New Kind of Transgenderism
Transgender metamorphosis, according to a study conducted by a protégé of renowned neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, is when a person undergoes a change in sexual identity, often multiple times a day. Meaning, you go to sleep identifying with one gender and wake up feeling, thinking, and identifying with the other.
'Our gender shifts by the hour': Incredible claim of group who suffer from 'phantom genitalia'

Anchorage tallies last ballots; no major changes
Anchorage elections officials have finished tallying about 15,000 absentee and questioned ballots from the April 3 city election and say the outcomes for major races and ballot propositions have not changed.
Final vote tally leaves Anchorage election unchanged

Tuscaloosa City Board of Ed. weighs adding gender nonconformity to anti-discrimination policy
An Alabama school board is weighing a decision to broaden its anti-discrimination and harrassment policy for transgendered employees and students.

Community Rallies After Transgender Woman’s Murder
Community groups are rallying for answers after a transgender woman was found shot and killed on the city’s West Side earlier this week.
Communities to rally for slain transgender woman

‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill introduced in Missouri state House
Anti-gay legislation made its comeback in the Missouri legislature on Thursday as House Bill 2051, sponsored by Rep. Steve Cookson (R-Dist. 153), was referred to the Elementary and Secondary Education Committee.

Trans*Action: transformative stories from transitioning students
Accompanied by the sound of coffee grinding, softly spoken conversation and the ever-present smell of Greenleaf coffee, a handful of Guilford students watched as a group of transgender college students’ lives unfolded on screen.

Nebraska’s capital city to consider LGBT fairness ordinance
The city council in Lincoln, Neb., is expected to consider a “fairness ordinance” that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s non-discrimination law.

FBI seizes records in bomb probe
A Cambria County couple intertwined in the University of Pittsburgh bomb threat investigation said FBI agents and police officers with a search warrant seized items from their home for a second time this week, taking handwritten notes, educational records, drafts of a lawsuit and a cell phone on Friday.

Exigen protección a la comunidad LGBTT en el Código Penal
La organización Puerto Rico Para Tod@s exigió incluir protecciones a la orientación sexual e identidad de género en los artículos sobre discriminaciones ilegales

Organizaciones en pro a diversidad sexual piden reformar Código Civil en Oaxaca
El próximo 22 de abril realizarán una manifestación para exigir permitan las uniones entre parejas del mismo sexo; además llevarán a cabo una campaña contra la homofobia y discriminación.

La organización reinas de la noche de Guatemala anunció la aparición de la activista trans Bibi

Jamundí lanza campaña para evitar muertes por procedimientos estéticos
Se busca que la gente no busque 'clínicas' de garaje y se asesore muy bien.

Un campesino que pasó de prostituirse a salvar vidas
Ahora recorre las calles para que transgeneristas encuentren oportunidades.

Dos a prisión por crimen del travesti
Tras dos intensas jornadas de interrogatorios, un mayor fue procesado con prisión y un menor derivado al INAU por el asesinato del transexual encontrado en un pozo en la ciudad de Melo.
Naciones Unidas condenó asesinatos de mujeres trans
Las mujeres trans "casi no son consideradas humanos"

Gender change law soon in Argentina: rights group
A proposal to allow citizens to change their gender and name in public records may become law in Argentina next month—a first in Latin America.
Pedro Paradiso Sotille, secretary for legal affairs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights group Comunidad Homosexual Argentina, said the Gender Identity Bill would likely be passed this May because of the support of many senators, and no less than President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Cher repudia discriminación a transexual en el hospital Felipe Heras
La Comunidad Homosexual Entre Ríos (Cher) repudia “el acto homofóbico del director hospital Felipe Heras (Concordia)”, denunciado por enfermera Marcela Coduri, quien hace unos dos años no consigue ejercer su profesión y un puesto estable en la institución por su condición de transexual, dijo a AIM el presidente de la entidad, Juan Carlos Fernández, quien sostuvo: “es inadmisible que todavía sigan sucediendo este tipo de hechos”.