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sexta-feira, abril 20, 2012

Europe calls for tougher action on global LGBT rights
European Parliament adopts report on global human rights and better access to asylum for gay, bisexual and trans people who flee to Europe

Travesti é morta a facadas a mando de outra em Três Lagoas
Uma travesti foi encontrada morta em um terreno baldio na noite desta terça-feira (17), por volta das 19h30, em Três Lagoas, cidade que fica a 338 quilômetros de Campo Grande. Ela foi roubada e esfaqueada com uma faca artesanal.
Travesti é morto com seis facadas no Jardim Angélica
Ex-miss gay é assassinada em Três Lagoas
Travesti é morta a punhaladas e dois são presos em MS, diz polícia

Comissão do Senado aprova nome social em documentos
Senadores aprovam uso do nome social em documentos de pessoas trans

Capital de Roraima tem trans como pré-candidata à vereadora
Capital do Estado de Roraima, a cidade de Boa Vista tem como pré-candidata à vereadora nas Eleições 2012, em outubro, a militante trans do Grupo DiveRRsidade Silvia Reis (PTN). Ela decidiu disputar a vaga na Câmara Municipal depois de várias eleições apoiando outros candidatos na luta contra a discriminação.

Justiça de Roraima autoriza transexual a mudar de nome sem cirurgia de readequação sexual
A 3ª Vara Cível do Tribunal de Justiça de Roraima autorizou a locutora transexual Sandra Gomez dos Santos, de 33 anos, a realizar a mudança de nome em seus documentos mesmo sem ter passado pela cirurgia de readequação sexual.

Rapaz mata meio-irmão travesti para proteger o pai
Cansado de ver o pai deficiente apanhar de irmão de criação, o pedreiro Marcelo Lisboa Franco, 19, matou a pedradas o travesti Wagner de Morais, 22. O crime aconteceu no fim da madrugada de Sexta-feira Santa, em São José dos Pinhais. Marcelo se apresentou na terça-feira na delegacia e confessou ter matado o irmão.

Travesti encontrado morto no Oeste
Um corpo de um homem encontrado por volta das 16h30 numa propriedade rural próximo da rodovia Angelo Baldissera, na Água Amarela, interior Chapecó. Ele foi identificado como Jacson Souza Neves, 29 anos, que era de Curitiba e há uma semana estava morando em Chapecó.

Navarra y el País Vasco proporcionan ideología de género a los futuros maestros
Personas ligadas a los colectivos de gays y lesbianas imparten educación en la diversidad afectivo-sexual

I’m writing to let you know that we have just published a report containing the results from an exploratory analysis on the data from the gender identity survey.
The report can be found at the following link:

Internet-released transgender film gets 2 million views in a week
Short from award-winning director about a transgender woman proves again how internet-released films are by-passing China's censors and reaching huge audiences

Another beauty queen scores transgender policy
Another beauty queen has shared her take on the decision of Miss Universe pageant organizers to accept transgender candidates.

Tribunal to would-be women: You can take it with you
A man doesn’t need to have his penis removed to legally become a woman, according to new order from the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Video-Game Designer Incorporates Transgender Experience Into “Dys4ia”
Trans activist and gamer Anna Anthropy (a.k.a. Auntie Pixilante) has created a flash-based game that embodies her early experiences on hormones. Taking elements from classic games like “Tetris,” “Dys4ia” allows players navigate through various screens where they try to deflect hate speech, dodge embarrassment and defeat other obstacles.

Report: Voter ID laws pose unique barriers for transgender voters
Nine states' voter ID laws may create substantial barriers to voting and possible disenfranchisement for over 25,000 transgender voters this November, according to a new study released by the Williams Institute during the organization's 11th Annual Conference at the UCLA School of Law.

Ramachandran’s Lab Looks Into Whether You Can Be a Man in the Morning and a Woman at Night
A graduate student of famed neuroscientist Vilayanur S. Ramachandran has found a group of men and women who report that their sexual identity can switch involuntarily to that of the opposite sex and back again. The transgender metamorphosis, these people assert, can occur several times a day and at inopportune moments. It is also accompanied by the sensation of phantom breasts or genitalia of the non-biological sex.

Queer Asian group celebrates silver anniversary
The Asian Pacific Islander Queer Women and Transgender Community is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a bang at its annual Lunar New Year Banquet this weekend.

USD hosts first ever Drag Show
USD hosted its first ever Drag Show tonight inside the UC Forums, where it was met with both staunch support and opposition from supporters and protesters of the event. Those in support felt it was a landmark event in USD’s mission of diversity. Those opposed felt it was a violation of fundamental Catholic values.

A Call to Stop the Killings in D.C.
Activists say trans citizens are not protected by the police.

Student fees to increase
Student fees will increase in coming semesters, but transgender individuals will have to wait for unisex bathrooms on campus.

Polk County detectives seek transvestite sex offender
Polk County Sheriff's detectives are looking for Brelon Small, 34, who is wanted for failing to register as a sex offender.
He has several aliases, and as a transvestite, is known to appear as a woman.
Travesti faz 'sucesso' ao posar com diferentes looks em fotos da polícia

De-escalate then defend: Lessons from Mejishi Martial Arts
Sensei Jaye Spiro is a tiny-framed lesbian with a voice like a cannon and a kick that could kill. But when it comes to self-defense there's a lot that can be done to be safe before resorting to counter violence.
Spiro, co-owner of Mejishi Martial Arts in Ferndale, volunteered to do a self-defense class as part of Transgender Day of Empowerment on April 14. The class gave a group of transgender women tools to help avoid violence, and to fight off an attacker if necessary.
Transgender Empowerment Task Force reports back one year later

Transgender children share coming out stories
The little girl in the audience had a hard time sitting still. She lay across her grandmother's lap and kicked her little purple-tight-covered legs in the air, amused by the way her lavender tutu skirt crunched as she moved. In front of the crowd a panel of parents, and one grandparent - her own grandfather, spoke about what it's like to have a transgender child.

Over 12,000 supporters of Chrishaun McDonald call on Hennepin County Attorney to drop the charges
Supporters of Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald delivered a petition with over 12,000 signatures and a letter signed by 35 local, state and national organizations directly to Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman’s office April 17, demanding that he drop the two second-degree murder charges levied against McDonald. Family members had earlier requested a meeting with the County Attorney Freeman, but he refused to meet with them.

Council will consider adding sexual orientation, gender identity to anti-discrimination ordinance
The Lincoln City Council will consider a proposal next month to expand legal protection to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.

Father details struggles raising transgender child
A father's journey while fighting for his transgender child's rights has taken him through the Maine state Legislature, courtrooms and the national media. It's now taken him on a speaking tour, with his first stop at one of his alma maters.

Tollway authority adds LGBT protections
The North Texas Tollway Authority Board of Directors approved an amendment Wednesday morning to add sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the company’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

20th Annual Houston Transgender Unity Banquet
Saturday, Apr 28, 2012 6:30 PM CDT
Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel, Houston, TX

[México] [Commentary]
Remembering Agnes
Words almost fail to describe the torrent of emotions I felt upon learning of the vicious hate crime that took the life of my compatriota, Mexican trans activist Agnes Torres last month in Puebla state.

Tercer asesinato de travesti en lo que va del año
El cadáver de un travesti apareció en Melo con signos de violación y golpiza después de ocho días desaparecido; hay cuatro detenidos por este caso que declaran ante la Justicia
Cuatro detenidos por crimen de travesti en Melo

Media sanción para agravar la pena para el femicidio y el crimen homofóbico
El proyecto que aprobó ayer Diputados establece pena de prisión perpetua para esos delitos. Hubo 203 votos a favor, ninguno en contra y una abstención.