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sexta-feira, abril 13, 2012

Talackova abre o Miss Universe a mulheres trans e a polémica instala-se
Jenna Talackova, a mulher que com a sua luta no Canadá abriu as portas do concurso Miss Universe para a comunidade transexual, abriu também as portas da polémica a nível mundial.

Aluno transexual da UnB entra com recurso para usar nome social
Conselho de Graduação, formado por professores, irá votar recurso.
Marcelo Caetano diz já ter passado por diversas situações constrangedoras.
Estudante transexual da Universidade de Brasília (UnB) luta pelo direito de ser chamado pelo nome que escolheu e não pelo que consta no registro civil. No início deste ano, um estudante de Ciência Política, que tem o nome de mulher em todos os documentos, entrou com recurso na reitoria da UnB pelo direito de ser chamado pelo nome que escolheu: Marcelo Caetano.

Mantengamos las cirugías de reasignación para transexuales en la Seguridad Social
El 8 de abril de 2012, medios cercanos al PP (Intereconomía, La Gaceta) comenzaron a lanzar el rumor de que, por este orden, “cambios de sexo, fecundaciones in vitro y vasectomías dejarán de ser gratuitos”. (Cambios de sexo, fecundaciones in vitro y vasectomías no serán gratuitas).
El 11 de abril, otro medio cercano al PP (, publica, también por este orden, que "Operaciones de cambio de sexo, vasectomías y tratamientos de fertilidad. Estos tratamientos, considerados no esenciales, se seguirán financiando, al menos en la propuesta del Ministerio de Sanidad, pero se vigilarán con lupa. Se restringirá su práctica y se limitará." (Habrá menos cambios de sexo y vasectomías)

A new wave of gay hate in Italy
As Italian MP Massimo Calearo calls gay kisses ‘disgusting’, LGBT activists move forward their agenda despite political hatred

Russians defiant of propaganda law in YouTube video
Digital LGBT action group AllOut have recorded a video featuring Russians defiant in the face of the recent Saint Petersburg ‘gay propaganda’ law.

Steering ahead
Mahalir Thittam organises driving lessons and basic automobile mechanism for transgenders

Transgender found brutally murdered
A 42-year-old transgender was found murdered near here today. The victim was identified as Menakshiammal, who is a native of Ukkadam in Coimbatore and residing in Mullai Nagar near Krishnagiri for the past few months, police said.
Transgender found murdered in Krishnagiri

LGBT Communities Portrayed in Positive Light in New Omnibus Film
After “Jakarta Maghrib” and the horror omnibus “Hi5teria,” which is still playing in cinemas, get ready for “Sanubari Jakarta” (“Jakarta Deep Down”). But this collection of movies features a far different theme than the others.

Jenna Talackova Mocked On Don Imus Radio Show
Jenna Talackova, the transgender Miss Universe contestant who has won the right to compete in the pageant, was mocked Wednesday on Don Imus' radio show.
BryanBoy: I'm 'Pro-Tranny' But Don't Want Them In Miss Universe
ProGay wants transgender in Bb. Pilipinas pageant
Gays tell Quiambao: Welcome your transgender ‘sisters’
Filipino beauty says no to trans in Miss Universe

[Commentary] "Pull up your skirt to prove you're a real woman"
[Commentary] Viewing Transgender Women in the Miss Universe Pageant with Eyes Wide Open
Belleza vs. derecho
Diversas organizaciones rechazan transexuales
Transgender women should not be allowed, says Vinah
Pedro Julio Apoya decisión de aceptar transexuales en Miss Universo
Denise Quiñones apoya participación de transexuales en Miss Universe
Polémica por decisión de Miss Universo de aceptar transexuales en su concurso
‘Gays buscan respeto, no figurar en concursos’

EA stirs controversy by adding gay characters to Star Wars game
In a new move for the gaming industry, Electronic Arts adds characters in same-sex relationships to its games, which brings it under attack from conservative anti-gay groups.

White House Holds High-Level Meeting With LGBT Advocates to Discuss Workplace Protections
At 3 p.m. today, LGBT advocates went to the White House to attend a meeting being led by White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett to discuss advocates and the administration's work addressing anti-LGBT workplace discrimination, according to two sources familiar with but not attending the meeting.
White House Says No Federal Contractor Nondiscrimination Executive Order "At This Time"
White House Official: "No" on Employment Executive Order
DENIED: White House says ‘no’ to ENDA exec order
Obama delays ban on discrimination by U.S. contractors, disappointing gay rights advocates
Obama Won’t Order Ban on Gay Bias by Employers

'Natural family' prevails in Anchorage
Voters in Anchorage, Alaska, have handily defeated a proposed ordinance that would have provided special rights for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.
Assembly gets earful of complaints about election

LGBT High School Opens in Phoenix
Phoenix, Ariz., opened the doors to the state's first high schools targeted toward LGBT students last month, join a small group of other LGBT schools across the U.S.
Phoenix LGBTQ center to offer high school curriculum for bullied, homeless youth

Councilmember Joins Support of USD Drag Show
After an upcoming LGBT event drew criticism from some USD alumni, others stepped forward to support the show
Drag Show At USD Sparks Controversy

LBGTA forum questions housing
A forum proposing Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Allies (LBGTA) Living Learning Community (LLC) was sponsored by students from an Introduction to women’s studies class on Thursday, April 5.

Students Ask Queer Sex Questions
After a whole week devoted to frank discussions of sex just two weeks ago, one might think that Harvard students had exhausted the subject. But an intimate gathering of fewer than ten students in Leverett Private Dining Room proved otherwise on Wednesday, as students discussed topics ranging from group sex to transgender sex to whether one prefers the word “cock” or “dick.”

LGBT advocates distribute school flyers to counter anti-gay message by PFOX
A group of LGBT advocates announced Wednesday they had delivered 50,000 flyers to high school students in Montgomery County, Md., aimed at dispelling myths about what it means to be gay.

Milestone in Md., as trans bill becomes law
This past week was an historic one for Maryland, as the Baltimore County gender identity anti-discrimination bill, Human Relations 3-12, became law. This brings the state’s population covered by similar protections, with nearly identical legal language, up to 47 percent. Since most of the state’s transgender population lives in the jurisdictions with these protections – Montgomery and Howard counties, as well as Baltimore County and City – we can say that, for practical purposes, Maryland is now a much better place in which to live.

Transgender Day of Visibility pairs volunteering with community
As transgender individuals measured out servings of caramel for Forgotten Harvest, they talked about their experiences and showed the other volunteers at the large food pantry that they are just like most people - helpful, friendly, approachable, and normal.

Teens Increasingly Interested In Becoming Transgendered
Paige Dula has no regrets about her transition from man to woman even though it hasn't always been easy.

National transgender leader keynotes Pride Week at OU
Tuesday evening, the Ohio University Student Senate's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Commission hosted one of the nation's leading voices for transgender equality as the designated keynote speaker for this year's Pride Week events at OU.

Trans Woman Fights to Change Virginia DMV Policy
Lori Wright is drafting her own bill to change Virginia's anti-transgender DMV policy, with the hope that a member of the state assembly will sponsor it.

Bearded woman found guilty of assaulting officer’s genitals
A jury today took 20 minutes to convict a woman, who wears a beard and lives as a man, of assaulting a Spokane Police officer in 2009.