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domingo, abril 08, 2012

Família de travesti morta após aplicar silicone quer identificar responsáveis
Prima quer investigar onde a jovem conseguiu comprar e injetar produto.
Após 3 dias, travesti passou mal e morreu no Hospital de Urgências de Goiânia.

Gay Nepalese MP starts petition against Facebook
Nepalese member of parliament and LGBT campaigner Sunil Babu Pant has started a petition to make Facebook a more inclusive place for transgender and gender variant people.

Malaysia bans gay characters from television, radio programs
The southeastern Asian nation of Malaysia has banned television and radio programs programs that feature gay characters, an effort to curb the “influence” of the LGBT community, the country’s Information Department has confirmed.
No gays allowed on Malaysian TV or radio
No ban on "LGBT" characters on govt TV channels: Rais
Rais: No ban on gay portrayals
LGBT crackdown: Govt bid to ‘kill-off’ political enemies

Survey shines spotlight on continuing anxiety, discrimination
A follow-up study to a major national survey first conducted six years ago on the health and wellbeing of GLBT Australians has found that almost 80 per cent of GLBT people have experienced at least one episode of intense anxiety in the past 12 months and that many of them continue to face higher levels of abuse and discrimination.

Transgender beauty queen Jenna Talackova began hormone treatments at 14
Just a few weeks ago, Barbara Walters probably would not have had much interest in interviewing Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova.
Jenna Talackova Tells Barbara Walters That She's A Real Woman
El Miss Ecuador tampoco permite la participación de los transexuales

Mexican Legal Group Urges President to Sign ENDA Stopgap
The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund became the first non-LGBT organization to join a movement urging President Obama to sign an executive order that would require federal contractors to have LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination policies.

Re-Cap: Trans Issues at the Aging in America Conference
I was pleased to be able to attend and present last week at Aging in America, the nation’s largest multi-disciplinary conference on aging issues, which this year was held in the nation’s capital. I attended a number of great sessions on topics such as cultural competence in aging services, the experiences of transgender people at mid-life, improving responses to issues of intimacy and sexuality in long-term care settings, and how the Affordable Care Act benefits multicultural elders. There was an incredible track of LGBT aging programming at this year’s conference, with more than a dozen LGBT-focused workshops.

Dozens of Anchorage precincts ran out of ballots
A city review of this week's Anchorage election shows that more than half of precincts reviewed so far ran out of ballots.
City clerk: 53 precincts ran out of ballots

Transgender Deacon Shares Life Changing Story
This story is extremely rare. In fact, there are only a handful of Episcopalian clergy members that are transgendered in the world.

Naked transgender individual arrested
Police in Florida said they arrested a transgender individual accused of shaking genitalia at five people, including a 10-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl.

'Toxic tush' suspect pleads not guilty
A transgender Florida woman accused of injecting a toxic blend into women's buttocks pleaded not guilty to a charge of practicing medicine without a license.

Man suspected of targeting transsexual prostitutes arrested
Police have arrested a man suspected of targeting transsexual prostitutes.
Riviera Beach police said Luis De Los Santos was arrested Thursday in connection with last month's double shooting that killed a man and injured another.
Man arrested on robbery, battery charges in transvestite shootings

High School Student Finds Strength to Come Out as Transsexual
A few months ago, Katie Forman donned a simple brown skirt, a hoodie and some eye shadow and headed off to school.
That wardrobe choice was a big step for Forman, one that she says has been met with support in the halls of Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School.
Forman, 18, is a male-to-female transsexual.

Pittsburgh Finds Univ. of Pitt's Trans Bathroom Policy "Concerning"
Pittsburgh city officials aren't pleased with the University of Pittsburgh's new articulated policy on the use of bathrooms by transgender students and staff, which states they must use the bathroom for the gender on their birth certificate.
Pitt’s transgender policy conflicts with city, county policies
University Of Pittsburgh Imposes Anti-Trans Bathroom Policy

[Commentary] Pitt to Trans Students: Birth Certificate or Bust

Clinic conducts support group for transgender individuals
The Marshall University Psychology Clinic is conducting a support group for transgender individuals in the area.

Organización Transexual de Rancagua asegura que Ley Anti discriminación es discriminadora
Andrés Rivera, presidente de la Organización de Transexuales por la Diversidad y la Dignidad (OTD), indica que el apuro que se le ha puesto a dicha iniciativa legislativa tiene fines políticos. Además, relata hechos de discriminación en nuestra realidad local y anticipa qué pasaría con esta ley.
Gay-Inclusive Anti-Discrimination Bill Approved In Chile After Death Of Daniel Zamudio
Monseñor Ezzati presidió Vía Crucis en Colina y en Villa Grimaldi recordaron a Daniel Zamudio
The Swift Legacy of Chile’s Matthew Shepard
La homofobia mata, y dolorosamente seguirá matando
Realizan homenaje a Daniel Zamudio en vía crucis de Villa Grimaldi
Multitudinario via crucis en Villa Grimaldi recordó a Daniel Zamudio y exigió fin de la violencia en territorio mapuche
Consideraciones en torno a la ley antidiscriminación

Detienen a 5 travestis en la "zona roja" vendiendo droga
Cinco travestis que habitualmente se encuentran en cercanías de plaza Matheu fueron aprehendidos ayer, al ser descubiertos por efectivos policiales cuando comercializaban drogas en esa zona. En la ocasión, a su vez, les incautaron un total de 1.700 pesos y un auto en el que se movilizaban y con el que "camuflaban" la venta de estupefacientes.

Representantes de la comunidad gay protestaron contra la discriminación
En la plaza San Martín de Victoria, travestis, gays y lesbianas se manifestaron contra la prohibición de ingreso que ejercen sobre ellos algunos locales nocturnos de la ciudad.