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quarta-feira, abril 04, 2012


Está a decorrer um estudo com pessoas transexuais, no CIS - Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social, do ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa.

Quais os objetivos do estudo? O estudo insere-se numa investigação de doutoramento em Psicologia, e tem como objetivo aumentar o conhecimento científico acerca da população transexual portuguesa. Esperamos, deste modo, contribuir para a implementação de políticas sociais e de saúde mais responsáveis e eficazes.

Em que consiste o estudo? De forma a ouvir as próprias pessoas, sobre questões que lhes dizem respeito, estamos a realizar entrevistas individuais a pessoas transexuais. Nas entrevistas são abordadas questões relativas à história de vida e, se for o caso, ao “processo de transição”.

Quem pode participar? Qualquer pessoa cuja identidade de género não é congruente com o sexo atribuído na altura do nascimento, independentemente de se encontrar, ou não, em “processo de transição”.

A entrevista é confidencial? Sim. As entrevistas são realizadas individualmente, por um investigador, com garantia de confidencialidade. As informações recolhidas são depois tratadas de forma anónima, isto é, sem qualquer referência que identifique o(a) participante.

Onde e quando se realizam as entrevistas? Em data e local a combinar, de acordo com as preferências dos(as) participantes.

Como participar? É fácil. Basta contactar-nos e agendaremos uma entrevista de acordo com as suas preferências. Também nos pode contactar para esclarecer qualquer dúvida ou obter mais informações.

Estamos atualmente numa segunda fase de recolha de dados. A realização do estudo está dependente da participação voluntária de participantes. A sua colaboração é fundamental!

Nuno Pinto CIS-IUL/Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social do Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
Telemóvel 91 354 74 96

EU hopefuls told to improve gay rights
European Parliament calls on Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo to tackle LGBT discrimination

Livro sobre vida do primeiro homem trans ganha lançamento em SP
Primeiro transexual do Brasil lança em São Paulo livro que conta sua história

RJ: Travesti é morta e queimada dentro de casa
Travesti é assassinada e queimada dentro de casa em Campos dos Goytacazes
Assassino espanca travesti e coloca fogo na casa com vítima dentro no Rio

Travesti de Uberlândia, Minas, será beneficiada com o Bolsa Família
A mobilizadora social Alexia Dias, 26 anos, representante do movimento LGBT de Uberlândia foi a primeira travesti na cidade a ser beneficiada pelo programa Bolsa Família, do governo federal. O direito foi alcançado por meio do Plano Nacional de Cidadania e Direitos Humanos de LGBT.

Gay people in South West of England ‘living in daily fear’
Many gay and lesbian people in South West England are living in constant fear of discrimination and abuse, according to a regional survey by a local LGBT charity.

Sky Living orders Ladyboys series
Sky Living has ordered a follow up series following Thailand’s transgender community after the success of a one-off documentary shown last year.

Transgender accused of rape in 'Dungeon'
A man who is transgender has gone on trial accused of raping a woman at a house in Neath that had a bedroom equipped for sadomasochism known as The Dungeon.

Anti-gay group in Liberia issues hit list, threatens to ‘get to them one by one’
An anti-gay group in Liberia distributed fliers over the weekend with a hit list of people who support gay rights, and one member of the group threatened to “get to them one by one.”

Activistas denuncian ante corte la ley rusa que prohíbe propaganda homosexual
La querella interpuesta por la organización "Salida" alude a que algunos conceptos a los que alude la nueva ley, como "bisexualidad" o "relaciones conyugales o tradicionales", no tienen definición jurídica, por lo que la prohibición es anticonstitucional.

‘Transgenders are still stigmatised’
Breaking free from the clutches of social stigma, Abhina Aher, 34, a transgender activist has reached out to thousands of transgenders living across 17 Indian states over the last 14 years.
Aher has been chosen as a ‘role model’ for city-based transgenders, whom she will address at ‘Anandi Anand Gade’, a community event organised by a social group, Anam Prem on April 5.

Polite prejudice: LGBT life in Japan
Gay Star News interview one of the first gay elected politicians in Japan, Taiga Ishikawa

‘This silence is what feeds the beast of oppression’
Activist responds to claim campaign for LGBT rights is making life worse for gay people in Malaysia

World’s first openly intersex mayor faces allegations of serious misconduct
Councillor Tony Briffa, Mayor of Hobson’s Bay in Melbourne, asks fellow councillor to accept his apology to save taxpayers money to end long-running dispute
Briffa battle costs

Poor mental health among LGBT people
Almost 80 per cent of LGBT Australians have suffered from intense anxiety in the past year alone, according to a new survey released today.
Poor Mental Health for GLBT’s: Is it their Fault? Are they Liable of Taking this Punishment?
Mental health woes for gays: study

[Canada] [Commentary]
Jenna Talackova and the Myth of Trans Dishonesty
By now, everyone is probably aware that the Miss Universe Canada pageant organizers have disqualified contestant Jenna Talackova from the pageant. The reason they have given publicly is that she was “dishonest” on her application – but trans people know the real reason.
Transgender contestant may be allowed back into Miss Universe pageant
Miss Universe opens way for transsexual contestant Jenna Talackova to rejoin pageant
Ousted trans Miss Universe finalist allowed back
Trump Won’t Bar Transsexual Beauty Queen From Shot at Miss Universe Canada Title
Transgender woman allowed back into Miss Universe
Miss Universe Canada allows transgendered woman to enter pageant after all
Transgender beauty allowed to compete
Jenna Talackova allowed to compete in Miss Universe Canada if she meets ‘legal gender requirements’
Beauty queen who was born a male can compete after all
Bill O’Reilly Sticks Up For Transgender Miss Universe Contestant

CF policy offers support
Last month, a CANFORGEN was released to highlight the implementation of the Canadian Forces Military Personnel Instruction 01/11, Management of CF Transsexual Members.

SIU probing injuries to Niagara Falls woman during arrest
The case of a Niagara Falls woman who says Toronto police used excessive force in arresting her Friday is being probed by the Special Investigations Unit.
Angela Turvey, a 36-year-old transgendered female who lived in Niagara Falls for three years before moving to Toronto to be part of the Occupy Toronto movement, was taken to hospital after being taken to the ground by two police officers. She was treated for bruised, swollen eyes, a broken nose, a fractured orbital bone and received seven stitches.

Bill to Guarantee Equal Rights to Transgender Canadians
A bill up for debate this month proposes adding gender identity to the list of protected human rights in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The upshot of this bill is that it would become illegal to discriminate against somebody on the basis of their gender identity. Currently, there are no legal protections for transgender, transsexual, or gender non-conforming individuals.

'In The Life' Debuts Groundbreaking Episode on Transgender Children and Their Families
This month, the award-winning newsmagazine In The Life will debut “Becoming Me,” featuring eight families with transgender and gender nonconforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25.
In The Life Media video An episode about trans and gender-nonconforming children
‘In the Life’ debuts groundbreaking episode on transgender youth
8 True Stories: How Real Families Handle Trans Children

Anchorage set to vote on Proposition 5
Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, is set to vote tomorrow on Proposition 5, which would, if approved by the voters, outlaw discrimination in employment and housing against gay men and lesbians, and in addition, extend protections to transgender people.
Sarah Palin Predecessor, Tony Knowles, Endorses Anchorage Gay Protections Prop 5
In Anchorage, a Contentious Fight Over Antidiscrimination Measure
Is Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan willfully ignoring gay discrimination?
Strong Early Voting Numbers in Anchorage Muni Election
Anchorage voters to decide election issues Tuesday

What is Gender Identity?
In light of the California state law (AB 887) passed in October of 2011 and USD adding "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the university's Equal Opportunity Policy and Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment, PRIDE and Associated Students are sponsoring a series of educational events during the month of April.

Transgendered teens gunned down in D.C.
Deon Davis and Wilbur Thomas were two teenagers living secret lives when they were gunned down in Southeast Washington nearly 10 years ago.

MA House Speaker to Keynote 3rd Annual Lawyers for Transgender Rights Event
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) is excited to announce its third annual Lawyers for Transgender Rights event on Thursday, April 12th at 6 p.m. at The Estate in Boston. Massachusetts. House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo will be accepting MTPC’s 2012 Transgender Ally Award and offering brief remarks.

Transgender Woman Murdered In Gritty Detroit Neighborhood
Police have discovered the body of a transgender woman named Coko Williams in a particularly crime-, drug-, and prostitution-ridden section of East Detroit.

Portland’s Transgender Benefits Have Gone Unused
Last June the Portland City Council unanimously approved the new benefit joining Multnomah County and San Francisco

Recuerdan asesinatos de personas comunidad LGBTT
La Coalición de Organizaciones LGBTT y Pro Derechos Humanos se manifestaron en las escalinatas del ala norte del Capitolio y recordaron con flores y cintas a las más de 20 personas LGBTT asesinadas en los últimos años.

TEA of Utah seeks survey participants
Going to get your driver’s license shouldn’t be dehumanizing. Yet, that’s exactly how many transgender Utahns feel when they attempt to accomplish this simple, and necessary task. We have talked with the Drivers License Division about the discrimination, and unfair treatment people have experienced and they have told us they need more information: Where discrimination happened, what the situation was and what the outcome was.
Mistreatment by the DLD

Busca asociación de TTT llevar al Congreso iniciativa de Ley de Identidad de Género
La asociación civil de diversidad Travesti, Transgénero y Transexual (TTT) en Chiapas, sostiene pláticas con la Comisión Estatal de Derechos Humanos para llevar al Congreso local la iniciativa de Ley de Identidad de Género que pretende regular aspectos jurídicos y de salud para este sector.

Travesti enamoró y secuestró a su cliente
La Procuraduría General de Justicia del Distrito Federal aprehendió a José Francisco, quien se hacía llamar Perla de la Garza Molina o Valeria González, mismo que trabajaba como bailarina en un centro nocturno de la Zona Rosa donde enamoró a uno de sus clientes, a quien finalmente secuestró, luego de que éste le pagó una operación de senos.

Trasladan expedientes de presuntos homicidas de Agnes Torres a Izúcar
Los expedientes de los presuntos asesinos del activista Agnes Torres Hernández fueron turnados al Juzgado de lo Penal en esta cabecera que dará seguimiento y quien emitirá la sentencia correspondiente, según informes de colaboradores de Alberto Bagatella Bermúdez.
Crean en Monterrey grupo trans en honor a Agnes Torres

Hallan a travesti inígena muerto dentro de casa de cita en Chiriquí
El cadáver de un travesti de raza indígena, de unos 30 años de edad, fue encontrado semidesnudo y boca abajo dentro de una de las habitaciones de la pensión "Valle de La Luna" en Doleguita de David, provincia de Chiriquí.
Matan a travesti dentro de un ‘push’ en David

Las transgeneristas de Medellín piden igualdad en derechos laborales
Lo que comenzó como la posibilidad de un empleo de medio tiempo, que le ayudaría a responder por el arriendo de la nueva casa en la que vivía, se convirtió para Juliana Osorio, líder transgenerista del valle de Aburrá, en una queja bajo juramento ante la Personería de Medellín por presunta discriminación debido a su identidad de género.

Attack Spurs LGBT Legislative Action in Chile
Daniel Zamudio, a 24-year-old gay Chilean, died on March 27 following an attack by a group of self-described neo-Nazis. His death sparked a national debate over the protection of gay rights in Chile, with an anti-discrimination law languishing in the lower house for seven years due to opposition from conservative senators at the core of that debate.
Movilh exigió perfeccionar Ley de Antidiscriminación ante discusión en el Congreso
Movilh califica de "dolorosos y aberrantes" los dichos de abogado Reyes sobre Zamudio
Ciprofam Internacional advierte a Chilenos: “Si aprueban la ley de discriminación, la libertad religiosa y la familia está en peligro”
Ps José Linares : "Aprobar Crimenes de Odio sería una legislación irresponsable"

Comienza el primer año del bachillerato popular para travestis
El Bachillerato Popular Travesti "Mocha Celis, la primera experiencia de educación popular destinada a travestis, transexuales y transgénero, comenzó el 19 de marzo con su primera camada de estudiantes.

La Zona Roja, donde vale todo y la Policía brilla por su ausencia
La noche es agradable. Las luces de los autos circulan casi sin pausa por la avenida Figueroa Alcorta, en los Bosques de Palermo. Al llegar a la esquina de Intendente Guerrico, frente al club GEBA, todo es oscuridad. Los árboles no dejan pasar la luz de la única columna de alumbrado que está a pocos metros. Entre ellos apareció uno de los cuerpos. El otro estaba en una zona más luminosa, donde el movimiento de personas, pasadas las diez de la noche, es nulo.