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segunda-feira, março 26, 2012

Transgender Europe’s Trans Murder Monitoring project reveals more than 800 reported murders of trans people in the last 4 years
The March 2012 update reveals a total of 816 reported killings of trans people in 55 countries worldwide from January 1st 2008 to December 31st 2011. The update shows an exponential increase in reported killings of trans people over the last four years. In 2008, 141 cases were reported, in 2009 213 cases, in 2010 214 cases, and in 2011 a shocking number of 248. These are mainly the reported cases that could be found through Internet research and cooperation with trans organizations and activists. In most countries, data on murdered trans people are not systematically produced and it is impossible to estimate the numbers of unreported cases.
Números alarmantes una vez más: Observatorio de Personas Trans Asesinadas muestra que en los últimos cuatro años se han registrado más que 800 asesinatos de personas trans

Lea T. faz cirurgia de mudança de sexo na Tailândia
A modelo Lea T. já tinha demonstrado sua vontade de realizar a cirurgia de readequação sexual.
Lea T. fez cirurgia de readequação sexual há 3 semanas na Tailândia
Lea T. faz cirurgia de readequação de sexo

Travesti é suspeita de tentar matar soldado da Marinha no Rio; ela nega
Soldado está internado em estado grave, segundo a Marinha.
Suspeita foi presa em casa, em Brás de Pina, nesta sexta (23).

Travesti de 17 anos é assassinada em praça no Centro de João Pessoa, diz polícia
Ela foi morta com dois tiros no Ponto de Cem Réis na quinta-feira (22).
Polícia Civil investiga se vítima tinha ligações com o tráfico de drogas.

Transgender woman banned from Hull Sainsbury's store for asking for hugs
A transgender woman has been banned from a shop after persistently asking female staff to hug her.
Amy Rice, 27, would also ask workers at Sainsbury's in Princes Avenue, west Hull, to befriend her on the social networking site Facebook.

Livvy reaches e-petition target
A girl born a boy is celebrating after a petition collected 2,000 names thanks to the support of the Worcester News.
The e-petition against the use of terms such as “tranny” and “gender bender” in the media has now reached its target after a hard-fought campaign by a Worcester family.

‘Unashamedly Me’ - from mechanic to author
TWO YEARS after the Leighton Buzzard Observer broke the story about a transsexual mechanic in Leighton who had been shunned by her customers for revealing ‘he’ was actually a ‘she’, Teraina Hird has now become a published author telling of her ordeal in order to help others overcome prejudice.

German courts rule that an eleven year old German transgender girl can legally be institutionalized
The case of an eleven year old child who goes by the alias Alex Kaminsky has once again stirred debate as to Germany’s stance towards gender neutrality, sex and clinical devices of purity, especially in light of its torrid history with respect to forced sterilization and aspirations towards racial purity.

Albanian gays to stage first gay pride march
Albanian gay organisations on Friday announced plans to hold the country's first ever gay pride parade in Tirana on May 17, a move immediately slammed by a government minister.
Albanian Minister Criticized For Anti-Gay Comments
Gay Pride goers should be 'beaten' says Deputy Defense Minister of Albania

Liberia's Ellen Johnson Sirleaf defends gay stance
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel Peace Laureate, on Friday defended her country's stand on gay rights after controversy following an interview she gave to a British newspaper.

In elections as in life: Eunuch to fight alone
Among those who are gearing up to contest the civic elections is Anita, a 59-year-old eunuch. Anita had approached the BSP for a ticket but is considering contesting independently because she is yet to hear from the party. Anita wants to contest from south Delhi's Sangam Vihar, which now has a BJP councillor.

Nepal’s first gender-neutral public toilet to be unveiled
Nepal’s first openly gay MP has secured the opening of the country’s first gender-neutral toilet.

Malaysia training helpers to curb homosexuals
The Malaysian government is working with several NGOs to help resolve LGBT ‘problems’
Stop the homosexual witch-hunt
Campaign to curb homosexuality

Miss Universe Canada pulls contestant Jenna Talackova off website... for being transsexual?
Jenna Talackova's profile was visible on the official contestants page of the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant just a few days ago. Now, her profile has disappeared without a trace. Is it a coincidence that she was their only transsexual finalist?
Miss Universe Canada yanks transgendered contestant from pageant
Miss Universe Canada disqualifies Vancouver-based transsexual contestant
Miss Universe disqualifies transgender finalist
Transgender contestant dropped from pageant

[Commentary] Trans Woman Kicked Out of Miss Universe Canada Pageant: Reporting the Jenna Talackova Story
Miss Universe Canada disqualifies transsexual contestant
Miss Universe Canada Ejects Transgender Contestant

[Commentary] Politicians deserve scorn for not passing law to allow a transgender model to pursue her dream
[Commentary] Vancouver woman disqualified from Miss Universe for being transgender
[Commentary] Miss Universe Canada: Sorry, No Trans Girls!
[Commentary] In Solidarity: Jenna Talackova and I Should Have ALL the Rights Other Women Have
[Commentary] And the Moral of the Story Is . . .

Study: Majority of Americans Support Equal Rights for Transgender People
A recent study from the Public Religion Research Institute shows an overwhelming majority of Americans supporting equal rights and legal protections for transgender people.

'I AM: Trans People Speak,' New GLAAD Media Campaign, Aims To Raise Transgender Community Awareness (VIDEO)
A new project created by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and sponsored by GLAAD aims to raise awareness about the transgender community's diversity -- and we've got a sneak peek.

SEC Rejects ExxonMobil's Attempt to Block Nondiscrimination Proposal
The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected a request by ExxonMobil to block a nondiscrimination shareholder resolution proposing protection for employees against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, paving the way for a vote on the measure at a shareholder meeting this May.
SEC rejects ExxonMobil bid to block protections for sexual orientation, gender identity

Torture of Gay Immigration Prisoners Alleged
After criticism from the United Nations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it is "taking action to investigate" reports that 16 gay and transgender detainees have been tortured in U.S. immigration prisons.
U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez first questioned the United States about the allegations August 2011. On Feb. 29, Mendez said that he "regrets" that the United States did not respond to his inquiry.

Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey Results Released
The final report on discrimination experienced by Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people in Anchorage is set to be released Thursday.
It’s called the Anchorage LGBT discrimination survey. The preliminary version of the report was released late last year. The new version includes more detailed information. Mel Green is the principal investigator and author of the report.
Survey indicates sexual-orientation discrimination in Anchorage
Anchorage LGBT Discrimination Survey final report released
Opponents Of Anchorage's Gay Protections Prop 5 Say Gay People Already Accepted

Transgender patients get health care
A Boulder women's health clinic will begin offering health care for transgender patients.

Fliers Warning About Anti-Transgender Violence Raise Bathroom Flap at GWU
A group of activists at George Washington University is concerned that a campaign to raise awareness about violence against transgender people is being snubbed out because of a campus policy about the placement of fliers.

Montgomery Found Competent to Stand Trial
Trial of man accused of fatally stabbing transgender woman, Deoni Jones, in Northeast D.C. moves forward

Michigan Democratic Sen. Rebekah Warren wants to extend civil rights protections
A state lawmaker wants to amend Michigan's anti-discrimination law to make sure no one is fired or evicted because of sexual orientation or gender identity.
Michigan lawmaker proposes expanding LGBT protections
Sexual orientation, gender identity would be added to Michigan's anti-discrimination law under proposed legislation
Bill seeks to amend Elliott-Larsen law to include LGBT protections

Area Brownies Support Transgender Girl Scout
Maplewood mom Laura Booker was skeptical when her daughter wanted to join the Girl Scouts organization:

A Transgender Candidate Is Hoping to Make History
Zoning. School overcrowding. The design of New York’s transportation system.
These are just a few of the subjects that Mel Wymore, a candidate for City Council on the Upper West Side, brought up in an interview before addressing the elephant in the room: that, if elected, he would be the first transgender member of the Council.

Transgender student claims Miami University shows bias in housing
A college student identified at birth as a female but who now lives as a man says Miami University discriminated against him in school housing by assigning him to a women’s dormitory suite for next year.

Resolution calls for end to SEPTA gender markers
City Council has backed a resolution to urge the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority to cease its gender-marker system, which critics say is discriminatory against transgender and gender nonconforming riders.
Philadelphia To Consider Ending Gender Identification On Transportation Passes
Will SEPTA End Gender IDs?

Trailblazing TTPC President breaks new ground
Dr. Marisa Richmond, the president of Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition, adds another first to her trailblazing career. She has been nominated for an Athena Award, a prestigious award given to Nashville women who excel in the business, political, civics, and nonprofit sectors. She is the first transgender person to be nominated for this award.

Welcome to Texas, prison rape capital of the U.S.
In 2007, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice placed transgender woman Brittney Allen Young into the Powledge men’s prison unit in Palestine.
Early in her sentence, Young’s cellmate, Charles, began overpowering and raping her, according to a letter Young wrote to Dallas Voice recently.

Black Transmen Advocacy Conference to make history in Dallas
For far too long, black transgender men have dealt with limited visibility within the LGBT community.
Noticing a real need for a space where black transmen could come together, feel empowered and get much-needed services, Carter Brown founded Black Transmen Inc., or BTMI, in 2011.

Transgendered woman, dealership settle lawsuit
An Odessa woman is settling a discrimination lawsuit with Freedom Buick GMC the week before it was set to go to trial in federal court. But it’s not a typical gender discrimination lawsuit in West Texas.
Jazlynne Pacheco, formerly Alex, began taking hormones in June 2009 to physically change her gender from male to female, but claimed in a lawsuit that it ultimately led to her firing.

Mexican Women Human Rights Defenders Call for Full Investigation of Murder of Transgender Activist
The Mexican Women Human Rights Defenders Network is made up of women activists from throughout the country and I am proud to be among its members. The Network coordinates rapid responses to attacks on women human rights defenders in the country, carries out studies and works on self-care and mutual protection and support. Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed lately by the number of attacks and assassinations. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of Agnes and the other 16 defenders killed. Our community is saddened and lessened by their loss.

En circunstancias oscuras matan a travesti en CDE
Un travestido fue ultimado de un balazo en circunstancias desconocidas, en la madrugada de ayer, en inmediaciones del Lago de la República del barrio Boquerón. Los uniformados desconocen las circunstancias en que acabaron con el trabajador del sexo, pues no hubo testigos.
Travesti fue asesinado con un balazo de escopeta en aparente ajuste de cuentas

Padre de Daniel Zamudio comentó el difícil estado de salud de su hijo
El estado de salud de Daniel Zamudio es bastante crítico, tras ser atacado por un grupo de presuntos neo-nazis, debido a su condición homosexual. El equipo médico de la Posta Central ha indicado que el joven puede sufrir muerte cerebral producto de las graves lesiones que presenta, ésto, sumado al paro cardiorespiratorio que sufrió el lunes pasado.
¿Y quién le da voz a las otras muertes LGBT en Puebla?
Trasladarán a uno de los detenidos por agresión a Zamudio
Director de Posta Central estima que Daniel Zamudio avanza hacia muerte cerebral
Chileans hold candlelight vigil for assaulted gay man
Movilh y familiares realizan velatón por Daniel Zamudio en Posta Central
Justicia solicitará reformalización de cargos contra agresores de Daniel Zamudio una vez fallecido
Abogado de Daniel Zamudio explica el cambio de cargos que enfrentan los agresores
Confirman muerte cerebral de Daniel Zamudio y su desenlace podría ocurrir dentro de 48 horas
Temen inminente muerte del joven Daniel Zamudio
Familia de Daniel Zamudio decide no desconectarlo y esperar su muerte natural
Vocero del Movilh: Daniel sigue luchando por su vida, pero lamentablemente su deceso es inminente
Familia de Daniel Zamudio pedirá recalificación de delito contra imputados por agresión
Daniel Zamudio se encuentra con muerte cerebral

[Opinion] Daniel Zamudio

San Antonio lanza campaña municipal por la diversidad sexual
La municipalidad de San Antonio lanzó este viernes la campaña "Somos personas, tenemos derechos", la primera de su tipo realizada por un municipio con el objeto de promover los derechos humanos de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT).

Pasen y vean a "Barby" Guamán, la travesti que nació para ser estrella
Conocida por su papel de "bienvenidora" en eventos sociales y culturales, la artista cultiva una faceta vinculada con el teatro grotesco y con la vaguardia escénica.