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sexta-feira, março 23, 2012

Ex-Big Brother inglês assume transexualidade
Brasileiro ex-participante do Big Brother do Reino Unido se assume trans

Transgender council candidate abandons election plan for health reasons
ONE of Scotland’s first ­transgender council ­candidates has pulled out of May’s elections.
Carol Mapley planned to run for Labour in Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Castle Douglas and Glenkens seat.
But the 54-year-old social worker stood down due to health reasons.
Transgender candidate drops out of council election race

President Says 'Tolerance is Status Quo' and Any Attempt to Outlaw Homosexuality 'Will Be Vetoed'
We express our deep concern with the article published by the Guardian under the caption “Nobel Peace Prize Winner defends law criminalizing homosexuality in Liberia”.

Action only against Muslim LGBT, says Dr Mashitah
While no religion in Malaysia allows same-sex relationship and free sex, action can only be taken against Muslim lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) under the Syariah Criminal Offences Act 1997, the Dewan Rakyat was told.

[New Zealand]
Boys' school with two 'old girls'
Georgina Beyer can claim many firsts. But it appears the title of first "old girl" at all-boys Wellesley College belongs to someone else.

Study Finds Increasing Support for Transgender Rights in the U.S.
Until recently, the struggles that transgender individuals face in both public and private institutions have been discussed primarily in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community, but not by the wider public. Thankfully, a November study conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has found that the majority of Americans support strong rights and legal protections for transgender individuals. This positive change in public opinion proves that civil rights movements have finally caught on with the general public. Whatever the case, it appears that the attitude of the majority of American toward transgender individuals is changing for the better.

Gay rights: Waging a battle for Anchorage via churches and money
For 35 years — since Anchorage was a city, really — there have been attempts to pass an ordinance banning discrimination against gays and lesbians. Several times, such measures have been on the brink of adoption, only to be repealed or vetoed at the last minute as Alaska’s ardent conservative Christian community cranked into gear.

Boulder Valley Women's Health to offer services for transgender patients
Starting Monday, Boulder Valley Women's Health will begin scheduling appointments specifically for transgender patients, making it the first clinic in Boulder to reach out to that population for care.

March to Protest Antigay Crimes in D.C. Draws Large Crowd
Approximately 700 people marched in Washington, D.C., Tuesday night to stand up against crimes committed on LGBT people within a recent two-day period.
After Anti-Gay Violence, Hundreds March Through D.C. Streets in Support of Victims
Hundreds march against anti-LGBT violence
Community Marches in D.C. To Protest Anti-LGBT Attacks [video]

Indiana Youth Group Must Go To Court To Appeal BMV Decision
The Indiana Youth Group will appeal a decision by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend its specialty PRIDE license plate, the group’s board decided Tuesday.
Gay support group to fight for Indiana license plate's return

Maryland trans bill set to die in committee
A bill in the Maryland Legislature aimed at banning discrimination against transgender people in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations is expected to die in committee on Monday, ending chances for passing it for the sixth year in a row.

Mark your calendar for Transgender events
The boards of Transgender Detroit and Transgender Michigan are busy getting ready for the springtime events that attract transgender people and allies from all across the region. Michelle Fox-Phillips of Transgender Detroit and Rachel Crandall of Transgender Michigan recently shared information about events, which they often plan collaboratively.

Senator Warren to Host Press Conference Announcing Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Senator Warren (D-Ann Arbor) has just announced she will be holding a press conference this Thursday morning in Lansing, to announce legislation to amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include gay and transgender people.

[PA, USA] [Commentary]
Staff Editorial: Pitt's transgender students stalled
As of Tuesday, transgender students at the University of Pittsburgh are required to use the campus bathrooms of the sex listed on their birth certificates rather than the gender they identify with.
According to The Pitt News, a University representative announced the new standard on Tuesday. The policy contradicts a unanimously-passed February resolution from Pitt’s Anti-Discriminatory Policies Committee, which would allow students to use bathrooms of the gender with which they identify.

Sigue acoso a estudiantes por ser homosexuales
Mientras se levanta toda una serie de trámites burocráticos supuestamente necesarios para que el Departamento de Educación (DE) tome acción, el discrimen por orientación sexual contra un grupo de estudiantes de Hatillo sigue con atroplellos y violaciones a su libertad de expresión.

Human Rights: InterAmerican Commission condemns murder of activist Agnes Torres
"The InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has condemned the murder of transgender activist, Agnes Torres Sulca, whose body bore signs of torture when it was discovered on Saturday, March 10 in a ravine in Puebla."
El Procurador reta a presentar pruebas a las supuestas víctima de tortura en el caso Agnes Torres
Se amparan asesinos de Agnes Torres
PGJ sospecha de las novias de los chipileños
Descartan liberación de implicados en caso Agnes Torres
U. Veracruzana exige aclaración del asesinato de Agnes Torres y le otorgará título profesional en psicologia post-mortem
Dos de los homicidas de Agnes se amparan
Aplaude recomendación de CIDH por caso Agnes
Especulan liberación de inculpados en caso Agnes Torres
Asesinos de Agnes Torres se amparan vs la PGJE; juez acepta la demanda

Investigan homicidios de homosexuales
Fiscales de la Diversidad Sexual y miembros de la comunidad LGTB (lesbianas, gays, transexuales y bisexuales) se reunieron ayer con el fin de conocer las investigaciones para esclarecer los asesinatos en su contra.
Comunidad gay exige al MP frenar los crímenes

Denuncian aparición de panfleto con amenazas a comunidad LGBT
El grupo que firma se hace llamar las 'Águilas Negras'. Distrito dice que no ha recibido denuncias.

Daniel Zamudio presenta cuadro de isquemia cerebral
Así lo informó el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación Homosexual (Movilh).
Esto "incrementa las posibilidad de un daño neurológico mucho mayor", afirmaron.
Rolando Jiménez: Daniel Zamudio tiene un daño cerebral, ya constatado, de magnitudes profundas
Fotos: Parque San Borja alojó velatón por Daniel Zamudio