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domingo, março 18, 2012

Transexuais com dificuldade em mudar nome e sexo
A associação Panteras Rosa acusou o Instituto de Registos e Notariado de dificultar o processo de alteração de nome e sexo nos documentos de identificação, ao pedir à Ordem dos Médicos que esclareça quem pode passar o diagnóstico de transexualidade.

Travesti suspeita de tráfico diz que drogas eram de cliente, em Manaus
Foi encontrado um quilo de pasta base de cocaína na casa da suspeita.
Ela foi presa em flagrante e segue para a Cadeia Pública, no centro.

Preso foge para se entregar à sua paixão por uma travesti
Ainda existe amor verdadeiro nesse mundo e nem a polícia conseguiu separar um casal apaixonado! Antônio Paulo Lopes, o Paulinho, de 20 anos, fugiu da prisão, no mês de janeiro desse ano, por causa da falta de sua eterna paixão, a travesti Geiza.

'São agressões que deixam traumas', diz transexual vítima de homofobia
Segundo advogada, lei nacional seria um instrumento de conscientização.
Parada LGBT de São Carlos, SP, ocorre no domingo (18), a partir das 14h.

Montenegro champions new law for gender reassignment
Montenegro has joined countries like Cuba in covering gender reassignment procedures through their universal healthcare system.

House could reject LGBT candidates
Indonesian gay-rights promoter Dede Oetomo and transgendered campaigner Yulianus “Mami Yuli” Rettoblaut are still in the running for the commissioner post at the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM).

Airline’s transgender hostesses come under the spotlight
A Thai airline has become the first to recruit transwomen as air hostesses following a recruitment drive in which over 100 transgender women applied for positions.

[New Zealand]
Anne Tolley sticks to anatomy argument
Corrections Minister Anne Tolley remains unmoved in her stance about the placement of transgender prisoners.

NDP raises recent shortages of transition-related hormones in emergency debate
During an emergency debate that the NDP successfully obtained on the subject of ongoing drug shortages throughout Canada, Health Critic Libby Davies (Vancouver East, BC) and Robert Chisholm (Dartmouth—Cole Harbour, NS) raised the issue of the situation’s impact on trans people, who need uninterrupted access to hormone therapy and can suffer significant health effects if it is withdrawn.
NDP-Quebec LGBTT Commission quizzes leadership candidates on LGBTT issues

Conservatives Condemn GLAAD's Repository Of Anti-Gay Rhetoric
Social conservatives listed in a just-launched online repository of anti-gay rhetoric have condemned the project.
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's (GLAAD) Commentator Accountability Project (CAP) highlights the anti-gay rhetoric of frequent media commentators.

TSA Posts Info for Trans Travelers
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently unveiled a webpage featuring information and advice for transgender travelers going through airport security.

Debate Over Prop Five Heats Up
The debate around Proposition Five in Anchorage is starting to heat up. The proposition- on the April municipal ballot- would provide legal protections against discrimination to gay, lesbian and transgender people.
Prop 5 Wars Hit the Airwaves

Assault on Transgender Woman in Northeast D.C. Still Not Considered Bias Crime, Police Say
The Metropolitan Police Department said at a press conference Thursday evening it is making headway in investigations of three recent violent crimes in which two victims were gay men and another was a transgender woman.
March planned after anti-gay crime at Columbia Heights IHOP
Police expect arrests soon in shooting of gay man

Woman Stabbed to Death in Miami Beach
Crime scene investigators dusted for fingerprints late into the night at a grisly crime scene inside an apartment at 545 Michigan Avenue in Miami Beach.
The silence coming from Apt. 7 was too much for close friends to bear. They hadn't seen or heard from the person they knew as Rosita since Tuesday. Friends described Rosita as a social butterfly who would always wave hello and stop to chat with them on the street.

Victims No More: A Chicago Trans Group Fight Back
In 2008, 18 year old Angie Zapata had just begun living. Having transitioned only 2 years prior with the support of her loving family, the trans Latina teen was finally happy — able to live out her life as the young woman she knew she was. However, this happiness was short lived.

Indiana LGBT youth group specialty license plate revoked
The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles on Friday confirmed that the agency has revoked permission and sale of specialty license plates that benefit the Indiana Youth Group, an LGBT youth advocacy organization
Youth group's specialty plate sales violated BMV rules
BMV pulls the plug on plates for Indiana Youth Group, 2 others

PFLAG and PFOX Debate MCPS Fliers on News Channel 8
Pro-LGBT organization counters ''ex-gay'' organization's claims as Montgomery County considers changes to flier-distribution guidelines

Omaha mayor signs employment non-discrimination ordinance
Mayor Jim Suttle on Thursday signed the “Equal Omaha” ordinance, a measure that would prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Suttle signs anti-bias ordinances

Miami transgender student wants to be in male dorm
Kaeden Kass returned to Miami University last fall as a new man.
Kass, a graduate of Walnut Hills High School from Cheviot and a sophomore major in Viola Performance, switched his gender identity last summer and started living as a man.

Brody Runge knew his female body was a mistake
Brody Runge’s life didn’t begin when he was born. It began instead when he turned 22.
That’s when Runge, now 24, who was born Natalie Raye Runge, began his transformation from a woman into a transgender man.

Owner of raided NE Spokane home had gender change
The Spokane woman arrested in a federal raid Wednesday made her first court appearance Friday.
Donna Perry is being held at the Spokane County Jail, where a complication concerning her gender has her isolated from other inmates.

Thousands gather in support of slain transgender activist Agnes Torres Hernandez
Mexican transgender activist Agnes Torres Hernandez, whose body was found Friday, was memorialized Tuesday outside a civic plaza in Puebla, Mexico as 2,000 individuals gathered to demand justice for her murder, deemed a hate crime by the Mexican Attorney General.
Community Vigil For Agnes Torres
[Commentary] RIP Agnes Torres Hernandez
Bueno Mazzoco, el homicida de Agnes
El Gobierno de Puebla avanza en investigaciones del caso Agnes Torres y reitera el compromiso de que prevalezca la ley y el respeto a la diversidad social
Presentan a los asesinos de Agnes Torres, uno está prófugo

[Opinion] Crimen de odio
PGJ presenta a presuntos asesinos de Agnes Torres
Cinco sospechosos por la muerte de la activista Agnes Torres son detenidos
Tuiteros rechazan versión de la Procuraduría sobre el asesinato de la activista Agnes Torres
Se desata ola de protestas por caso Agnes

Conferencia de prensa por caso de desaparición de Katherine Mishel Barrios y Bibi Itzel Valle (Vídeo)
El pasado 14 de marzo, se realizó una conferencia de prensa en la sede de la Procuraduría de los derechos Humanos en la Ciudad de Guatemala con respecto a la desaparición desde el pasado 3 de marzo de la activista por la Organización Trans Reinas de la Noche Bibi Valle y desde el 20 de febrero de 2009 la desapareción Katherine Mishel Barrios otra activista de la misma organización y hasta la fecha no se sabe nada de ambas.