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sábado, março 10, 2012

UN panel applauded despite walk-outs
UN panel discussion on LGBT rights hailed as 'milestone' but activists say public opinion must change as well as laws

Tres mujeres logran sobrevivir a la discriminación superando sus retos
Tres mujeres, una víctima de violencia de género, una diputada transexual y una investigadora científica han sobrevivido a la discriminación que han sufrido en determinados momentos de su vida superando los retos personales y profesionales con el convencimiento de que era posible.
Mujeres con doble estigma sexual: Una lesbiana, una transexual y una bisexual piden «respeto» a la sociedad

Soon a party with sexual liberation on its manifesto
A political party for sexual liberation. Does it sound like a spoof?
Tamil transgender media star Rose Venkatesan doesn’t think so. She has been thinking about it for a while and is now ready for its launch. The words “sexual” and “liberation” are not used just for effect; she means every bit.
(Photo: Rose Venkatesan)

Obama’s former transgender Indonesian nanny overwhelmed by sudden celebrity, job offer
Barack Obama’s former nanny, Evie, is overwhelmed by her jolt from transgender slum-dweller to local celebrity. TV crews troop in and out of her tiny concrete hovel. Estranged relatives finally want to meet. She even has a promising job offer.

A rainbow appears over Burma
Internet broadcast TV show, Colors Rainbow TV is a beacon of the new LGBT rights movement in Burma

Altona school told to remove rainbow signs from classrooms
Rainbow-coloured signs intended to promote tolerance of gay and transgendered youth have been ordered down at an Altona elementary school.

Trans conference ‘long overdue’
A groundbreaking conference for community members and people providing transgender care will be held on August 24 – 25 at the Cairns Rydges Esplanade Resort.

70 groups call on Obama to endorse anti-bullying legislation
A group of 70 organizations is asking President Obama to build on his work against bullying in schools by endorsing legislation pending in Congress that would prohibit harassment of LGBT students.

[USA] [Commentary]
International Women's Day 2012-A Trans Woman's Perspective
Happy International Womens Day 2012!
To mark the 100th anniversary observance of International Women's Day last year I wrote a post about it from a trans perspective. Now that 366 days have passed since the last observance, what is the state of international trans women since then?

Life sentence in attorney's stabbing
A 40-year-old defendant convicted of stabbing a workers' compensation attorney in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom was sentenced this week to 11 years to life in prison.

Man charged with stealing $50K from WWE
A man from Tennessee has been extradited to Stamford and charged with stealing more than $50,000 from a World Wrestling Entertainment bank account.
James Dewayne Bass, also known as Kelly Monique, 34, of Prospect, Tenn., was charged with first-degree larceny and four counts of second-degree forgery. During an arraignment hearing Thursday, Stamford Superior Court Judge Robert Genuario set Bass' bond at $50,000 and continued the case until March 22. The judge set bail without prejudice, which allows Public Defender Howard Ehring to argue for a lower bond amount at a later date.
[Photo: Kelly Monique]

D.C. Officer Allegedly Solicits Transgender Prostitute
A D.C. police officer has been indicted for assault with intent to kill, and if found guilty, could face up to 30 years in jail.
MPD Officer Indicted for August 2011 Shooting That Targeted Transgender Women

Drag Performer Gets Prison Time for Pimping Kids
An Atlanta drag performer has been sentenced to up to 30 years in prison in a human trafficking case that’s shedding light on the young LGBT victims of sexual violence. Christopher Thomas Lynch, who performed in local gay and transgender clubs as Pasha Nicole, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a child, pandering by compulsion, one count of pimping a minor, and possession of drug-related items, according to the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office. His sentence could have been much steeper given the initial charges at his arrest, human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude, but Lynch pleaded down to lesser charges, with a minimum sentence of 14 years.

Indiana GOP lawmakers revive effort to kill gay youth group license plates
Indiana GOP Lawmakers are rushing to revive a bill that targeted specialty auto license plates before the scheduled end of the legislative session on Friday.
Indiana gay youth specialty license plate is targeted

Eastern Bank honors LGBT advocates
Suffredini and Scott elected Corporators; Haag voted to Board of Trustees.

Transgender: The journey to identity
She wears black knee-high boots over skinny jeans topped with a rainbow sweater. Her long, brown, layered hair lightly bounces on her shoulders as she struts through campus. In most ways, she's an average 19-year-old woman-- except for the "M" marked on her license.
(Photo: Ashley is one of a handful of transgender students at Winona State University, meaning she was born with the wrong “gender identity.” This is her first year presenting as female.)

Anti-bias protection for city workers only?
An Omaha City Council member has proposed limiting gay and transgender discrimination protections solely to city employees.

Trans woman arrested for illegal silicone injections
A local transgender woman suspected to be responsible for the death of a British tourist more than a year ago was arrested this week, although she does not yet face murder charges.

Penn expands health coverage for trans employees
Beginning this summer, University of Pennsylvania’s employee healthcare plan will cover gender-reassignment surgery for transgender individuals.

Austin's cross-dressing, often homeless icon dies
A cross-dressing, often homeless man who became something of a local icon in Austin has died.
Valerie Romness says her friend Leslie Cochran died shortly after midnight Thursday of complications from a brain injury. Cochran was 60.
Austin icon Leslie Cochran dies at age 60

Utah won’t say ‘gay’
The US state of Utah has passed a bill that makes teaching sex education optional for schools and prohibits any instruction about homosexuality or the use of contraception.
Utah legislature approves bill to ban discussion of homosexuality, contraception in schools
Utah Sex-Ed Bill: Abstinence Only, Don’t Say Gay
Legislature passes bill to let schools drop sex education
Utah lawmakers block LGBT-related bills

Propone diputado correción de actas para transexuales
El diputado del Partido de la Revolución Democrática, José Alfredo Ramírez Rentería, presentó este jueves una iniciativa para reformar el Código Civil del Estado, para que las personas transexuales puedan corregir su acta de nacimiento y registrar el sexo y con el que se sientan identificadas, así como cambiar el nombre adecuado para el género.
Pide diputado local que transexuales puedan cambiar su identidad legalmente

[Mexico] [Opinión]
Día Internacional de la Mujer… mujeres transgénero ante la celebración fallida
A unos meses de los comicios presidenciales, y en un momento en el que el género se ha vuelto moneda de cambio electorera para el partido en el poder, la conmemoración del Día Internacional de la Mujer vuelve a representar una fecha de deudas abiertas. Una marca del cómodo olvido de poblaciones de mujeres vulnerabilizadas, entre las que se encuentran las mujeres transgenéricas y transexuales.

Cuba defiende en Naciones Unidas respeto a la libre orientación sexual y la identidad de género
La delegación cubana se sumó a las voces de los países que, el pasado 7 de marzo, criticaron en Naciones Unidas todo acto de discriminación o violencia contra cualquier persona por motivos de su orientación sexual e identidad de género. La declaración se realizó en el Consejo de Derechos Humanos en Ginebra durante un panel realizado sobre discriminación y violencia contra personas por su orientación sexual e identidad de género.

[El Salvador]
Red TRANSAL demanda ejercer su derecho al voto
La comunidad transgéneros y transexuales aglutinadas a la red TRANSAL, ASPIDH, ARCOIRIS TRANS-COMCAVIS TRANS-ASTRANS, piden el derecho a ejercer el voto. De izquierda a derecha: Mónica Hernández, Karla Avelar y Lisa Alfaro.

Piñera ofrece apoyo a familia de joven homosexual agredido por supuestos neonazis
"Hemos convenido también poner urgencia a la Ley Antidiscriminación y que se siga tramitando con las indicaciones que se plantean en la Cámara de Diputados, conversar y evaluar una propuesta que se ha efectuado por la senadora Lily Pérez para que nuestro país también contenga una normativa que sancione los llamados crímenes de odio", dijo al respecto el ministro del Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter.
[Opinion] La golpiza a Daniel Zamudio: después de la tolerancia
Joven agredido comienza a recuperar la conciencia y gobierno da apoyo a familia
Presunta agresión neonazi: Formalizan a 4 hombres que golpearon a extranjeros en Valparaíso

Fundación Iguales lamentó que ley antidiscriminación no proteja a los transexuales
Pablo Cornejo explicó que ataques a este grupo no fueron considerados como agravante.
En Cooperativa dijo que se debió a una "descoordinación durante el debate parlamentario".

Hoy marchan por el orgullo gay en el centro sanrafaelino
Comienza a las 19.30 en la plaza de los Inmigrantes. Un grupo católico quiere impedir que pasen por el frente de la Catedral.