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quarta-feira, março 07, 2012

São Paulo recebe lançamento de livro de transexual masculino
Livro sobre primeiro transexual brasileiro ganha lançamento em São Paulo

Inspirada em Lea T., Felipa Tavares espera conquistar as passarelas
Modelos andróginos e transexuais sonham com seu lugar do mundo da moda

Vereadora bapho que juntou bate-cabelo com axé vem ao DF
Os tempos de Alecsandro Souza Santos ficaram para trás em 2009, um ano depois de ter sido eleita a vereadora transexual mais votada do País, e a quarta de Salvador. Léo Kret do Brasil (nome registrado na carteira de identidade) é sucesso absoluto nas classes mais populares, conquistou a Bahia e agora luta para que façam valer os direitos das minorias na capital soteropolitana.

Heart-broken grandmother refuses to think of five-year-old ‘transgender’ grandson as a girl
Jill Recknell is mourning the loss of her grandson, despite the fact that he is alive and well. It’s just that, according to five-year-old Zach Avery and his parents, he’s not her grandson anymore. He’s her granddaughter.

Woman jailed for boy disguise trick
A Staines woman who disguised herself as a boy to date her own female friends has been jailed for 30 months.
Gemma Barker, who was 19 at the time, gave herself false male identities so she could have sexual encounters with her 15 and 16-year-old victims.
'Not a flicker of remorse': Girl who disguised herself as a boy to trick female friends into sex jailed
'I felt repulsed and dirty and wanted to kill myself': Schoolgirl victims of teenage girl who dressed as boy to date them speak of their anguish as she is jailed

Change of Sex on Birth Certificate to be Made Easier
The cabinet has decided that people who feel they are actually of the other sex will no longer first have to undergo a sex-change operation or hormone treatment to be recognised as transgender.

St. Petersburg Ombudsman Criticizes City’s Anti-Gay Bill
Yavlinsky accused United Russia deputies of ‘dividing society’ instead of dealing with the city’s real problems.

Social justice litigation for transgenders
People belonging to the transgender community (hizra/kinnar/eunuch) are a marginalised lot: they face difficulties in getting identity cards, passport, employment, in taking part in political and social activities, using public toilets, right to marry, right to live in a family environment and right to adopt children.

AP: Obama's Nanny Was a Trans Woman Whose Life Is in Danger
President Obama's nanny was a transgender woman, the Associated Press reports, and has faced severe harassment in her home country of Indonesia.

What makes the man a woman?
Two docs explore the stories and struggles of transgender individuals

Policy Clarified for Vets Changing Gender Markers
Transgender veterans will now be able to change the gender marker on their medical records by simply providing a physician’s letter confirming gender reassignment, according to a clarification of a Veterans Health Administration policy.

Conservatives plot to roll back LGBT protections
Under the radar and with clever wording, social conservatives in several states are trying to make it illegal for local communities to protect their LGBT citizens from discrimination in housing and employment. And they hope that by not explicitly mentioning “sexual orientation” in the legislation, judges may let the proposed laws stand where they otherwise would be unconstitutional.

Women’s History Month: Sylvia Rae Rivera
Sylvia Rae Rivera is possibly one of the best-known transgender women of all time. A co-founder of the Gay Liberation Front and STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries), she dedicated her entire life to help empower homeless trans and queer youth while advocating for the rights of trans people in New York City and throughout the country.

Transgender woman snubbed by bar says she'll accept Facebook apology, but won't go back
Alex Borrego, a Publix customer service rep originally from Miami, has become the latest Internet sensation — a transgender woman bounced from a St. Petersburg bar on ladies night.
Florida bar apologizes for trans ladies night snub

Transsexual Star Scores In Wheelchair Dancing Movie
​"Life as a black transsexual cripple--it's way too interesting to me," deadpans Laverne Cox as Chantelle in Susan Seidelman's Musical Chairs, a really warm, expertly done flick that brings us into the world of "chair dancing," ballroom style.

MTPC Announces Our 2012 Community Survey
Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) will be circulating our bi-annual community survey. MTPC last conducted this survey in 2009, and the needs of the community are changing, especially with the passing of Transgender Rights in employment, housing, credit, and public education.

Flint, Mich. passes LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance
The Flint city council on Monday passed an non-discrimination ordinance that includes crucial protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in housing and public accommodations.
Gay rights leaders hail Flint's equal housing rights ordinance, according to reports
Flint Equal Housing Rights Ordinance Passed After 2-Year Effort From LGBT Groups

Anoka-Hennepin School District Reaches Settlement
The Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota has reached a settlement in the bullying lawsuit filed against it last summer, the Minneapolis Star Tribuneconfirmed Monday. The suit, filed on behalf of six current and former students, said the district’s “neutrality” policies led to severe bullying and harassment based on sexual orientation in schools.

Rally gathers to support gay protections
Approximately 250 people gathered at First United Methodist Church Monday night to support proposed protections for gay and transgender residents.

Legislators propose expansion of hate crimes law
Legislation intended to extend the definition of hate crimes to include gender, sexual orientation and gender identity was introduced in the Rhode Island House of Representatives by House Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Edith Ajello, D-Providence, Jan. 12. Though President Barack Obama signed a hate crimes bill into law to add these designations to the federal hate-crime definition in 2009, Rhode Island has not established a similar statute.

[El Salvadror]
Exigen lesbianas y homosexuales respeto a sus derechos
La asociación de Lesbianas Gays, Bisexuales, Transgéneros e Intersexuales (LGBTI) de El Salvador pidió hoy a la Asamblea Legislativa respetar los derechos de este sector de la sociedad.

Joven homosexual agredido por neonazis está "fuera de riesgo vital"
Así lo detalló el director de la Posta Central, Emilio Villalón.
"Se proyecta que de aquí a tres meses le queden algunas lesiones cicatriciales", sostuvo.
Ministro Hinzpeter anuncia suma urgencia para proyecto antidiscriminación
Sigue grave joven golpeado por grupo neonazi en Santiago
Joven golpeado por un grupo de neonazis está grave y en coma inducido
Chilean leaders condemn brutal beating of gay man
Fiscalía: "No está definido" que ataque a Daniel Zamudio tenga origen neonazi
Parlamentarios condenan golpiza a joven homosexual y reiteran urgencia a Ley Antidiscriminación
Gay Chilean Man Remains in a Coma After Brutal Attack
Movilh denuncia que neonazis dejaron en coma a joven homosexual
Joven atacado por neonazis está fuera de riesgo vital y presenta una evolución favorable
Movilh y golpiza de neonazis a joven gay: No puede quedar tras las sombras
El Movilh anuncia querellas en caso de joven agredido por grupo neonazi
Comisión de DD.HH. analizará caso de agresión a joven homosexual realizada por grupo neonazi
El ataque neonazi que causa repudio en Chile
Comisión de la Cámara analizará caso de joven agredido
La familia del joven gay agredido teme daño neurológico y detalló las amenazas previas
Soledad Alvear: Agresión a Daniel Zamudio es “salvaje e inaceptable”
Padres de joven agredido por neonazis: “Lo que le hicieron no tiene nombre”
Periodista chileno habla del caso de joven homosexual golpeado por supuesto grupo de neonazis

Denuncian agresión a prostitutas y transgéneros en Valparaíso y Viña del Mar
Diversas organizaciones sociales, entre las que se cuentan Acción Gay, se han mostrado preocupadas por las diversas agresiones que transgéneros y trabajadoras sexuales han sufrido en Valparaíso y Viña del Mar.

Proponen organizar la primera marcha gay en Paraná
La Comunidad Homosexual de Entre Ríos (Cher) analiza “organizar la primera marcha del orgullo gay en Paraná”, informó a AIM su presidente, Juan Carlos Fernández, quien estimó que podría realizarse “el 19 de mayo”.