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domingo, março 04, 2012

Study On "Discrimination Against Lesbian And Bisexual Women And Girls And Transgender Persons"
A new study “DISCRIMINATION AGAINST LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL WOMEN AND GIRLS AND TRANSGENDER PERSONS” has been commissioned and published by the Council Europe

Cross-dresser faces jail after breaching Asbo by dressing as a schoolgirl
Dr Peter Trigger, 62, was arrested after a mum twice spotted him in July wearing a skirt and blazer near her children’s primary school

More to being Dad than how you dress
"IT'S a big thing to do, to have bits of you cut off," said Jane. I'll not mention which part was removed. That'd be infringing on the privacy of the woman previously known as John, a 53-year-old Oxbridge educated consultant.
Taking a well-balanced look at changing gender

I've changed gender three times: Young woman reveals how she found out she was intersex when she was 28
With her striking blue hair, hooped earrings and bright yellow cardigan, Adeleh Deane looks every inch a confident young woman.
But she admits it is only recently that she has found peace with who she is.

Hate crimes bill to be moved on Monday
A bill which would expand existing hate crime laws to take sexual orientation and gender identity into account will be moved in parliament next Monday, Justice Minister Chris Said announced yesterday.
Updated: Amendments to hate crime legislation being moved on Monday

Video: Call to boycott St Petersburg over anti-gay law
International protest against St Petersburg’s new law banning the promotion of “sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderism” have continued with a video highlighting the law’s effect.

[Hong Kong/China]
Trans woman continues fight for marriage rights
The Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong will decide whether a transgender woman has the right to marry her boyfriend

Transvestite charged while in hospital
The transvestite accused of stabbing his lover has been charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous means.

Transgender heads UP student body
Marking a new milestone, students of the premier University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, elected their first openly transgender chairperson of the university student council (USC).
UP-Diliman elects first transgender council head
Heart Diño and Pinoy LGBTs in electoral politics

Veterans Administration Makes Important Clarification on Records Policy
Building on the June 2011 Directive on the treatment of transgender veterans, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has announced a clarification to its records policy that will make significant difference in the lives of trans veterans. Since the Directive has gone into effect, we have received positive reports from trans veterans about receiving more respectful health care. However, one area that the Directive left somewhat unclear was the documentation that was required for veterans to change the gender marker on their health records.

Transsexual Woman Sentenced To State Prison For Crime Committed As A Man
A transsexual woman was sentenced Friday to 11 years to life in state prison for a crime she committed as a man nearly two years ago.
Transsexual Woman Sentenced to Prison for Knife Attack Committed as a Man

Susan Stanton Hired In Fort Lauderdale
Susan Stanton, a former Lake Worth city manager, who was fired last December, has been hired in Fort Lauderdale.
Transgender ex-manager Susan Stanton lands Fort Lauderdale job

Atlanta drag personality Pasha Nicole to make plea in sex trafficking case
Atlanta drag personality Pasha Nicole, whose legal name is Christopher Lynch, will appear before a Douglas County Superior Court judge on Wednesday to face charges of human trafficking,

Jurors Hear Account Of Fellow Patient’s Strangling
Excerpt: An investigator read aloud a note El Wahhabi gave investigators that explained that he was suffering, trapped in a transgender life and that Sachs was also transgendered. He apologized in the note for killing Sachs, but said they’d be together in the next life.
Deliberations begin in Md. mental hospital murder trial
Mistrial in Md. mental hospital murder case

Man charged with killing grandma goes on trial for strangling transgender sex partner
A man charged with killing his grandma went on trial Thursday for an earlier homicide - the erotic asphyxiation death of a Brooklyn cross-dresser.

“TransTexas Teas” kick off March 10 with conversation on transgender inclusion in the military
The Transgender Foundation of America and the Transgender Education Network of Texas have partnered to bring a monthly series of “TransTexas Teas” to Houston. The program is an extension of TENT’s monthly series in Austin and will begin with a conversation on transgender inclusion in the military since the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Air Force Col. Terrel S. Preston (ret.) leads the first conversation at 2 p.m. Saturday, Mar. 10, at the Transgender Center (604 Pacific).

El cuerpo sin vida de una joven transexual ha sido encontrado en el Estado mexicano de Guerrero
Las autoridades del Estado norteamericano de Guerrero, en México, han dado a conocer el hallazgo del cuerpo sin vida de una joven transexual. El cuerpo fue hallado después de que una llamada anónima alertara del suceso a la policía. Se desconocen los motivos del asesinato.

Haitians Launch Country’s First LGBT Rights Organization
Haiti’s very first LGBT rights organization launched in the impoverished country’s capital late last year with the help of a recent Tufts University graduate.

Misterio: el cuerpo de la travesti Pequeña P desapareció de la morgue
A tres años de la confusa muerte de la travesti conocida como Pequeña P, su familia no sabe dónde está el cuerpo: “Ayer fuimos a la morgue y nos enteramos que la cámara frigorífica está rota”, dijo Gladis, su madre, y lamentó: “Nadie nos supo decir dónde está el cuerpo, no supe dónde dejarle las flores”.