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quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2012

Campinas faz homenagem a Whitney Houston
Trans de Campinas fazem show especial em tributo à cantora Whitney Houston
Vai rolar em Campinas uma homenagem póstuma e trans à cantora norte-americana Whitney Houston, encontrada morta dentro da banheira do quarto onde estava hospedada, no Hotel Hilton, em Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. O “Tributo à Whitney Houston” rola na Apple Teen no dia 11 de março, um domingo, a partir das 18h.

How cross-dressing is an essential part of student rag week
Students at Exeter University have been told cross-dressing is offensive to transgender people - but history shows drag has been a part of student revelry for more than a century.
Students told cross-dressing is as offensive as blacking up
Male students at top university banned from dressing as girls on pub crawls 'because it is as offensive as blacking-up'

Green Party dumps female comic to 'increase diversity'
The Green Party has been forced to apologise for what it admits was the ‘crass and inappropriate’ way it dumped a female stand-up, saying they would rather have a transsexual woman to ‘increase the diversity’ of a fundraising night.

It's about love - not cash
The mother of a girl trapped in a boy’s body says she is raising the issue to highlight the plight of transgender people and change public attitudes, not to make money.
Livvy James in TV's This Morning clash

Born a man, Chrisie Edkins is now marrying a woman - as a woman
Chrisie Edkins is strikingly pretty. It’s hard to believe the 32-year-old singer, DJ and model was born male.
Chrisie used to be Chris – a bit of a bad boy.
It is only when she speaks that any hint of her history is apparent – she elected not to have vocal surgery as it would have meant she would have had to call time on her singing career.

Paddy Power transgendered TV advert investigated
A TV advert which jokes about spotting "transgendered ladies" at Cheltenham Festival is being investigated.
Cheltenham Festival 'Ladies' Day' Commercial Slammed As Transphobic (VIDEO)
Channel 4 and BSkyB will not pull ‘spot the trans lady’ Paddy Power advert
Paddy Power backs wrong horse on trans ad

Transgender Woman Survives Valentine's Day Beating
A 22-year-old transgender woman is in critical condition after being brutally beaten in Catania, Italy outside of a pub on Valentine's Day.

Transgender pursues IAS dream
Swapna (22) is probably the first transgender IAS aspirant in the Temple City. Though it was not her childhood aspiration, even winning self-respect proved to be a struggle for her.

Shunned Bangladeshi hijras turn to sex work
“If you are a hijra the undertaker refuses to bury you, and your body ends up in a river,” says Laily Sikder, one of the tens of thousands of hijras – transgender people – living in Bangladesh.

Advertising Standards authority says contentious ad is misleading [UPDATE]
Sun Media says it has no knowledge of an Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) decision on a transphobic television ad that ran on Sun News during the provincial election.

UBC study to evaluate success of anti-homophobia programs
A new University of British Columbia study is examining how effective school and community programs are at reducing homophobic bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight youth.

[New Zealand]
"Reverse prison policy" Rainbow Wgtn urges
Rainbow Wellington has asked Corrections Minister Anne Tolley to reverse a policy placing transgender inmates in the prison which matches the sex of their birth, unless the prisoners have had gender reassignment surgery.

Survey: 41% of Transgender People Attempted Suicide
It's no surprise that young transgender people endure extensive discrimination, but the harsh effect on their mental well-being is starting to come into focus thanks to new studies.

Transgender support group in Fairbanks to meet Thursday
By popular demand, a peer-to-peer transgender support group is starting in the Interior. The group welcomes anyone who identifies as male-to-female (MTF), female-to-male (FTM), transgender, genderqueer, intersex, questioning, or otherwise not fully congruent with the sex listed on their original birth certificate.

Would Sarasota Give Susan Stanton Another Chance?
Susan Stanton, a transgendered female who was the former Largo city manager as Steven Stanton, is interested again in the Sarasota city manager post.

[GA, USA] [Video]
LGBT workplace protections bill tabled by Ga. House subcommittee
By a 3-2 vote on Tuesday, Georgia House Judiciary subcommittee tabled a bill that would provide workplace protections to all state employees, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers.

Chicago ordinance would create police transgender issues commission, protections
Chicago Ald. Joe Moreno and a group of local LGBT rights activists are pushing for an ordinance that would establish a transgender issues commission in the Chicago Police Department as well as set guidelines for police to follow while handling transgender people.

Indiana Lawmaker: Girl Scouts ‘Radicalized Organization' Promoting 'Homosexual Lifestyle'
An Indiana lawmaker is the only member of the state’s House who refused to sign a resolution celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts, a group he calls a “radicalized organization” supporting abortion and the “homosexual lifestyle,” reports the Journal Gazette.

Baltimore County Adds Protections for Transgender Individuals
Equality Maryland applauds the Baltimore County Council for passing Bill 3-12 that adds gender identity and expression to county law prohibiting discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodations, financing and education.
Baltimore County Council Passes Gender Identity Protection Ordinance
Baltimore Passes Amended Transgender Rights Bill
Transgender Protections? Several Counties Consider Making Discrimination Illegal
Council Passes Amended Transgender Anti-Discrimination Bill
Transgender bill passes through Council
Balto. Co. Council approves transgender discrimination ban
Baltimore County Council Approves Transgender Rights Bill
Amended Transgender Bill Passes County Council

Diana Sanchez Barrios: Hoping To Become First Transsexual Woman To Occupy A Seat In Mexico City's Municipal Assembly
Diana Sanchez Barrios is the first transsexual woman to seek a seat in Mexico City’s municipal assembly, and, she has no doubt that she'll be wining the upcoming elections on July 1.
Transsexual Runs for Office in Mexico

Falleció la activista trans formoseña Betiana Benítez
Este miércoles 22 de febrero falleció la activista transexual Betiana Benítez tras varios días de estar internada a causa de una enfermedad que la tenía alejada de su labor como coordinadora de ATTTA (Asociación de Travestis Transexuales y Transgéneros de Argentina) en la provincia de Formosa.