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segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2012

Britain's first 'male mother': I want to live as a normal father
A man thought to be Britain's first "male mother" has said he wants to live as a normal father.
The man, whose identity has not been disclosed, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in March last year. He was able to have a child after taking female hormones to reverse the effects of his female-to-male sex change treatment.
Britain's first male mum speaks: My mother told me I'd be a good mummy. I said, 'No, I'll be a good daddy'

Christian Democrats in sex change law u-turn
The Christian Democrats have fallen into line with their Alliance coalition partners in favour of scrapping laws requiring compulsory sterilization for people undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

Turkish civil society groups: Lack of hate crimes legislation hurts citizens
Some 60 civil society groups have come together in a campaign to demand legislation to deal with hate crimes in Turkey.

Ministerial c'tee set to mull gay rights bill
New bill, proposed by Meretz MK, would seek to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Transgenders approach SC for say in rehab of sex workers
An organisation representing transgendered people has approached the Supreme Court with a plea to consider their concerns in formulating a policy for the rehabilitation of sex workers who wanted to lead a dignified life after leaving the trade.

Racism, ignorance, discrimination: Living with the harsh reality
IS HAMILTON A TOLERANT, ACCEPTING CITY? The truth is many citizens suffer from hate, discrimination or harassment every day —walking down the street, at work, in their homes. Some get angry, some joke about it. Many keep quiet, many choose to speak up.
Today, as part of our DIVERSECITY project, we asked some Hamiltonians to tell their stories of racism and discrimination.

Clinic a healthy haven for trans homeless
Boston Health Care for the Homeless program cares for transgender patients in specialized clinic.

Montana Gender Alliance hosts first Gender Bender event
Montana Gender Alliance had its first annual Gender Blender Clothing Swap Saturday. The event aims to give transgender individuals a fun evening of shopping and interacting. Anyone could bring in clothes or leave with new ones.