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sábado, fevereiro 11, 2012

El Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos avisa: la homofobia no está amparada por la libertad de expresión
Sentencia histórica para los derechos LGTB en Europa la que se ha conocido este jueves. El Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos, que obliga a los países miembros del Consejo de Europa, ha fallado que condenar la homofobia no viola la libertad de expresión.

No Rio, escola de Cabo Frio terá Drag Queen como Madrinha de bateria
A belíssima Drag Queen Gabrielly Rodin (foto) acaba de ser convidada para ocupar o cargo de Madrinha da bateria da Escola de Samba Acadêmicos do Jardim Esperança de Cabo Frio – RJ. O convite foi aceito e a Escola será a primeira da região a inovar nesse quesito, divulgando a beleza unida a diversidade.

Gender-neutral toilets to be introduced across Glasgow University campus
The Queen Margaret Union will install some gender-neutral toilets after a request from the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Society.

Man jailed on brothel charge
A transvestite calling himself "Foxy Roxy" has been jailed after he was caught selling an under-age boy for bondage sessions in seedy meet-ups at his Cliftonville flat.

Supporters rally around Livvy James, the girl born a boy
THE mother of a girl trapped in a boy’s body says her daughter’s spirits have been lifted after more than 1,000 people signed a petition to give hope to others with gender dysphoria.

For 23 years I was trapped as Jessica: Now I'm free to be Jacob
Everyone knew Jessica Saunders was different. While the other girls played with dolls, Jessica wanted to climb trees and wrestle

Concern for trans girl
LGBT rights activists are expressing concern over reports that an 11-year-old German transgender girl is in danger of being institutionalised in Germany.
Transsexual child could be sent to mental ward

State Dept. Denounces Russian Antigay Bill
U.S. State Department officials today expressed opposition to a proposed law in St. Petersburg, Russia, that would prohibit LGBT events or public discussions.

Registration of eunuchs begins in KP
The registration of eunuchs in the voterís lists began across the province on Thursday. Several transvestites were registered in the provincial metropolis.

For transgender Pakistanis, newfound rights
It’s never been easy being a sexual minority in Pakistan, but transgender citizens, known here as eunuchs or “hijras,” are getting a surprising amount of judicial protection and newfound civil rights.

Eunuch menace in Ahmedabad
After being harassed and traumatized by eunuchs 'extorting' money, a few citizens have approached the police to curb this menace.

Shovel attack facts in dispute
A mother of two who swung a shovel at a disabled transgender woman is disputing the facts of the assault.
Christie Keighran, 22, was sentenced to six months jail in December last year but has been on bail after lodging an appeal.
Keighran was convicted in November of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and maliciously damaging property.

Warning over proposed anti-discrimination laws
Proposed federal anti-discrimination laws are a threat to fundamental freedoms and could trigger a huge increase in complaints of bias, driving up costs for business and government, NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith has warned, reports The Australian.

Parents go in to battle for 11-year-old son who wants to be a girl
Parents could let their children change sex without court permission if a landmark legal bid is upheld.
The family of the youngest Australian to receive sex-change therapy is fighting for the decision to be one made between parents and doctors, not the court.
"Jamie", 11, has lived as a girl for years, dressing in female clothing and using the girls' toilets at school.
Family appeals for child's right to change sex
Child sex-change ruling fails to solve the confusion

Should the airport screening rule requiring passengers to look like their gender be removed?
The Transport Committee voted down a motion to rescind an airport screening regulation that trans-rights activist say could be used to prevent transgender Canadians from flying.
Motion to amend ‘discriminatory’ Transport Canada regulation fails to pass
Chow loses motion to change flight rules

GAO Launches Investigation of Sexual Abuse of LGBT Immigrant Detainees
Last week, the National Journal reported that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) will pursue requests from 30 members of Congress to investigate alleged sexual violence and abuse within facilities that hold immigration detainees. The GAO investigation comes in light of numerous complaints filed by the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC) and other organizations on behalf of LGBT immigrants who were sexually abused while in custody of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). LGBT advocates welcomed the investigation while also pressing the Department of Justice to release long-delayed national rules to prevent sexual abuse in detention, and to ensure those rules apply to DHS facilities.

UNC says no to gender-neutral housing
UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp has recommended against a proposal to implement a gender--neutral pilot housing program at the university.
Thorp nixes gender-neutral housing

RI House mulls gender identity hate crime bill
Crimes provoked by the victim’s gender identity would be considered hate crimes under legislation scheduled for a vote in Rhode Island’s General Assembly.
Bill redefines hate crimes in RI
Transgender Woman Says Gender Identity Bill Shows Lawmakers are 'Paying Attention'

For Lou Weaver, transgender issues is more than a passion
Lou Weaver, 41, is a female-to-male transgender who has been living as a male for the past four years and has been taking testosterone, the male hormone, for the past three. Just like many other transgender, he has decided that he will not live in the shadows or feel ashamed about who he is. Weaver, the president of the board of directors for the Transgender Foundation of America, is passionate about speaking for transgender issues and fighting for transgender rights. Weaver sits on many transgender panels, has helped bring change to the University of Houston and has assisted in the addition of gender identity to HCC’s non-discrimination clause.

ACLU warns against dress code ban
Members of the Suffolk School Board said they aren't backing down on the issue of banning cross dressing in schools. If the ban passes, male students will not be allowed to dress in female clothing and vice versa.
Suffolk School Board tables action on cross-dressing ban
New dress code is tricky, doable, Suffolk board told
Board discusses dress code

Los casos de discriminación sexual aumentaron en Chile un 34 por ciento en 2011
Las denuncias y los casos de discriminación contra lesbianas, gais, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT) aumentaron en Chile un 34 % en 2011, pese a que hubo avances "históricos" en el campo de las políticas públicas, señaló hoy el Movimiento de Integración y Liberación homosexual (Movilh).
186 casos de agresión y mayor violencia contra los gay se registró el 2011

Homofobia en Antofagasta ¿Cómo estamos por casa?
La Región de Antofagasta se ubica en el 5º lugar de denuncias homofóbicas y presenta un caso de asesinato en Calama. En tanto el diputado Felipe Ward está en el ranking de promotores de la homofobia.

Arellano: “Nos encontramos con chicas que trabajan sangrando o baleadas”
El dirigente de la juventud de Putos Peronistas se refirió a la discriminación, la persecución y la violencia por parte de la Policía bonaerense que viven a diario las trans que ejercen la prostitución en esa zona. “Además, el abandono estatal que es el que nosotros denunciamos, que tienen que ver con un gobierno municipal que estuvo 12 años ausente”, agregó. El trabajo junto a la nueva administración municipal. La próxima reunión con el jefe comunal, Gabriel Katopodis.